Arlo vs Nest Cam Outdoor vs Arlo Pro Comparison – Choosing The Best Cam

arlo vs nest cam

Arlo vs Nest Cam Outdoor vs Arlo Pro Comparison:- So you have dug up and done your research on the best security cameras and cant make up your mind on which one to buy between Arlo and Nest security camera systems? First off, these are among the best security cameras that you can find in the market. From the advanced security features, performance, quality and reliability, these security cameras are sure to give you the best experience.

With thousands of positive customer reviews and excellent satisfaction rate, you surely cant go wrong with these two smart security cams. Although they are both excellent, there will always be a champ and in this Arlo vs Nest comparison guide, we will dig deep through each of these security camera systems outlining the special features in each, their performance and our verdict on the best of the two.

Our comparison and review is based on first hand experience with these cameras and our research based on hundreds of users using these cameras at home. We’ve done our best to detail every important thing that you need to know to decide on which security cam to go with.

Please note: there is a newer version of the Arlo  called Arlo pro which has more features and proven to be better performing than the earlier version. We will also include the Arlo pro in our Arlo vs Nest comparison.

Arlo vs Nest Cam Outdoor vs Arlo Pro – Installation & Setup

The first thing that one needs to be keen on is whether the security camera is easy to install and set up. You wouldn’t want a situation where you’ll be scratching your head wasting your time trying to figure out what goes where.

Luckily, with Arlo and Nest, the installation and setup process is easy and by following the straightforward manuals on these cameras, anyone can do it in a few minutes.

Arlo Security Camera Installation & Setup

Setting up Arlo is very easy, perhaps one of the easiest security cam setups. Below is a more step by step video on how to install the Arlo smart home security camera.

The security cam also comes with a manual which has some easy to follow installation step by step instructions. The installation of the newer Arlo pro also follows these same principle and steps.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera Installation & Setup

The Nest Cam is a diy installation surveillance camera but installing and setting it up might take some time and demand your creativity depending on how your home compound is set up. you’ll need a power source and some drilling and perhaps digging to hide the 25 foot cable.

The installation is set on a magnetic base which also comes with the risks of easily being stolen as it can just be pulled seamlessly. If you have a magnetic surface outside, then it would be easier for you.

Here is a video step by step on how to install Nest Cam surveillance camera.

Comparing Design & Special Features

In a tech-world where almost every gadget and device is controlled on your palm, security effectiveness and reliability has also evolved. The rise of smart surveillance systems has seen security cams like Arlo and Nest come up to redefine home security giving us stress free and reliable surveillance wherever you are. Here are some of the details on the design and special features of both Arlo and Nest Cam.

Arlo Cam Design & Special Features

In terms of appearance, Arlo Cam boasts having one of the best designs out there. The 100% Wire-Free camera measures 11.62 x 9.26 x 4.77 inches in size.

You shouldn’t rush to buy a surveillance camera without knowing what features you are getting and whether those features are reliable enough and work as expected. Below are some of the features that makes the Arlo cam special.

Field of View – Arlo camera system has a rotation view angle of 110° which is an impressive angle, although there are other cameras that have a wider angle.

Video quality and resolution – Arlo camera has a video quality of 720p Hd, which is very clear even when projected to larger screens, though not the best out there.

Night vision – the camera lens displays clear and sharp night vision images as expected.

Motion detection– Arlo’s motion alert and sensors are sharp enough in an area within 20 feet (line of sight for the camera) and you can get motion alerts whenever there is anything within the covered area. Placing the camera should be within 300 ft (90 meters) from the base station. This can however be reduced if there are barriers like walls which affect signal strength.

Weatherproof – Arlo is completely weather tight and there is no need to worry about rain or water getting inside any part of it (including the moving parts). Its temperature ranges from -4° to 113° F.

FREE Cloud Storage – Recording videos requires a big space which could end up being a pain after some time. Lucky enough, you get free cloud storage with Arlo cams.

