Best Budget Angle Grinder – Can You Find Good Products for $100 or Less? (Top 5 Product Reviews)

Everyone wants to get a good deal, no matter what they’re buying. But, finding the best budget angle grinder for under $100 seems like an impossible deal. It seems like many affordable products deal with certain issues, such as difficult mechanisms that make everything impossible to use, bulk and heavy units, lack of power of simply short duration because the components are made cheap.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to find a good product for you that fits your budget. Good yet affordable products do exist. While it’s difficult to find a perfect one for the said price, you need to focus on what you plan to use the grinder for, then make a compromise for some feature you don’t really have any use of.

Without further ado, we’ll you give you our reviews of 5 best budget angle grinders, as well as give you a short buyer’s guide on what makes a good product.

Let’s begin.


Best Budget Angle Grinder – Buyer’s Guide


When buying a good product for you, no matter the budget, you need to have some features in mind. While on a tight budget, you cannot expect to find a product that will excel in everything. Instead, you need to think about what you need the grinder for. Do you want a product for minor everyday use, or do you need to polish a complicated metal piece just this once? Should your product perform averagely but last for a very long time, or do you want a powerful unit that might not last as long?

Here are the features you need to consider:



Most affordable grinders tend to be rather bulky and heavy. Lightweight materials tend to cost more, so this is the main thing manufacturers try to save money on.

While this doesn’t seem as important as some other features, it actually is, especially if you plan on using the product for a very long time. Heavy grinders can hurt your wrists and they are uncomfortable either way, and this might affect performance.


Vibration Reducing Handles

Not many budget angle grinders have this useful option, but it’s definitely something to consider, especially if the unit is on the heavier side. Vibration reducing handles make everything much more comfortable to use, so this can help you with the bulkiness.


Easy to Use

Many cheap grinders tend to come with overly complicated mechanisms that make everything very hard to use. This makes the overall experience entirely awful. Try looking for a tool that is effortless to use that sports simple features. You’ll likely find this increases your productivity, as well.


Brushless Motor

Even many of the best budget angle grinders for under $100 tend to come with weak motors that aren’t enough for many grinding applications. The best way to ensure this isn’t the case with your appliance is to look for a grinder that has a brushless motor. This type of unit is powerful enough to tackle most tasks, while at the same time increasing durability.



Unfortunately, the biggest issue with most affordable angle grinders is that they don’t last for a very long time. In fact, this is the issue with all cheap products, no matter what they are. This is because the best way for the manufacturer to maximize profit is to use low-quality materials that, unfortunately, won’t last that long.

However, this doesn’t mean that durable yet cheap angle grinders don’t exist. While you might have to take extra time to find them, you’ll see that this pays off in the long run.


Why You Should Look for the Best Budget Angle Grinder?


When on a budget, chances are you’ll simply take the first cheap product you find. However, this isn’t a good idea, no matter what you need the grinder for.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get immediately after buying the best budget angle grinder:


Faster Process

A good product will allow you to complete your DIY project much faster than if you were to pick the first unit that falls to your hands. If the tools are powerful and easy to use, you’ll find that your entire process is much more comfortable, and your productivity will increase.


More Comfortable Use

As mentioned before, many affordable angle grinders aren’t the most comfortable units out there. They tend to be heavy and bulky, which can make your arms hurt in a matter of minutes. However, when you pick the best budget angle grinder, you’ll get a product made of lightweight materials that will make everything comfortable to use.


Less Stress

Nothing is more stressful than finding out your product failed after the first used, or if you DIY project doesn’t go according to plan because your unit underperformed. When you get a good product, you won’t deal with that much stress, so you can dedicate yourself more to the project you’re working on. This is why you should always look for a product that is durable, powerful, and easy to use – and yes, you can find this in some of the more affordable units, as well.


Best Budget Angle Grinder – Top 5 Products


Without any further delay, here are the reviews for the top 5 affordable angle grinders that cost $100 or less:


1. Makita 957PBX1 Angle Grinder



We’ll start off with the angle grinder that stands out from the rest. This tool is made of high-quality materials that make this grinder lightweight and effortless to use. It comes with the AC/DC switch for additional power source, and the small diameter barrel grip adds to the comfort.

