Best Lawn Mower For Hills – A Detailed Review 2021

When it comes to the hills, mowing is difficult, so the manufacturer introduces us to lawn mowers for hills. Mowing is difficult on hills because of the sloppy surfaces. But once it gets mowed, the grass looks even, and beautiful.

Although mowing is a fun thing yet tiring, you can make it easier now. Mowers are made for yard care and to make it smooth. And to find the best one means the size, quality, and safety features should be accurate.

Get yourself the best lawn mower for hills. Before getting into the detailed review let’s read the steps for safe mowing on the slope.



  • Firstly cut back and forth over the hill. Whenever you’re using a walk-behind mower. It will prevent the mower from rolling while going upside or down.
  • Never turn the power on the hill.
  • Slow your mower while mowing on the slope.


Top 5 Best Lawn Mower For Hills

Mowing hills will be easier from now, let’s dive into the detailed review of the best lawn mower for hills.


1. Snapper Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower


Get your hands on the lawn mower that makes your mowing comfortable. For that snapper come up with 90 minutes run time plus 2 Briggs and Stratton. Which are 82V lithium-ion 2.0 batteries with a charger.

Never trust a device or tool that doesn’t have a mention of construction procedures. Snapper has a 19-inch steel deck with 3-1 mulch, bag, and side discharge grass clippings for ease.

Lawn Mower for hills must be efficient load sensing and smart power that can be adjusted for the required demands. For cutting blade efficiency is important. Also, the snapper comes with a push start button with a single lever.

Height of 7 positioning for cutting adjustment makes it more perfect. Moreover, it has compact vertical storage that saves space in a shred.



  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • 7 positioning height
  • Compact



  • No handle bolts
  • Heavy


2. Craftsman Self-propelled Lawn Mower


Craftsman made a powerful lawn mower for hills. Constructed with a gas engine that has recoil and auto check. Now no more choking and fussing, you just have to pull to start the mower.

3-in-1 capabilities including charm to this mower. For instance, it has side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching capabilities. As well as that front-wheel drive maneuver tip-up, and turn very easily.

Now you will be using less effort for moving your mower around the yard. And for the surging speed of your choice. Craftsman itself defined the best lawn mower for hills.

Because it has a dual lever adjustable cutting height. And you can choose from 6 different height settings according to your needs.

11-inches rear tires made with zag tread tires. And measure around 8 inches in front and 11 inches on rear for uneven terrain.



  • Dual-lever
  • Gas power
  • Self-propelled
  • Easy to handle



  • Plastic wheels


3. Worx Self Propelled Lawn Mower


Worx nitro is an ideal tool for outdoor setups and hills. And worx constructed for gas-like power, performance, and run time. Worx is self-propelled and has a rear-wheel-drive for perfect speed control.

3-in-1 functionality has mulch, bag, and side discharge. Worx power gives PRO intelligent batteries that provide extended run times. As well as that worx has plus heat, and impact protection.

Also, it is compatible with worx 20V and 40V tools, outdoor power, and lifestyle products. Brushless motors are efficient enough to run longer by about 50%. And worx is 25% powerful and has 10% longer life.

Worx auto technology gives adjustment for grass best conditions. The best self-propelled lawn mower for hills that has a 21 inches steel cutting deck with nutrient dual-stage mulching is ideal. And it has one.

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The single lever has 7 positionings for control and cutting height adjustments for grass. Lastly, One-touch fully collapsible hand for the ideal and stand-up storage is available.



  • Ideal run time
  • High capacity battery
  • Brushless motor
  • Durable deck
  • Compact storage



  • Small
  • Overheated batteries

4. Green works Lawn Mower


Greenworks lawn mowers are made with plastic and weigh around 42.5 inches. G-max 40V li-ion battery system gives complete yard work system. And it includes a 4 Ah battery and also, 2 Ah battery with charger.

Cutting deck 20-inches provides a great balance for maneuverability. As well as that it has a well-cutting capacity that makes it ideal for mid-sized areas. Moreover, new smart cut technology adjusts it for power.

Also, it is ideal for runtime based on the thickness of the grass. Greenwork is one of the best lawn mowers for hills because of dual blades that provide superior mulching, and bagging capabilities.

Furthermore, you can review that manual for more information about the specification and steps.



  • Multiple systems
  • High capacity
  • Smart tool
  • Dual blades



● Not for a large yard


5. Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower


Sun Joe is a powerful yet best lawn mower for hills. It has 12-amp motor cuts that can cut a 13.4 crisp. Also, sun Joe comes with an adjustable deck.

They customized it in 3 position adjustable height control systems. Lightweight lawn mowers make mowing easier and comfortable. Its body provides a perfect lightweight mowing.

constructor designed it very compactly and it is ideal for maneuvering around small lawns. The 9.2-gallon rear collection makes it more convenient for grass disposal. And best for the grass indicator flap.