Multiple Stream Viewing – The Arlo first generation surveillance system supports up to 5 Cameras and good multiple stream viewing.

Email & Mobile Alerts -Being notified of whatever is going on at your home is something that comes in handy with smart home security cameras, and Arlo cam has got this perfectly. You can get notified through your phone or via email.

What’s New in the Arlo Pro

Here are some of the features that have been improved in the Arlo pro surveillance camera. Here are some of the additional features that have been added and improved to the newer Arlo pro which are not in the original Arlo cam.

2-Way Audio – Communication has been enhanced in the second generation Arlo pro and you can talk and listen clearly through the new system.

Audio and video qualities – Arlo pro has an improved 1080p image resolution. Although the Arlo pro doesn’t record in the 1080p  because of the lower power of the wireless connectivity, it records in 720p sharply which also makes it consume less storage. The 1080p resolution  would also demand that you have bigger storage which may be more expensive if you are buying cloud storage.

Smart Siren – The other special addition feature to the new generation Arlo Pro is the 110 decibel (dB) alarm which takes your property security to a new level.

Rechargeable Batteries – Realizing how important power is crucial in ensuring reliability in a surveillance system, the new generation (Arlo Pro) comes with rechargeable batteries which ensures non-interrupted surveillance.

External storage support – To add to the cloud storage support, you can easily use your local storage medium like the USB.

Better motion alerts and sensitivity – The first generation Arlo cam had people complaining of lagging and bugs in the system, which seems to have been well addressed in the new generation Arlo Pro.

Wider field of view – The field of view on Arlo Pro is 130° which is increased from the 110° in the original Arlo.

Recording – Through the Arlo system, you get sharp video recordings of fixed lengths of 10 – 120 seconds from the time motion is detected and up to 300 seconds till it stops. You can easily switch to Geofencing, Modes or scheduled recording on the surveillance system.

Application – Arlo comes with applications that runs on iOS, Android, Fire TV, and Apple TV. Some of the external devices that works with the Arlo systems includes Arlo, Arlo Go, Arlo Q, Arlo Baby and Arlo Security Light.

Nest Cam Design & Special Features

nest cam vs arlo

Nest cam outdoor has a unique design and strikingly beautiful appearance that stands out from many other cams out there. It weighs 0.7 pounds and measures 3.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches in size. Below are some of the features that makes the Nest Cam outdoor an outstanding camera;

Field of View – Nest cm has a 130° angle of view which means it has a wider coverage that many surveillance cameras including the original Arlo. The newly improved Arlo pro has a similar coverage of 130° though.

Video quality and resolution – Nest cam has one of the best video qualities in the market. With a 1080 HD video resolution, the camera beats both Arlo and Arlo pro which have 720 hp resolutions.

Motion detection – Nest cam has an excellent motion detection system which is sharp enough to detect real objects (People, animals and vehicles) and it does it with sharpness and good precision. The free option of Nest cam gives you basic detection which the pro (paid) option gives you a more intelligent option.

Storage – With Nest Cam, you have the option store video recordings on cloud.

Talk and Listen audio capabilities- Nest cam allows you to communicate through their surveillance system in a two way talk and listen mode which is clear and excellent in terms of reliability and performance. The downside to it is that one person can only talk at a time as the other listens.

Night-Vision clarity – The clarity and vision of the videos is yet another thing that is worth considering when you are looking for a good home surveillance cam. You don’t want to end up with blurred vision, so getting a good camera with good vision and area is crucial. Nest Cam has have all these features spot on and functioning as expected.

Weatherproof – Whether rain or sunshine or even in the harshest weather conditions, Nest surveillance system doesn’t have any issues and functions well and reliably as expected.

Live streaming – Nest has live stream capabilities making it easier for you to see whatever is going on at home even when you are away which is made possible through the app which runs on different platforms.

Recording – Nest cam records continuously under the paid plan with Nest Aware while the free option will take snapshots on any motion.

