Best Hand Saw For Cutting Wood (Top 5 Products)

A good hand saw is a simple but important tool to have whether you need it for professional work or DIY projects. Your hand saw must have an ergonomic design, must be lightweight, and can cut effortlessly through different types of materials. Also, it is important to know what are you going to use your hand saw for? Is it only for cutting wood? Do you also want to cut through PVC plastic, cut some tree trunks and branches?


Useful Information Before Buying Hand Saw For Cutting Wood


There are a lot of great tools on the market. It is difficult for a beginner to know all the information and complicated words… That is why we are here to help you.


Teeth Per Inch


The number of teeth per inch (known as TPI) of the saw tells us the performance type of a specific saw.  You might ask, why is that important? For example, bigger teeth are excellent for soft materials like softwood. Big teeth will finish your job faster but might leave a rough finish. On the other hand, smaller teeth are great for tougher materials. It will cut smoothly but might take you a long time to finish.  A medium blade saw is ideal if you need to cut through medium-level tough material. Look for a blade with 10 to 20 teeth per inch. For very hard surfaces go for a blade with 20 to 30 teeth per inch.




The intended purpose of your hand saw will determine the length of the blade. They can go from 12 up to 30 inches. Hand saws that are from 12 to 20 inches are usually called “short panels”. The name comes from greater control and easier usage. They are great for finer woodworking operations.

Longer hand saws are good for furniture making and various home renovating jobs.


Hand Saw Type


There is a lot of different hand saw types designed for different purposes. Besides the basic hand saw, other types are crosscut, ripping saw, and dovetail.


1. Crosscut Saw


They are made specifically in mind for cutting across the wood’s grain. The teeth are made to resemble beveled edges. This helps the blade to shear wood fibers while cutting.

Ripping with a crosscut saw might be inefficient and difficult. If you need one saw for all applications around the home or your workplace, this is not the type for you.


2. Ripping Saw


Their name comes from their ability to cut with a grain of the wood. Every tooth is designed like a woodworking chisel.  They are designed for chiseling wood. But they are good overall hand saw. As long as you do not need it for heavy-duty work.

They are very popular as one hand saw for all applications.


3. Dovetail Back Saw


The dovetail back saw is ideal if you need great precision while cutting through either hard or softwood. Their high teeth per inch number will help you make small, clean finish and smooth cuts.

The cylindrical handle allows you to maneuver the saw easier and with greater control. The dovetail saw is very well known amongst woodworkers.


Blade Thickness


Another important constituent of your hand saw performance is the blade’s thickness. The thickness impact the tooth’s geometry, the flexibility, and the maneuverability of your saw.

The cutting operation is going to be stiffer if you work with thicker blades. It will give you greater precision but the process will take more time. If you need a hand saw with more flexibility, go for a thinner blade.



It is important for your safety that the hand saw has a sturdy handle so you can have a good grip. The grip will determine the control you will have and the amount of precision.

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Pay attention to the handle. It is important to match it with the size of your hands. If the hand saw is too small, it will lower your precision. Also, you will not be able to use as much force.

It is best to go for a hand saw that has an ergonomic handle. If it does not have an ergonomic handle, at least look for the rubber-coated handle.


5 Best Hand Saw For Cutting Wood


1. WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw



If you are looking for a durable and sturdy hand saw, look no further. It does not matter if you need it for DIY projects, or you are a carpenter, an entrepreneur… WilFiks gives good versatility in performing in any situation.

It can cut with ease through different types of materials. This product will not let you down whether you are working with wood, drywall, or plastic.

It is ideal for a wide range of sawing jobs since it is particularly designed to speed up that process. WilFiks is 16 inches long with 9 teeth per inch. The teeth remain sharper than an average hand saw. Teeth on WilFIks are hardened by induction. The cut is accurate and smooth.

The saw has an ergonomic handle designed to fit most hand sizes. This type of handle gives a more comfortable and better grip. It provides extra safety since it reduces the chance of slipping.

It has a box where you can store your hand saw safely.


  • Cuts up to 50% faster
  • High-quality construction and ergonomic design
  • The blade is made of 9 teeth per inch carbon steel materials
  • The anti-slip grip


  • The blade is not replaceable, but the manufacturers designed it to last longer than the competition


2. GreatNeck N2610



Stated as Amazon’s Choice, the GreatNeck N2610 has proven itself as an excellent product. In support of that comes the almost 400 ratings with 4.7/5 stars.

