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If your Garbage Disposal has gone on the fritz and you need a replacement disposer the Insinkerator Evolution series boasts the latest technology in grinding food and noise reduction.  The Insinkerator Evolution Compact 3/4 Horse Power Garbage Disposal comes from a company that is very well known in the waste disposer industry.

This insinkerator garbage disposal also uses the latest anti vibration and sound seal technology to reduce noise levels by as much as 30% quieter than standard models.  A compact powerhouse, this sturdy unit is built with a powerful motor combined with the multi grind feature means that there is less stress on the motor making it both more durable and efficient.

We all know what a pain it is to have to replace something especially if we have never done it before but the Insinkerator evolution series comes with a stainless steel “Quick Lock” that makes replacing that old unit easy work because you disconnect the old unit and reconnect this new one using the same sink mount.  The Insinkerator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal is powerful, efficient, built to last and easy to install.

Evolution Compact Features and Specifications

  • Insinkerator Evolution Compact Weight:  21.7 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 13 inches
  • Two Grinding Stages Quickly And Efficiently Chews Up Food Waste
  • 30% Quieter Than Standard Disposers
  • Designed For Small Households Or Limited Cabinet Space
  • Quick Lock Sink Mount For Quick And Easy Installation Or Replacement Of Old Disposal
  • Warranty: In Home Full 4 Year on Parts and Labor

InSinkErator Evolution Compact Reviews:

In short the reviews for the Insinkerator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal are outstanding with 96% of all reviewers giving this product a 4 or 5 star rating out of 5 stars. Several reviewers commented on how quiet it is and saying that they were not even sure it was on or working properly and then they put some food waste in and found that it was indeed working-quietly working.  Apparently the anti vibration and sound reduction measures really do work!

Many people said that they were pleased with how easily it chewed up whatever they put into it.  A number of reviewers also commented that it seemed more powerful than their previous 3/4 horse power unit and attributed it to the multi grind feature. A very common comment made by several reviewers was that the installation was a pretty easy one and it took on average about an hour to complete.

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Garbage Disposal is powerful enough to chew up almost anything you put in it including things like corn cobs and chicken bones.  The power and efficiency is impressive but what is getting the most attention from reviewers is that it is surprisingly quiet apparently more power doesn’t necessarily mean louder!

This disposer features 3 Grind Stage Technology to quickly and efficiently chew up even the most difficult food items.  In addition to easily grinding up food this disposer has anti vibration and Sound Seal Advancements have replaced extremely loud disposals with significantly quieter operation.  Up to 60 % less noise! This is changing the expectations of what a garbage disposal should sound like.

The Quick Lock feature helps to make installation or replacement of a previous disposer, easier.  At 40 ounces the stainless steel, corrosion resistant waste chamber on this heavy duty unit can handle more food than standard disposers.

Insinkerator Evolution Excel Features and Specifications:

  • Evolution Excel Weight: 27.5 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 14 x 11 x 14″
  • Uses Multi Grind Technology with 3 Grind Stages
  • At least 60% Quieter than standard garbage disposals
  • Features jam sensor circuit to break up tough jams
  • Quick lock sink mount for easy installation or replacement of any disposal
  • Warranty:  7- year in home warranty on all parts and labor

Insinkerator Evolution 1.0 HP Reviews:

The reviews for the Insinkerator Evolution Excel garbage disposal were in a word-Excellent!  Out of 89 reviews 83 people rated this disposer at four or five stars out of five stars.  We have included a video link below to a customer review and video and an excerpt from his review.  We hope it helps you in your buying decision.

The three most common things users shared were how very efficiently this disposer worked, how amazed they were at how quiet it was and that it was an easy install.

Waste King Legend 8000 1.0 HP

The Waste King Legend 8000 1.0 HP Garbage Disposal has been described as a tornado in your sink.  It packs a powerful 2800 RPM “Vortex” permanent magnet motor that makes quick work out of getting rid of table food scraps.  With a full 1.0 horse power it can grind up almost anything and it’s stainless steel swivel impellers reduce jamming to help make this unit more energy efficient.

