Best Electric Wall Heaters In 2020

best electric wall heaters

Are you looking for the best electric wall heaters? Many people are unable to distinguish between an air filter, a humidifier and a wall heater. While the looks may be deceiving, these three are completely different in terms of what they do. A wall heater is a small heater that is installed in a wall in order to heat a particular area which can be a room, hallway, basement, attic, bathroom, an office and so on. It can be used as the only source of heat or in addition to a central heating system. Electric wall heaters are an evolution of the radiators and the gas wall heaters and it surpasses its predecessors by the fact that it maximizes heat in a given space while greatly reducing the amount of energy used.

Apart from its efficiency and economy, electric wall heaters are mounted directly on the wall and wired directly to a circuit in your electric panel. This means that they save on space, do not have wires that you can trip on and you do not have to deal with ducts. In other words, they are self-contained wall heaters that are affordable, safe and reliable in providing warmth to any kind of space.

Now that you are looking to buy one, what are the best electric wall heaters that you should look out for? Below is a comprehensive list you help you with that.

  1. Stiebel Eltron CK 15E 120-Volt 1500-Watts Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

Stabel Electron Fan heater

Ranking top as the best electric wall heater is this Stiebel Electron CK 15E. This is a white electric wall heater that weighs 8 pounds. It is described as being ideal for bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and any location that require quick heating. It features a surface-mount design that is easy to install including over existing outdated heaters. The design is unique given that it is compact, downdraft and appealing .This means that it fits everywhere, eliminates cold floors and at the same time enhances your décor. It boasts of having quality construction, built in nichrome wire thermostat and quiet operation. The specifications of the Stiebel Eltron include: 120 volt, 1500 watts, 12.5 amps; 15 amp breaker and 12 AWG wire; 5122 BTU/hr heat output; galvanized steel, squirrel cage blower motor; 41o-86oF temperature range and painted steel combined with plastic CK 15E housing. All these components are recyclable and the product comes with a 3 years limited warranty.

Why choose Stiebel Eltron CK 15E Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

– It is a quality product designed and made in Germany. Steel is a strong material that ensures the durability of this product.

– Has a quiet operation thanks to the galvanized steel, squirrel cage blower motor that has a noise level of only 49.7dB.

– It has an integrated thermostat for easy temperature control but you can still install an optional wall mounted thermostat if you wish.

-The surface mount design ensures easy installation and use of small space.

-The 1500 watts of power is enough to heat to keep your room warm given that it has reliable performance.

– It has a compact design that is elegant to enhance your décor and fits everywhere.

– The downdraft design eliminates cold floors plus it has frost protection settings that enable it to maintain any space above freezing temperatures.

– It heats up quickly which saves time and energy.

Potential concerns with the Stiebel Eltron CK 15E

– Needs to be hard wired to the wall and you may need to hire an electrician to install it.

– Comes with no electric cord and the user’s manual installation instructions may not be the best. It contains wiring diagrams but with no instructions and you will need to figure everything out.

This electric wall heater has many good features and it is worth considering it for your new or renovated construction. You may also need it as a replacement for a recess-mount heater if you don’t mind having to call in an electrician to help with the installation. It is a quality and powerful electric wall heater that is worth buying for warming any type of room.

  1. Cadet Com-Pak 2000W, 240V Most Popular Electric Wall Heater

Cadet Fan Heater

Cadet Com-Pak electric wall heater is touted as the most popular and to selling electric wall heater that is loved for its good features. It is white in color, made in the USA, weighs 7 pounds and is made of steel. This 240-volt 200-watts electric wall heater is installed through wall-mounting and works within a temperature range of 40oF-85oF which makes it ideal for medium sized rooms. In terms of the thermostat, you may choose between the model with built-in thermostat and the one that does not come with one in case you want to add your own thermostat. While the heater has a rectangular shape, it has powder coating that eliminates the sharp edges and also provide a high gloss finish. This heater has a heat protection feature in its design whereby the heater is turned off if the normal operating temperatures in exceeded.

Why choose Cadet Com-Pak 2000W

– It is a reliable and durable heater that will serve you for many years. Steel is a long lasting material and this is what the heater is made of.

– With 2000 watts, the coil element heats fast and this saves you energy and time because it warms up the room quite easily.

– It is a fan forced electric heater which makes it efficient and quiet in spreading the warmth all around.

– It is safe as it has a safety feature that turns the heater off in case the normal operating temperature is exceeded. The heater will therefore make you safe and easy.

– It has a unique compact design and mounts discreetly into the wall which not only maximizes your living space but also match well with your existing décor. Furthermore, the gloss finish makes this heater so appealing.

-You can choose the one that comes with a built-in adjustable thermostat or the one without if you have your own thermostat.

– It is frustration free certified and comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Potential concerns with Cadet Com-Pak

-There are those who feel that it is a little on the noisy side.

Almost all users seem to have no complains with this wall heater and this proves its popularity. It is an electric wall heater that is highly recommended if you are looking to warm medium size spaces or rooms.