The GreatNeck company has been making high-quality tools for more than a century now. They have been making reliable and durable crosscut hand saws since 1919. This American brand is ideal for every woodworking application.

It comes with a 26 inches long strong high carbon steel blade. The blade has 10 teeth per inch.  The product is designed to be versatile. Meaning you can use it for rougher materials with more aggressive cuts, as well as detailed and fine cuts. You will not have problems with any type of wood. From softwood to hardwood. The GreatNeck N2610 is quick and efficient.

The blade has extra sharpened teeth made for more precision. The product provides a good amount of flexibility for more cutting control.

The handle is weather-resistant, made out of dark stained hardwood. It is comfortable to hold. All this makes the GreatNeck N2610 ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

You will get a lifetime warranty cover.


  • High-quality product
  • Excellent 26-ich blade
  • 10 teeth per inch
  • Great handle


  • Sometimes the users complained about the stiffness of the blade.


3. IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw



The IRWIN Tools hand saw will be your best friend for every wood application.  With IRWIN Tools hand saw you will be faster than others in almost every cutting-related task. From carpentry, detailed woodworking, or DIY projects. The smaller blades make it easier to use in tight spaces.

The high-quality design provides extraordinary performance in woodworking.

The 15-inch IRWIN has “triple ground” extra sharp teeth that provide up to three times faster cut. The tooth grind is also made to remove material quickly. The accurate and clean-cutting action comes from a combination of the coarse-cutting saw speed and the fine-cutting saw’s finish.

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It is specially designed with stability and control in mind.

This IRWIN Tools hand saw has an ergonomic shape that is comfortable to hold. Also, you will not struggle with any hand fatigue.

Buying this product, the company provides a lifetime warranty.


  • High-quality product
  • Excellent high cutting performance
  • “Triple ground” sharp teeth
  • Three times faster than other saws
  • The clean and accurate cutting action
  • Stable and comfortable


  • You can not re-sharpen it
  • Might have some problems with hardwood





4. Shark Corp 10-2312



A lot of people would crown this hand saw as the general-purpose saw. The saw is rip-style designed and offers enough versatility for every use.

This hand saw is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you want detailed cuts, it’s 14 teeth per inch will provide you that.

The blade is sharp and durable because of the stainless steel materials. Replacing the blade is not a big problem at all. Quite contrary. It is simple and easy.

The pistol-style handle not only provides a sturdy grip but gives a special kind of control over the hand saw that other saws do not have.

Comparing to its price this product is excellent. It is not for extra-tough materials, but if you need the versatility, look no further.


  • Provides smooth cuts in wood  and plastic materials
  • The blade is flexible and replaceable
  • All-round great hand saw
  • The company offers one year warranty


  • Not  suited for heavy-duty cutting
  • Not made for cutting metal





5. BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw



What if you struggle with fatigue, and your hands get tired quickly? Well, worry not because there is an electric hand saw! BLACK+DECKER electric hand saw works both like a chainsaw and a regular hand saw.

The lightweight build and the convenient design provide versatility. The ergonomic design makes the BLACK+DECKER easier to operate.

Just plug it, turn it on, and you are set to go. There is no need to push back and forth. Since the hand saw is electric, it is doing it on its own.

The sawing is super easy all because of the extra-sharp blade. The blade is capable of cutting rhough plastic, wood, and even metal. Another great addition, the blade is replaceable.

The blade is so rich in versatility that the DIYer can use it but also the professionals.

If you want to go for an electric hand saw, you can not get wrong with this one.


  • Durable and quiet
  • Lightweight, ideal for people that struggle with fatigue
  • It has a safety lockdown
  • Dynamic speeds


  • The manufacturer did not provide instructions on installing the blade


Bottom Line


There is a lot of different hands saw for cutting wood on the market. A lot of manufacturers will just add that to their description just to make the product seem more versatile. Have in mind our tips when you look for the best hand saw for cutting wood.  .  Do you want a manual hand saw, or an electric? Both have their ups and downs. Have in mind the size and the type of the hand saw.  Pay attention to the teeth per inch number and the blade thickness. Also, it is important to check the hand saw grip. This is particularly important if you have smaller or bigger than average hands. You need to have full control of your tool.

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