Best Hand Saw For Cutting Tree Trunks (Top 5 Products)

A hand saw is a great and useful tool to have in your tool storage. Sometimes you want to work around your yard but do not want to wake up the whole block of the city. Chainsaw is loud and a lot more complicated to use.

For small and medium-sized trees, the hand saw can do the work as great as the chainsaw. Maybe not as powerful as the chainsaw, but equally efficient.


Things To Look For When Buying the Best Hand Saw


It would be nice if you pay attention to some important information before choosing and buying the best hand saw for your needs.

Types of Hand Saw

First of all, it is important to know what type of hand saw do you need. There are few different types made for cutting tree branches and trees. Some types were made for a specific type of work. For example, trimming trees or shaping. Others will try to be the overall champion. The intended use will determine the type of hand saw.

Bow Saw


Bow saws are a great and useful tool to have when you need to cut some trees. It is designed for all-around use. It is good for trimming, it is also good for cutting longs. It is designed to cut through push and pull motion.

Pole Saw


They are a lot different compared to bow saw. It is designed for cutting tree branches that are hared reach by hand. Pole saw were made to be attached to a pole. Using it like this makes it easier to reach the heights you usually would not be able to do with a bow saw. There are two types of pole saw. Either manual or power tool

Pruning Saw


They are specifically great for cutting medium-sized tree branches, cutting longs, or trimming branches. It all depends on the size of the blade. Also, depending on the model, the blades can be curved, fixed, or adjustable.




A good product must be made with an ergonomic feature in mind. It must have a non-slip, non-conductive grip and have in mind the weight.

Your hand and your muscles will get tired, there is no escape from that. But a well-made and high-quality product will help you to be more durable and perform longer than you would expect. For example, a steel tubular design will enable you to work easier and longer than thought.


The Quality Of The Blade


The type of blade will determine how long your work is going to be finished. For example, the flimsy blade will only slow you down. You will get tired even before you accomplish your task.

Even worse than a flimsy blade is a weak blade. It can break after only a few uses on the hardwood.

The perfect had saw blade is from hardened steel. They are durable and do not lose sharpness. The hardened steel is tough, and the tension adjustments do not affect them.


Tension Adjuster


The best hand saw gives you the ability to change the blade tension easily. You do not need to use the maximum tension all the time with your hand saw.  Lowering the blade tension will give you more durability.


Safety Features

Your hand saw must have a phenomenal grip. If it is slippery and you lack the grip. You could easily slip away, lose your grip and injure yourself.

You should go for a hand saw with a knuckle guard. They are made to stop your hand when it slips away. Also, look for a protective sheath.

It is awesome to have the sharpest blade ever, but you must properly store them. The sharp blade needs to be completely covered. You do not want to get cuts and injuries just by looking for your tool. Also, this can be especially dangerous if you have kids running around your garage or your workspace.

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Blade Efficiency


It is important to have the proper maintenance for your hardened steel blades. Although they are sturdy, their overall sharpness can change due to poor maintenance. Also, look for the hand saw that is designed for a quick blade replacement.


The Length Of The Hand Saw Blade


There are a lot of different blade-length hand saws.

For example, some smaller-sized blades have around 17 inches in length. They are ideal for light garden tasks, like pruning trees or working in narrow areas.

A big hand saw can have around 30-inch blades. With these blades, you can cut trees and logs in no time.


Why Is Hand Saw Useful


Yes, you can finish the job with a chainsaw. But, there are a lot of benefits of using a hand saw.




If you need to do some saw work and do not want to break the bank, look no further. A good hand saw can do your work. It does not need an engine or fuel. Meaning the cost and maintenance of the hand saw is a lot lower than owning a chainsaw.

Why spend a hundred dollars on the product when you can spend less and finish the same job.



The hand saw must be designed with a weight in mind. You need to do the job without having problems with fatigue.

Especially knowing you will be using the force and moving the product.

The materials need to be carefully selected to be light yet strong and effective. Tubular steel is a both tough and light material.



The best hand saw is designed to provide optimal performance. A lot of people do not even change the blade of the hand saw. If you are that type of person, It is important to know how durable is your hand saw.

Easy To Storage


Depending on your need, it might be important to have a portable and easily storable product. Maybe your shed space is small, or you need to put your hand saw in a car. If you go with a compact design, you can carry it everywhere without a single problem.