  1. Broan 170 Wall Heater

broan wall heater

Next in our ranks of the best electric wall heaters is the Broan 170 Wall heater. This is a versatile electric wall heater that is factory wired for 1000 watts at 120 volts yet easily convertible to 500 watts at 120 volts and 1000 watts at 240 volts. It is off-white in color, made of heavy 20 gauge steel material and weighs 7.5 pounds. Its white grille is designed with baked-enamel finish for durability and has down flow louvers that direct heat down. It uses an efficient nickel-chrome alloy heating element that heats up quickly together with a manual reset thermal overload protector for safety. This heater can be recessed or surface-mounted depending on your liking and if you work on multi-unit projects, you can choose between the one with thermostat, without thermostat and the one with rough-in housing. It also uses a permanently lubricated motor and a high efficiency blower wheel.

Why choose Broan 170 Wall Heater

– It has a solid construction that makes it robust and durable. This can be seen by the 20 gauge steel material that is used to make it and comes with one year limited warranty.

– It is well designed to distribute heat evenly through its louvered grilles that direct the heat down.

– It is highly efficient at 100% thanks to the alloy heating element that easily heats up and warms the room in seconds.

– Its clean white enamel finish and a front color coordinated knob give it an appealing look that enhances the existing room décor.

– It is versatile in that it is factory wired for 1000 watts at 120 volts yet it easily converts to 500 watts and 240 volts models.

– It is safe given that it has built-in adjustable thermostat that maintain the required temperature automatically.

– It is cheap, quiet and easy to install.

Potential concerns with Broan 170 Wall Heater

-With 1000 watts, it is not powerful for medium and large size rooms.

– There are complaints of it not generating enough heat.

The Broan 170 wall heater has many good features and it is the best wall heater if you intend to use it in a small room.

  1. Broan Model 9815WH High Capacity Wall Heater with 1500 Watt Fan

best electric wall heaterCompared to the Broan 170 wall heater, the Broan 9815WH is a high capacity wall heater that is factory wired at 1500 watts at 120 volts but can be easily converted to 240 volts for versatility. It is UL listed for safety and uses a thermally protected motor that shuts down in case of overheating and also uses a transverse blower that circulates the heat downwards for optimal heating. For heat control, this heater uses an adjustable front-mounted thermostat which is very simple to control. The grille is white, durable and heat resistant while the design is contemporary featuring straight louvers and subtle contours. It uses an alloy heating element and so it is efficient and heats up a room quickly.

Why choose Broan Model 9815WH Wall Heater

– It is a powerful heater that is ideal for heating high heat-loss areas like entranceways, lobbies and vestibules as well as large sized rooms.

– It has an attractive white grille that is also durable and heat resistant. This enhances your existing décor and also serves you for many years.

-It has a quiet fan that is integrated into its design. Compared to conventional currents, fans kick out and circulate a lot of heat easily to warm up your room quickly.

– The Broan 9815WH has a built-in thermostat featuring a thermally protected motor and transverse blower. If you don’t want this, there is an option of choosing a model that uses a wall-mount controller instead.

– It is UL listed for safety and very efficient. The motor shuts off in case of overheating and uses an alloy heating element that heats up quickly and a blower that circulates the heated air downwards for optimal warming.

– Easy to install with a hang tab that aids installation.

-It is durable with a housing made of steel and a 1 year limited warranty.

Potential concerns with the Broan 9815WH Wall Heater

-There are complains defects and breakdown after using it for some time.

– It may not be loud but not quiet either.

This is a powerful heater that can serve you well for a long period of time. Defects and breakdowns are expected and that is why they come with a warranty period. It is a good choice if you need a powerful, simple and efficient wall heater for supplemental heating.

  1. King PAW2422 2250-Watt 240-Volt Pic-A-Watt Wall Heater

King Paw heaterThis is a powerful heater that is white bright in color and weighs 9 pounds. It is made in the USA and is highly touted as the perfect upgrade to any existing wall heater. It has a number of unique features including the patented Pic-A-Watt heating element which allows you to select from several wattages during installation that range from 500 to 2250 watts. The King PAW2422 2250-Watt 240-Volt can be used as the primary heating system in homes and apartments and for supplemental heating in commercial establishments. It is a fan forced wall heater with a steel finned element, squirrel cage blower and the patented Smart Limit Protection overheat safety system. The grille has a beautiful appearance featuring rounded die-formed corners and a durable powder-coated finish. This heater can be used with a built-in or wall- mount thermostat. It is highly durable and comes with a 5 year warranty on the element and 2 year warranty on the other components.

Why choose King PAW2422 Wall Heater

-With 2250 watts at 240 volts, this is a powerful wall heater that you can use as the primary heating system in your apartment or home.

– It is highly versatile as it uses a patented Pic-A-Watt heating element that allows you to choose the wattage that you want during installation. Changing the wattage output is also as simple as disconnecting the color-coded terminals.

– It is comfortable thanks to its whisper quiet fan.

– It is durable as it uses a heavy-duty steel heating element and blower that comes with a 5 year and 2 year warranty respectively.

– It is easy to install with the wall can having quickset stud alignment tabs and only one-screw mounting into the recessed wall for quick installation.