Application – Nest can run on applications on Android, iPhones, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV. One can also expand the security capabilities to function with other devices including Nest Cam, Nest Protect, Nest Thermostat, Nest Secure, Nest Hello and Nest Cam IQ.

Arlo vs Nest Cam – Overall Performance

The performance of the surveillance camera is everything and it is the probably the most important thing that you need to know before churning money on a security camera. Below is how the two camera brands (Arlo and Nest Cam) perform.

Arlo And Arlo Pro performance

Ability to capture motion, clarity, monitoring & reliable alerts is what you should be looking for when it comes to performance of a good camera. The first generation Arlo has been an excellent performer and demonstrated the best of its features but clearly couldn’t beat the Nest Cam.

The newer generation Arlo Pro is however the best match and has even shown better performance, thanks to the additional features on the Arlo Pro.

Nest Cam Performance

When it comes to Nest Cam outdoor, you will surely love how it offers smooth and dependable service. It comes with pretty mush every advanced feature that one would expect in a modern security cam, and delivers on its advertised promise.

As compared to Arlo and Arlo Pro, Nest cam tends to be at par and make a good competitor. However, since the Arlo Pro tends to have more advanced features, anyone who wants a more advanced system should go with the Arlo Pro.

Power Reliability

How does the Arlo Vs Nest Cam compare when it comes to power and reliability? Home surveillance should be active at all time (day and night) which means that the camera system has to be powered at all times. What options do these two cameras have when it comes to power? And how reliable are their available power options?

Arlo & Arlo Pro Cam Power options

The power options available for the Arlo cameras includes Battery Power, Power Outlet, or Solar Panel (bought differently)

It is also worth noting that the solar power panel only powers the camera but does not charge the camera’s battery.

Nest Cam Power options

Nest cam comes with an AC adapter input of 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz and an the output ranges between 5-15V DC depending on your camera model.

Remote Access

Yes, you can access your security system inside the house, but what about when you are away? How reliable can you access and monitor your home when you are miles away? Here are some of the remote access features and functionalities of each of these security camera systems.

Arlo Vs Nest vs Arlo Pro – Pros & Cons

Smart home surveillance cameras have proven to be the ultimate and reliable home security systems which can help you improve your home security all day and night. Below is a summary comparison of the Arlo vs Nest and also the new generation Arlo Pro.

Arlo Pros

Flexible App integration that works with major platforms and Operating systems

Sharp night vision capabilities

720p HD Recording (Not the bets but sharp and no lagging)

You get push and email alerts on demand

You can switch on a variety of modes

110° Field of View

Motion Alerts can be adjusted to capture people, animals vehicles.

Works perfect in a range of up to 250 feet

FREE Cloud Storage

Arlo Cons

It would be better if the batteries were rechargeable

No Audio Capabilities

Narrow Field of View (110° as compared to most which are above this)

Mobile Application is known to lag

Nest Cam Pros

Motion Zones

1080p HD Video (This is a much higher resolution which is great)

FREE Cloud Storage

Flexible Mobile Application

Nest Cam has a talk and listen system (Although it is one way meaning one person can only talk at a time)

Excellent motion detection

You get mobile notifications whenever there is anything captured by the cameras.

Live Stream

Good night-vision capabilities

Nest Cam Pros

Largely Depends on Nest Aware

Pricey Nest Aware Subscription which is needed to activate more features of the surveillance system

You can’t use the microphone & speaker at the same time

Takes some time to install (Requires drilling and creative setting up)

Arlo Pro Pros

Comes with a flexible App integration that works with major platforms and Operating systems

Two-Way Audio

130° Field of View (A wider range of view than its first generation Arlo)

You have several modes to switch on for the best surveillance and experience.

The Arlo Pro comes with a rechargeable battery which is a savior as compared to other power options and need to change non-rechargable batteries.

You get push, email & mobile notifications whenever the cameras detect anything.

