Best 080 Trimmer Line

You can ease and fasten your trimming work by acquiring the best 080 trimmer line. Several brands that feature 080 types have certain characteristics that make them unique. For instance, some come in varying diameters and shapes that will determine the pace and the effectiveness of cutting weeds and grass.


A trimming line of 0.80 diameters is thicker hence has a better cutting strength and power. By getting the correct trimming, the line maximizes your trimming by a half and gets cleaner cuts.


The good news about the 0.80 trimmer is that it offers the right balance between thickness and thinness. Such trimmer lines are versatile in that they are both applicable in light tasks and commercial trimming in large lawns.


Once you have your trimmer line, you need to understand how to keep and maintain it. For example, one should avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Also, you need to select the trimmer line with the correct weight. In this guide, we uncover some of the best products in this category.


How to Buy the Best 080 Trimmer Line

You can always resist the temptations of falling to the much-hyped product through the adverts and fail to gauge them well. The cool thing is we want to be the reason why you should access the market with better skills and tactics of finding the best 080 trimmer line. It is sensible that you do not overlook the following variables.


a) Materials

The best 080- trimmer line consists of better material construction to increase its performance. In other words, the materials will affect the sturdiness and the durability of the product. Most of the manufacturers use nylon, copolymer and aluminum.


If the designer decides to combine several materials to construct the trimmer line, it will last for longer while remaining effective.


b) Shape

The trimmer line exists in various from although they appear to look similar. However, the best 080 trimmer lines are the multi-sided ones. Some of the available shapes for your selection are:


  • Multi-sided ones which are ideal for medium duties
  • The rounded lines are fit for smaller tasks
  • The heavy-duty one feature twisted lines

c) Diameter

A thicker trimmer will be the right option if you are trimming thick and heavy weeds. That is so because the string is strong enough to withstand rough conditions as it turns against trees and rocks. In this case, the diameter of the trimmer determines how light or heavy the task is.


d) Compatibility

Most of the trimmer lines are compatible with certain trimmer heads. The right choice in our case is the universal trimmer line. As such, you will overcome several limitations.


1. Husqvarna Trimmer Line

Husqvarna could be the right product for you if you treasure durability. It offers better performance with long life. The designer constructed it from titanium materials which is a sturdy material to make it survive frequent use. For instance, this trimmer line consumes less time to cut small to medium weds and grass.


If your desire a fast acceleration of work, you will have to consume slight fuel as you operate under concrete and stones. Such reduced fuel consumption minimizes the costs.

This trimmer line is cost-effective since the rate of wear and tear is slow. The product is universal; hence it fits trimmer heads, especially the electric and codeless versions.


  • The product enjoys sturdy and durable materials construction to withstand regular use.
  • It does not cause destruction due to quiet operation
  • Minimal fuel consumption hence cost-effective
  • Cuts medium and small grass well.
  • It comes in bright silver color.
  • Not suitable for heavy commercials assignments


2. Oregon Trimmer Line

Oregon stands out as the best choice for you due to its unrivalled performance in harsh conditions. For instance, it enjoys an impact resistance thanks to the incredible use of nylon copolymer material. Furthermore, the designer fortified the used materials with additives to make them break-resistant and long-lasting.

The product uses a popular round shape, which effectively cuts a wide range of grass and weeds. When you compare it to a square trimmer line, this option is more efficient and effective within a short duration.

Typically, one can apply this option to small tasks around your home. Such could include trimming lighter grass and weeds. As such, it will become effective in manicuring your garden to make it livable. The package comes with a donut-shaped container which is also user-friendly to promote easier storage.

  • It is durable and sturdy
  • It slices through medium grass and weeds with ease
  • The product has a tangle-free design
  • It allows one to make up to twenty refills
  • It has an outstanding impact resistance on hard terrains
  • Not suitable for heavy commercials tasks


3. Arnold Maxi-Edge Trimmer Line

Arnold Maxi-Edge is a trimmer line that is suitable for light commercial landscaping. This six-point star tool has a visible green color that is 1552 feet long. Such a shape is great at boosting the cutting strength.

The designer constructed this trimmer line with top-quality materials to make it effective. For example, it can cut three times better than other regular trimmers on the same tasks. Notably, this trimmer line does up to 52 refills.

The cool thing is the device is durable hence minimizing the chances of replacement. It is also compatible with different trimmers, whether curved or straight string trimmers. The designer gives bonus tips and well-guided instructions to ensure better usability.