This Garbage Disposals chamber will never have a corrosion issue because it is made from glass filled nylon. In addition, the stainless steel swivel blades and grinding components are well insulated to keep this unit quiet during operation.  All the components used in this unit are high quality, well designed and built to last.  Made to be a workhorse the Waste King Legend 8000 Garbage Disposal will provide years of stress free service and is backed by one of the longest warranties in the industry with a lifetime in home warranty on all mechanical parts and corrosion.

The Waste King Legend is one of the best selling disposals in the market today.

Waste King Legend Garbage Disposal Features and Specifications:

  • Waste King Legend 8000 shipping weight: 14.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.8 inches by 19.8 inches by 17.5 inches
  • High speed 2800 R.P.M.
  • Rust Free Grinding Components
  • Removable Easy to Clean Splash Guard
  • Includes the power cord
  • Sound Insulated for Quieter Operation
  • Longest Warranties in the Industry Shows Commitment to Quality

Waste King Legend 8000 Garbage Disposal Reviews:

While doing research for the Legend 8000 we were astounded at the sheer mass of positive reviews.  There were some negative reviews but compared to the landslide of positive reviews they are a drop in the bucket.  Out of  549 reviews of those people who took the time to write their opinions 516 reviews were rated 4 or 5 stars out of 5 stars that’s 94% which is absolutely incredible!

In addition to being overwhelmingly positive several people mentioned that they were very pleased with their purchase and that they were happy to discover that this unit not only chewed up just about anything but was quieter than the lower powered disposal they had replaced.  Another common comment was that this garbage disposal didn’t cost as much as the 3/4 horse power unit they were considering buying which made the decision to buy this model an easy one.

A few reviewers cautioned to make sure you check that you have enough room under your sink because they didn’t expect that it would be bigger than their smaller model they replaced.  We found one review that reported that the unit did not fit under his sink so it’s important to make sure that you have room under your sink.  Many reported that even with no experience that they were able to install this disposal in a couple of hours at the most.

Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

The Insinkerator Badger 5 Garbage disposer was included in the best garbage disposal reviews research and is made with a rugged and tough Dura-Drive Induction Motor and galvanized steel for disposer durability.  It is small and fits easily under most sinks.  It features a Quick Lock system making this an good option for do it yourself folks.  It is energy and resource friendly because it is estimated to use less than one percent of a homes water consumption per year and less than fifty cents worth of electricity to operate per year.

The doing the research for the Insinkerator Badger 5 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal reviews we found that this model comes with at two year-warranty and is one of the least expensive options making this unit affordable for most households.  Cost and affordability were the main issues that caused consumers to go for this option versus buying a more expensive disposer.  If you are replacing a previous model that had the quick mount system then putting this one in will be quick and simple.

The Badger 5 Features and Specifications:

  • Badger 5 weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 13
  • Galvanized steel construction for durability
  • tough stainless steel mounting assembly
  • 1/2 HP Dura-Drive induction motor
  • 2 year free in home warranty

Badger 5 Garbage Disposal Reviews:

Most reviews of this product show it to be mediocre at best. Most of the shared comments we read were unfortunately very poor.  The Badger Five had more one star reviews than five star reviews.  Many reviews listed a cracked housing after only a couple years of use and that was the single biggest reason they were pushed into buying a different brand.

Some of the more common things mentioned were that the 1/2 hp Dura-drive induction motor is louder than other disposals however it was still said to be quieter than the older standard disposers that this unit replaced.  Also, galvanized steel while corrosive resistant is not as durable as stainless steel.  When compared to Waste Kings 5 year warranty for the same horse power disposer at the same price point this warranty is somewhat lacking.

Waste King L-2600 Legend

The Waste King L-2600 Legend Series this unit costs between 90 and 120 dollars retail and comes with the high speed “Vortex” motor which runs at 2600 RPM at high speed. Although it’s not the highest of horse power the high speed ‘vortex’ motor makes it easy for this disposer to grind up table scraps.  Stainless steel swivel impellers greatly reduces any chance of jamming and it is insulated for quieter operation.