Top 5 Best Hand Saws For Cutting Tree Trunks


1. Bahco Ergo Bow 30-inch Hand Saw



It is no surprise that this product is listed as Amazon’s Best Seller. It has a whopping 4.7/5 stars out of almost 2500 votes. This bow is specially made for cutting through the greenwood.

The product uses a tensioning mechanism for good cutting tension and straight cuts. It comes with a tubular steel frame. This makes Bahco Ergo Bow durable and lightweight.  Meaning you will use the product longer and easier than hand saws without a tubular steel frame. The tension leveler eases your problems with the blade replacements. It could not be easier to change the blade.

As the name says, Bahco Ergo Bow is ergonomically designed. It comes with a knuckle protector for extra safety.

The orange color of the paint gives a corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant aspect. Plus, we would say that orange looks cool.


  • Awesome blade, it will not get stuck in the wood while cutting
  • Good handle
  • Nice tension mechanism
  • Limited warranty


  • Plastic blade protector
  • Knuckle protector should be made with more durable materials


2. Irwin 218HP300 12-Inch Hand Saw



This product provides you speedy cutting and decent stability. It has a high-frequency welded frame and it weighs only 1.7 pounds! Meaning it is ideal for cutting down tree trunks.

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Irwin 218HP300 comes with one of the shortest blades on the hand saw market. It has only a 12-inch long blade. This is a high-quality blade that can cut through wood and metal.

It has a knuckle guard, an anti-slip grip, and a protective sheath. The sturdy grip is accomplished with tubular steel components. Also, it is made with easy blade replacements in mind.

The Irwin 218HP300 might be a product for you if you have small hands. Using Irwin, trimming bushes, and cutting tree trunks will not be an easy job.

It is small and lightweight. This means you can easily carry it on your trips and vacations.

We recommend this product for small trees and tree trunks.


  • Great tubular steel that is durable and light
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Great for tree trunks and small trees
  • Excellent grip


  • You might struggle if you have big hands
  • Sometimes wingnuts tend to fall off
  • It is made for cutting down smaller objects, it will take a lot of your time and patience if you need to cut a medium-sized tree


3. Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw, 21-Inch Blade



This product is Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller! 4.5/5 stars in over 500 ratings. This hand saw comes from a well-known tool brand. They use the best technology and high-quality materials in manufacturing their tools.

You can be sure that Truper 30255 will satisfy all your sewing and cutting needs. It is easy to handle, meaning it is ideal for both professionals and beginners.

It comes with a lightweight and high-quality built sturdy frame. This makes the Truper 30255 comfortable for cutting tree branches and tree trunks. The tension mechanism is at the top level. For extra safety, there is a knuckle guard.

We recommend this product for cutting Greenwood, tree branches, and trunks. The Truper 30255 can handle various heavy-duty cutting.


  • Only 1.3 pounds
  • Excellent tensioning system
  • High-quality
  • Comfortable


  • It can be stuck in the wood


4. Corona RS 7510D RazorTOOTH



Another Amazon’s Best Seller! And it comes from a century-old brand – Corona. They would not last this long if their products were not good.  You can cut both large and small tree trunks with this 18-inch long blade.

The blade’s teeth are sharp on three sides. They are designed for an effortless cut. There are six teeth per inch of the blade. On the downside, the blade is not replaceable. But the manufacturers promise that the chrome plating prolongs and the special impulse sharpening will extend the saw’s life service.

The fit and the grip are great. Also, you will work without fatigue since this product is only 1.05 pounds.


  • Long blade
  • Special sharpening technology
  • Comfortable to use
  • Lightweight


  • It does not come with a cover
  • The blade is not replaceable



5. Corona RS 7245 Razor Tooth Folding Saw



If the Corona with the 18 inches is too big, worry not. Corona RS 7245 is the smallest model you can get from Corona. It has 4.8/5 stars out of 7300 votes! Also, 1# Best Seller!

It comes with a 7-inch long curved Japanese high-quality blade. Excellent for gardening purposes and overall for general cutting jobs. Also, it is small and portable. Great for camping and trips.

Although the handle is made from plastic, it high-quality and has a great fit.


  • Durable
  • Very effective
  • Sharp teeth
  • Great ergonomic, you will not get tired


  • Only for small tree trunks and branches

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