  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable deck
  • Powerful
  • Collection bag



  • Assembling is difficult

Deliberation towards the Feature of the Best Lawn Mower for Hills – Buying Guide


Tires are the foremost thing to check because it touches the ground for mowing. It may cause goods or bad to your yard. So never ignore this feature. There are three types of tires that we will be talking about.

Lug tires

These are thick and designed for traction and safety. They have a block of rubber that is separated by a channel grip. Ideal for handling on wet, slippery, or sloped surfaces. As well as that they are fond of lawn tractors. But lug tires are not good for pristine grass, because they damage the turf.

Smooth tires

They help to prevent the old manicured lawns. But they are not for hills due to traction. Yes, they have a lack of traction.

Turn tires

These tires are meeting with lug and smooth types. But they tend to be wider and allow the mower’s weight over the surface area of the tires. Turf tires have a decent grip and give perfect traction on slopes or hills.


Weight is an important thing because whenever you’re about to do a major task weight consideration is important. And average weight for the empower is 470 pounds.

And the engine is for 18-25 percent of the total weight. Powerful weighs around 600 pounds whereas lightweight electric models weigh around 400 pounds.

Zero-turn mowers are the heaviest. And they weigh up to 650-1000 pounds. Also, they are powerful.


Safety is a major factor when it comes to the machine and mowing considers few things for your safety.

  • Make sure there’s no debris on the lawn
  • Let gasoline mowers cool before refueling.
  • Never run to the garage or poorly ventilated surfaces.
  • If mowing on an incline then keep your mower perpendicular to the slope’s direction.
  • Disconnect the plug to prevent it from a spark.


The width of the blade deck

Actual consideration to look at but it varies from model to model. Every mower comes with a different blade type and deck. Its size depends upon the length of your yard.

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For instance, if you have a compact lawn then a small one would be good for you. And in case you have a large one then go for a large deck.

Once you pick the right size of the deck for your lawn your mowing will get easier. The ideal width for a deck is 35 to 60 inches, especially for a medium-sized yard.


There are 3 categories for lawnmowers. You can pick it up according to your use. Each type has its capabilities and features. For instance, tractors, right engine mowers, and zero-turn mowers. Let’s talk about all of them in detail.


They have a wide, mid-mounted cutting deck, and a pedal and steering wheel system is present to operate. Especially for an automobile to cut large grass quickly and with ease.

Versatility is a difference between lawn tractors and garden ones. Tractors have powerful engines to increase and balance weight. Constructed to build grass sweepers, fertilizer spreaders, rollers, sprayers, and other additional things that maintain your yard.

Real-engine Mowers

Name describes that engine is on the rear mower. These are the lighter ones, and less powerful than others. Their deck size is between 28-34 inches. If you’re in a hurry and have an expensive yard then this small cutting deck interprets these, this longer mowing times.

It is more powerful for larger yards. The rear mower engine has a smaller turning radius and this makes them more efficient.

Zero-turn mowers

Zero-turn mowers are the best for yards that have turns and curves. They have a dual hydrostatic transmission that can direct side wheels. And a single lever operates every transmission.

If you press both the levers forward then in a straight and depressing one lever down. It will allow the mower to complete the round easily. But its disadvantage is that it reduces stability.


Frequently Asked Question-best Lawn Mowers For Hills

What is the best mower for steep hills?

There are a lot of mowers in the market. You can pick the best one according to the situation and need. I would recommend you the best one and it is a snapper lawn mower. Because it includes all the features that you will need for mowing hills.

Are Zero Turn Mowers better on hills?

If 15-degree slope or larger then use a front-wheel-drive riding mower to prevent injury.  Whenever you feel like speed is more than high then slow the speed. And check for accurate steering on hills that will allow you to use a zero-turn mower safely.

How do you mow an uneven lawn?

Dethatch the lawn with the garden to gather the dethatcher then mow the lawn at the lowest setting. You can apply scoops of soil mix. And gather the topdressing to spread out evenly.

Best Types of Lawn Mowers for Hills?

Although there are 2 types that are safe for hilly terrain, they are self-propelled. And it uses a motor to operate its wheels which depends on you. You can check the detailed review above mentioned.


Mowing is a healthy activity and makes the grass more even. But it depends on your way of selecting the lawn mower for hills. Although it is a risky thing to do, not if you have your hands on the ideal one.

But always take safety precautions and make sure about the direction. We have reviewed our top 5 best lawn mowers for hills. But I would love to recommend you the two most favorite mowers.

Craftsman self-propelled and snapper push lawn mower. They come up with the best features such as they are durable, efficient, and have lithium-ion batteries. As well as that they have a compact battery.

Don’t wait anymore and get your hands on the best one. Happy shopping!


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