This tool is rather convenient thanks to the lock-on and off feature that can give you a continuous operation, as well as the 90-degree rotating gear housing. You’ll find this product as easy to use as some much more expensive products.

At the same time, this is a rather powerful tool as it works on the 7.5amp motor and uses 11,000 RPM. For the money you’ll invest, this product is as good as it gets!


  • Powerful
  • Comfortable
  • Lock-on/off feature
  • AC/DC switch for additional power source


  • Prone to overheating


2. Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder



This is yet another lightweight, easy to use angle grinder for people on a budget. Bosch is a brand known for creating high-quality products, and this one is no exception. It’s made of high-quality materials while remaining as affordable as possible.

It comes with a two-position side handle that gives you an ergonomic holding position while weighting only 3.75 lbs! This makes it rather lightweight, even when compared to some much more expensive tools. All of this means it’s suitable for even the longests of jobs.

It comes with a versatile 5/8 to 11-inch spindle, allowing you to work with a variety of sizes. Also, it works on a 6.0amp motor and with 11,000 RPM, making it very powerful. It sports several safety features that also make everything easy to clean and maintain. Overall, if you’re looking for the best budget angle grinder, this is certainly a product to consider!


  • Big RPM
  • Safety features
  • Versatile spindle
  • Lightweight


  • A bit uncomfortable to use for some people


3. Dewalt Dwe402 Angle Grinder



This angle grinder comes with a small gripping surface, allowing you a comfortable and reliable grip. This is further supported with its ergonomic handle, making everything easy to use even if you have to grind for a longer period of time.

It comes with a quick-change wheel release mechanism, allowing you to change the wheels without any additional tools. The one-touch guard gives you the possibility of a 360-degree rotation with just one move, which can really speed up the entire process.

Unlike most other units that come at such price, this grinder uses an 11amp AC/DC motor that works on 11,000 RPM. This is as powerful as it gets for such a weight. The motor has a spindle lock button, and several features, such as the Dust Ejection System, help deal with the somewhat lower-quality materials, increasing the duration of the product.


  • Very powerful
  • Features that avoid tool damage
  • Tool-free wheel removal
  • Single action 360-degree guard rotation


  • Isn’t made in the USA


4. Dewalt Dwe4011 Angle Grinder



Another Dewalt’s model that made it on our list, this angle grinder is even more affordable than the Dwe402 one! It come with a dual-position removable side handle, making it comfortable to use even for a long period of time. This is only enhanced with the ergonomic and slim body design.

Just like the Dwe402, this model also comes with the quick-change wheel release design, allowing you to replace the wheel without any additional tools. This can help you speed everything up. Also, it has a One-Touch guard, so you no longer need a tool to adjust the guard location.

It uses a 7amp motor and delivers up to 12,000 RPM, making it a decent choice for even the most robust jobs. While not made from the best materials, it has some additional features that allow it to last for a longer period of time.


  • 12,000 RPM
  • Tool-free wheel removal
  • Ergonomic design
  • AC/DC power


  • Not made of high-quality materials


5. Black+Decker BDEG400 Angle Grinder Tool



This grinder comes with a 3-position side handle, providing you with additional comfort and control no matter the type of materials you’re working on. Also, this allows you to work from every possible angle!

The tool works with a 6amp motor that operates at a speed of up to 10,000 RPM, which is decent but could be a bit better. It comes with a spindle lock, so you can change all of the accessories at ease, without any additional tools necessary.

This unit features a metal gear case, making it very durable and long lasting – something that many angle grinders for under $100 lack. It’s life span is further increased thanks to the decent materials it’s made off, so if durability is what you’re looking for – this might be the best budget angle grinder for you!


  • Metal gear case
  • Spindle lock
  • 3-position side handle
  • Great for many different uses


  • Not too powerful


The Bottom Line


While shopping on a budget, you need to be aware that your options can be a bit limited. Finding a product that is both performing well, of high quality, and also affordable takes a lot of time and research. The fact is that you’ll likely have to give up on looking for a perfect product, but simply look for the features you need the most.

This doesn’t mean that a good and affordable product doesn’t exist, because the five products we’ve listed are the proof that it does. You’ll simply have to spend some more time looking for it – but once you find it, you’ll be glad you took the time and effort. Either way, we hope this list helped you find the best budget angle grinder for you.

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