Live stream capabilities allows you to access the cameras wherever you are any time of day

You can access clip history

Sharp Night Vision

720p HD Video

Arlo Pro Cons

Arlo is a bit pricey as compared to most surveillance cam systems (although it comes with more features).

Arlo vs Nest Cam vs Arlo Pro Comparison Table.

Arlo Cam   (100% Wire-Free) Arlo Pro Cam (100% Wire-Free) Nest Cam
Resolution 720 p 720p 1080p
Night Vision Clear Night Vision Clear Night Vision Alerts and Snapshots
Field of View 110° 130° 130°
Zoom Capabilities Available Available
Communication No Audio Capabilities 2-Way Audio Capabilities Talk & Listen
Livestream Live streaming available Live streaming available
Intelligent Alerts & Notifications Alerts through mobile phone only Available on an advanced level with Email, Push, IFTT & Mobile Notifications Available on an advanced level with Email, Push, IFTT & Mobile Notifications
Power Battery, Solar Panel  (Requires Outdoor Power Adapter If Used Outdoors) Battery (Rechargable), Solar Panel, or Hardwire (Requires Outdoor Power Adapter If Used Outdoors) Power Outlet
Device Theft Optional Wall Mount. Not easily stolen Optional Wall Mount. Not easily stolen Nest Cam can be easily stolen as it can be easily pulled off from the magnetic base.
Free Storage FREE Cloud Storage FREE Cloud Storage, Supports USB 3 Hours of Snapshots
Cloud Storage pricing Starting at $9.99/month or $99/annually Starting at $9.99/month or $99/annually Starting at $5/month or $50/year
Multi-Camera Discount Supports up to 5 cameras Price Includes Shared Storage for 10 Cameras (Free Plan Supports 5.) Each Additional Camera Costs $2.50/month or $25/year
Advanced Motion Detection Features Detection, only that it is know to have issues detecting sometimes and the range of coverage is smaller. Arlo Smart: Detects People, Animals, and Vehicles (Requires Paid Plan) Person Detection, Zones (Both Require Paid Plan)
Monitors For Sound & Motion Sound & Motion with sharp sensitivity and can be adjusted to suit your home environment. People ($), Sound, and Motion
Continuous Recording No continuous Recording of events. No continuous Recording of events. Yes, will record 24/7 with paid Nest Aware plan.
Other “Family” Devices Arlo Wire-Free, Arlo Q, Arlo Go, Arlo Baby, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Security Light Nest Cam, Nest Cam IQ, Nest Secure, Hello, Dropcam, Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect
Device compatibility Alexa Devices With a Screen, Google Assistant, IFTTT, SmartThings, Stringify Alexa Devices With a Screen, Google Home, IFTTT, Works with Nest, Stringify
App Comes in different modes. iOS, Android, Fire TV, and Apple TV Comes in different advanced modes. iOS, Android, Fire TV, and Apple TV Android, iPhones, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV

In an Alo vs Nest cam head to head comparison, clearly Nest Cam is far much better, but with the introduction of the newer Arlo Pro, you’d better pick the latter. Apart from the video resolution and continuous recording features on Nest Cam, the newer Arlo pro is far much better in every other aspect. If there was one single recommendation to make on these surveillance cameras, it will definitely have to be Arlo pro.

Sometimes it always comes down to the price tag, especially in a contested battle like in the case of Arlo and Nest Cam. But the big question is whether the any additional cost comes with more advantages and features that you would love.

Arlo Pro is more expensive than Arlo, but keep in mind the fact that you have more features and capabilities. For instance lack of rechargeable batteries in the Arlo will keep on needing regular battery change which ends up being expensive. Some crucial features of Nest Cam also tend to rely on a highly priced subscription plan to work, making it more expensive in the long run.

Verdict: Arlo vs Nest Cam Outdoor vs Arlo Pro

Our final word on these cameras: They are all excellent and beat many in the market, but for the ultimate experience, Arlo Pro emerges the winner and you surely wont regret your investment.

Here are the latest pricing on each of these three surveillance cameras;

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