In this garbage disposal review we found that this unit was designed to be compact and energy efficient while providing maximum power and is not at all hard to install.  It also comes with a full 5 year mechanical warranty and a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

It is somewhat surprising that some of the best garbage disposals do not come with the cord but this unit does come with the cord and mounting hardware as well as the ‘ez install’ system.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions of L-2600: 8.9 x 8.8 x 14.2″
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • High speed 2600 RPM motor
  • Stainless steel swivel impellers that reduce jamming
  • Removable splash guard
  • Sound insulated to reduce noise
  • Space saving compact design
  • Cord and mounting hardware included
  • 5-year mechanical warranty and lifetime corrosion warranty

Best Garbage Disposal Reviews: Waste King L-2600

Out of 244 reviews 224 of the reviewers rated the Waste King 2600 a four or five stars out of five stars which is outstanding. Many people liked how easy this disposal was to install with one reviewer calling it almost plug and play it was so easy.  The install instructions are very clear and easy to follow and with the built in ‘ez system’ installation for most people was easy.   Other reviews stated how impressed they were with the power this space saving unit has.

There  were several reviewers who were replacing old worn-out Badger 5 units and were impressed with the power and quiet operation of this disposal.  Some people commented that the reason they went with this 1/2 horse power model is that they mostly dispose of soft waste, not bones or nuts.  One reviewer did mention that it does have a bulky plastic housing but other than that had no problems with this disposal.  There were several people who like that they could remove the splash guard making it easy to clean.

InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist

Many people are unaware that if they use a septic system they can still have a garbage disposal and that is exactly what the Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 horse power Garbage Disposal was made for.  With it’s 2 stage “multi-grinding” system this model has no trouble making quick work of tough food waste items such as pinnapple and rib bones without making you want to cover your ears to muffle the sound.

Each time the septic assist is used it dispenses a solution called Bio Charge that has microorganisms in it. As it is released  into the chamber it helps to further break down the food making it easier for the waste to be eliminated.  The 40 ounce stainless steel container resists corrosion and is able to handle more waste than standard disposers. Easily and effectively takes care of  food waste and does it quietly. This unit also uses the latest technology in sound reduction with insulation and anti-vibration Sound Seal technology making this garbage disposal 40% quieter than standard sink disposals.

Replacing appliances is not always easy and can be frustrating especially if it is something you have never done before. The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist garbage disposal comes with a Quick Lock Sink Mount that makes installation or replacement of a previous disposer quicker and easier.  Effective, amazingly quiet and built to last this is a great disposer!

Insinkerator Evolution Assist Features and Specifications:

  • Unit Weight: 24 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 16
  • Made for homes with Septic Systems
  • Uses Multi Grind Technology with 2 Stage Grinding to quickly grind tough foods
  • 40-percent quieter than standard garbage disposals
  • Includes a 4 year In Home Warranty on parts and labor

Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposal Reviews:

Except for a couple of 4 star reviews all the rest of the reviews we found for this model were given a 5 out of 5 stars rating by reviewers which in a word is phenomenal!  Several people commented on how they were amazed at how quiet it was and agreed that it did a very effective job at getting rid of food waste.  One reviewer said that he was, “very happy with his garbage disposal and that it does everything it is suppose to do in a surprisingly quiet way and at an affordable price.”

After researching all the reviews online it is obvious that anyone wanting a disposal for a home that uses a septic system that this is a unit that is efficient enough to virtually liquify any food.  This model is well designed and considerably quieter than standard disposals which is music to most peoples ears since now they will be able to hear the music still when they use this disposer. We could find no negative reviews of this product and that is why the Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal is praised by reviewers and gets our highest recommendation.

Kitchen Aid Continuous Feed 3/4 HP

The Kitchen Aid Continuous Feed 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal is a bit more money than some of it’s competitors but it’s able to eliminate all kinds of difficult food waste items with it’s 3/4 horse power motor.