The product comes from top-quality polymer materials construction necessary to work on commercial-grade and heavy-duty jobs.

  • The product is relatively affordable
  • The six-point star shape is great at providing additional power
  • Top-quality materials used makes it durable
  • The device is compatible with several trimmer heads
  • It supports up to 57 refills
  • Only limited to machines that have 0.80 diameter


4. A ANLEOLIFE String Trimmer Line

The product is great at providing the correct service on heavy-duty applications. That is so thanks to nylon 66 copolymer materials which offer better resistance and extra strength. As such, this trimmer is sturdy hence does not require frequent replacements.

This product is among the best-multisided products in the market due to offering effective power. The design boasts cutting efficiency because it cuts heavy grass and weeds efficiently.

This multisided product has sharp edges hence suitable for working with both round and square-shaped trimmer lines. At purchase, you receive a 557 feet trimmer line. It has a container for packing it.

This trimmer line works with both gas and electric trimmers for various brands. Generally, this machine is effective in maintaining your garden clean and tidy.

  • The multi-sided shape increases the cutting power
  • Built with durable materials to enhance resistance
  • It uses less cutting time
  • The product is efficient and easy to use
  • The trimmer line works with several brands
  • The trimmer line becomes weak (brittle) during winter


5. Oregon 23-180 String Trimmer Line

Oregon is a powerful trimmer line made of copolymer upgrade materials that are highly durable. The design makes it cost-effective since one does not have to subject it to constant replacement after prolonged use.

The trimmer line is lightweight at 3 pounds with 1248 feet which rolls for a long time. This string option is efficient in trimming thick grass and weeds. The good news is this trimmer line is universal as it can fit the majority of the standard trimmer heads within the market.

The trimmer is great as it does not tangle. It is suitable for nonstop trimming sessions. It has a round shape which makes it effective. The red color makes it visible always.


  • The device enjoys lengthy 1248 feet
  • It fits most standard trimmer heads
  • The used materials are long-lasting
  • It is great for trimming strong weeds and grass.
  • It is noisy.

6. Cyclone Spool Commercial Grass 

When looking for an industrial trimmer liner, it is difficult to ignore this alternative. The product has a six-blade shape to increase the cutting power. Such a shape makes it convenient for heavy-duty work. Since this shape makes it to be noisy, you will need ear protection.

The product features green color; hence it is visible. The use of copolymer materials makes this device durable and reliable. Its construction design makes it fit for the application of commercial work.

This lightweight trimmer can trim 2000 square feet in a single rewind. It only requires a few winds to fill the spool. A single roll can serve you for a lifetime.

  • The durable copolymer materials make it efficient for heavy-duty applications.
  • One can load effortlessly without the need for binding
  • The six shape grade makes it powerful
  • It is great is slicing through heavy bushes
  • Leak-proof and reasonable priced
  • The trimmer line is short


7. DEWALT Trimmer Line

Dewalt is a great brand that will offer you a dependable service to meet your needs well. The product features a 225 feet length which is useful for cutting all tough vegetation and grass around your lawn.

The designer made it with impact-resistant materials, which make it suitable for heavy-duty applications. Such flexible materials are ideal for maximizing cutting efficiency. This durable trimmer can serve you for a long time without replacing it.


  • It enjoys the construction of impact-resistant materials, making it last for long
  • It is compatible with other brands in the same category
  • Lightweight hence easy to lift
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • It has an aerodynamic design
  • Complaints on frequent breakage reported


8. Manpower 338813 Trimmer Line

Maximum power features a yellow color which enhances visibility. More importantly, the designer used high-quality materials which are fine and durable. As if that is not enough, this copolymer material makes it suitable for commercial grade assignments.

The product function with noise because it features a twisted design. Still, this device requires four refills, and it has 280 feet in length. Generally, the device is energy efficient at maximum power. Generally, one uses less time while working with this option.



  • The trimmer line is suitable for trimming tough weeds and grass.
  • The twisted shape makes it efficient for heavy commercial applications
  • It uses copolymer materials which is durable
  • It causes less fatigue
  • The green color makes it visible


  • It relies on manual power


In Summary

Do you have a garden that requires trimming? Indeed several options exist to facilitate your needs and produce a clean and neat garden that is eye-catching. This write-up comes as a savior for you if you implement our advice. For a large lawn, you can opt for heavy commercial trimmer lines. Otherwise, a standard trimmer line is ideal for the small and medium garden.

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