– The grille is beautifully designed and blends with any décor.

-It is made in the USA and is UL certified to USA and Canada standards.

With such a powerful and well designed wall heater, it is hard for anyone not to like it. Potential concerns are there but only those that come as a result of personal preferences. For instance, there are those who feel that it is a little noisy. Generally, this is a wall heater that gives you the best value for your money and the perfect choice for any upgrade.

  1. Cadet Manufacturing 79241 120-Volt Compact Electric Wall Heater

Cadet heater

This is a 1000 watt 120-volt heater that I manufactured in the USA. It weighs only 1 pound as it contains only the heating element and the grill. This means that you will have to buy the wall can separately. It uses fan forced heating and its power makes it ideal for warming small spaces like bathrooms and workplaces. This heater produces a comfortable and steady heat which is turned off and on with a simple switch. The fan is quiet and the grill does not get hot while it is in use which makes it safe. The best part of this heater is that it fits flush into the wall without protruding which is great in maximizing space.

Why choose Cadet Electric Wall Heater

-It produces heat continuously which can easily be turned on and off manually using a simple switch.

-It is good for warming up small spaces like bathrooms.

-It uses fan forced heating which ensures that the heat is distributed fast and evenly.

-It is easy to install.

– Given that it fits flush into the wall without protruding, it can be used in a cramped room without sacrificing any space.

-The fan is quiet and the grill does not get hot while in use which makes it comfortable and safe.

-It is made in the USA and is UL listed for safety.

Potential concerns with Cadet Manufacturing 79241 120-Volt

– You will need to buy a separate can to mount it in.

– There are those who feel that it is weak in heating.

This heater is ideal for heating small rooms like a workshop or bathroom. It is safe, quiet and uses minimal space. It is a good replacement for an old wall heater.

  1. Cadet Com-Pak Twin 4000W, 240V Most Popular Large Room Electric Wall Heater

cadet electric heaterThis 4000 watt, 240 volts electric wall heater is powerful in heating medium and large sized rooms or foyer. It is white, made of steel material and weighs 7.8 pounds. This heater uses dual coil elements and efficient fans that warm up an area up to 600 sq. ft. very fast. It is rectangular in shape but does not feature any sharp corners thanks to its smooth and long lasting finish. The Cadet Com-Pak Twin has a compact and contemporary design which is recess mounted horizontally into the wall and easily blends with any décor and maximizes the living space. It works efficiently and quiet thanks to its powerful fans and I comes with a safety feature where the heater goes off when the normal operating temperature is exceeded. The heater comes as a complete unit that include the wall can, heart, thermostat and grill.

Why choose Cadet Com-Pak Twin 4000W, 240V Most Popular Large Room Electric Wall Heater 

– It is a powerful electric wall heater that is ideal for heating medium to large spaces like foyers within a very short time.

– It is safe with an integrated overheat protection feature whenever the temperatures exceed the normal.

– It is compact with a contemporary design which blends well with the existing décor.

– The heater comes as a complete unit and you will not have to look for the wall can separately.

– You can choose the model with a built-in thermostat or the one without if you have your own thermostat.

– It is reliable and durable and you are sure to use it for many years.

– Made in the USA and comes with a 2 year warranty.

This is an electric wall heater that comes with minimal concerns because users seem to have no issues with it. This only shows that it lives up to its promise of being durable, safe, reliable, comfortable and powerful. It is therefore a highly recommended choice for medium to large spaces.

Choosing The Best Electric Wall Heater

Finding the best electric wall heater should be an easy process if you are aware of the factors that you should consider when buying it. Electric wall heaters come in different brands, models and features which makes it very confusing for some buyers. The following are important factors that you should consider:

  • Usage and the associated costs

How do you intend to use your wall heater, in a small room, large room or foyer? The answer to this will determine the kind of wall heater to buy. A powerful heater is expensive but it is good in warming large spaces which cheap and less powerful heaters cannot.

  • The cost

The cost of an electric wall heater depends on the manufacturer, quality of the parts, features and the quality of the finish. Expect to pay more for a product that is made from quality parts and vice versa.

  • Running costs

The running costs depend highly on the efficiency of the heating element, the power and the method that it uses to heat up. In this case, you will need to get a heater that suits the size of your room and time that you will spend inside. Fan forced wall heater can heat you room more quickly but will have to cost you compared to that of a heater that uses conventional currents.

  • Power

The power of your heater should be just right for your room so that you do not get a powerful heater for a small room and a less powerful heater in a large room.,\

  • Design and appearance

The wall heater that you buy should have a good design and has the ability to enhance your existing décor and minimize the use of space. However, you should always remember that good looking heaters are not necessarily better performing heaters.

  • Safety

Safety is a very important feature in any electric wall heater and you should ensure that the one you choose has an automatic overheat response feature.

Electric wall heaters are very important in heating specific rooms so that you can save on energy costs. They are very efficient and reliable but only if you manage to get the best one that suit your needs.

Hopefully this comprehensive guide will help you choose one among some of the best electric wall heaters in the market.

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