This model comes with MultiGrind™ technology that grinds up kitchen waste in two separate stages which makes it possible for you to grind a variety of food waste.  It also has the latest in sound technology with it’s SoundSeal™  feature which has four noise reducing components that are blended into one which results in this unit being about 40% quieter than a regular standard disposal.  Because of it’s stainless steel grinding wheel and stainless steel shredder ring it is stronger and able to provide a longer lasting garbage disposal.

The continuous feed system means that it can grind food efficiently and the tough and reliable drain and grind chambers are corrosion resistant which means that this disposal is built to last.

Garbage Disposal Product Features and Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 13.75
  • Multi-Grind Technology that grinds foods in two separate stages so you can dispose of a variety of table scraps.
  • Corrosion resistant grind and drain chambers that ensures reliable and long lasting quality
  • Sound Seal Technology that makes this disposer up to 40% quieter than standard models
  • Stainless steel shredder ring and stainless grinding wheel for added strength and longer garbage disposal life.
  • Continuous feed system that works by using an electrical switch for fast and efficient grinding of food waste

The Reviews:

The Kitchen Aid Continuous Feed 3/4 HP Superba KCDS075T Garbage Disposal reviews have been extremely positive.  This model has received  an average of 4.7 stars out of a full five stars.  The product users all agree that this is a powerful product that can easily grind up any table scraps you put into it and do it quietly.

This is a higher end garbage disposal that has lots of power for it’s size and can meet the challenge of a variety of food waste.  Kitchen Aid does have a full 1.0 horsepower model  that also has three grinding stages instead of the two grinding stages that this model has however most of the reviewers stated that this unit can get the job done because of it’s efficient grinding technology and the 3.4 horse power motor was more than enough.

Many reviewers reported that this unit was a definite upgrade from their older units and that it was an easy installation but to make sure you have enough room under your kitchen sink because it is not tiny.

It does come with a five year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects and includes labor.

Waste King L-3300 Legend Series 3/4 HP

Waste King L-3300 Legend Series 3/4 HP Continuous Feed unit is easy to install and quiet.  It’s powerful 3/4 horse power grinding power provides plenty of power for efficient grinding of food waste items.

Waste King brand name has been featured in consumer reports for it’s great value and a company that stands behind it’s products and is one of the key reasons that it is included in garbage disposal reviews.  It comes with top rated sound insulation and it’s stainless steel grinding blades and components insure that it is built to work well quietly.

A corrosion proof grinding chamber and anti jam stainless steel swivel impeller blades reduces the possibility of messy jams while providing long term durability.

The high speed “Vortex” permanent magnet motor that turns at over 2700 RPM offers more power per pound and outperforms other competitors in it’s class.  The L-3300 also comes with a 10 year mechanical warranty and a lifetime corrosion warranty.

Technical Details and Features:

  • Waste King L-3300 Shipping Weight: 12.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 15.7 x 9.8 inches
  • High Speed 2700 R.P.M. “vortex” permanent 3/4 HP magnet motor
  • Stainless steel swivel impellers to reduce jamming
  • 36-Inch Power Cord is Included
  • Removable Splash Guard
  • Rust Free Grinding Components
  • Easy installation
  • Sound insulated
  • Includes splash guard and mount adapter
  • Longest warranties in the industry demonstrates commitment to quality
  • 10 year in home mechanical warranty and a lifetime corrosion warranty

The reviews for the Waste King L-3300:

The garbage disposal reviews for the Waste King L-3300 were outstandingly good with 98% of people giving it a four or five stars out of five stars which is amazing! The only thing negative that we were able to find was that one reviewer felt that the instructions were incomplete since it did not include how to remove an old unit before replacing it with the new one.

Several people reported how easy this unit was to install as well as how quiet it was while working.  The other most common comment was that it was both powerful and efficient and most stated that they felt it was a great value for the money.

 Here is how to install the Insiketrator Garbage Disposal Unit


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