Best Mattress For Herniated Disc – Sleeping Better With Herniated Disc

Best Mattress For Herniated Disc

An in-depth review of the best mattresses for herniated disc: Do you have a herniated disc that is causing you a lot of discomfort while you sleep? Herniated disc which is most common in the lower back and the neck is something that affects thousands of people, but the good news is that it can get better and the pain can be relieved much easily. Among some of the things known to ease the pain includes getting good comfortable sleep and doing exercises. Below are guides that will help you sleep better with herniated disc as well as some of the best mattresses to help you with the issue.

What is the Best Sleeping position for herniated disc

If you are wondering how to sleep with herniated disc in neck,then the following pointers could be helpful.

Switch Sleeping Positions – there is no standard position that is fixed to people with herniated disc or similar issues. It isn’t always good to sleep in one position for a long time. Experts say that switching sleeping positions can alter comfort and the fact that you avoid long strains could make one feel better.

Use An Extra Pillow – Comfort is of essence when it comes to relieving pain. Experts advise that using extra pillows between your legs or under your head can make you feel much comfortable.

Try A Comfortable Mattress – What you sleep on definitely has an effect on how you feel if you are suffering from herniated disc. You need to get a good mattress that is comfortable, pressure relieving and aligns your spine perfectly. An adjustable bed is also something worth considering as it can help your spine to align perfectly as it should.

Before we list down the best mattresses for herniated disc, here is a nice video covering how to sleep with the issue.

Best Mattress For Herniated Disc

1Tuft & Needle Mattress

2Zinus Green Tea Mattress

3Purple Mattress

Spinal alignment and pressure relief are two of the most important things when you are looking for a mattress for herniated disc or any other similar illnesses. Here is an in-depth review of each of the mattresses that will help with herniated disc pain relief.

1 Tuft & Needle Mattress

best mattress for herniated disc tuft and needle Tuft and Needle is a mattress that has been in the industry for a while now and over the period its been around, many people have loved every bit of it. It is designed to be a universal mattress which means whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or a back sleeper, this mattress offer just the right support and comfort that you need.

The mattress is an all foam mattress that has two layers of both densities. Much improvement has been done on the mattress over the years to fix several issues and its current iteration is the without a doubt one of the best selling mattresses in the industry. It also has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings and pressure relief and support is one of the things that the mattress excels in. Here are details on the two layers of the mattress;

First top layer – The first upper layer of the mattress is constructed with a 3 inch thick polyurethane foam. the layer is meant to provide adequate comfort, body contouring and pressure relief, which it does excellently.

Second and Bottom layer – The second layer of the mattress is a 7 inch thick layer which is also made of polyurethane foam. It is mainly designed to offer support and act as the foundation of the mattress while the material and design compactness allowing air cooling through the night.

Although the mattress has a very simple construction, the varying densities and materials used in construction makes its performance one of the best. Here is an illustration showing the layers of the mattress.

tuft mattress structure

A mattress that aligns to the body curves and easing pressure joints is something that someone with an issue like herniated disc will love and this is one that is sure to bring all that. It is neither too firm and neither is it too soft, meaning that most sleepers will welcome the feel of this mattress. People with complications like Herniated discs, Arthritis and lower back pain have confirmed feeling much better comfort with this mattress.

The breathable stretchy cover that is made of Polyester also gives the mattress a soft and plushy feel.and if you are worried about the common heat build up that is common with memory foam mattresses, you will love the fact that this mattress has employed three techniques to ensure that the users sleep cool at night without heat build up. The techniques used includes the use of graphite infusion has been used to disperse heat away, large open cells and cool gel technology are well in play.

Should You Buy Tuft & Needle?

This is one of the best mattresses in the industry hands-down and is definitely a worthy investment. Tuft and Needle mattress shipped compressed in a box and comes directly from factory to the consumer, something that has helped them sell the mattress at a reduced price. If you are looking for a mattress that is supportive, comfortable and pain relieving without breaking the bank, then this is definitely one to go with.

The mattress comes with a 100 night sleep trial which means that you can return the mattress at no extra cost should you feel it isn’t right for you within 100 days. There is also a 10 year warranty cover on this mattress.

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2 Zinus Green Tea Mattress

zinus mattress for herniated disc

Yet another mattress that is sure to offer ample support and relief if you are looking for a mattress for lower back, neck herniated disc is the Zinus Green Tea. Again, this is one of the best selling mattresses in the industry and amazingly its reviews and customer satisfaction is something that is sure to blow your mind. It is also an affordable option if you are on a budget.

The Zinus Green tea mattress has a customer satisfaction rate of over 80% based on thousands of reviews sampled from major outlets (now that’s a mattress to love). It is a 12 inch mattress with 4 different layers underneath a finely knitted jacquard cover.

First layer – The top layer is made up of 3 inches of memory foam and this is the layer that does most of the work of keeping you comfortable, ensuring that you get the best pressure relief and motion isolation.

Second Layer – The second layer which is meant to take comfort to a new level is a 2 inch thick layer of comfort foam (foam designed to contour and offer good support) for your neck, shoulder and hips

Third Layer – This layer contains a 3.5 inch layer of airflow foam. For a memory foam mattress to perform heat retention is something that must be done away with and this is the layer that is responsible for making that happen.

Fourth base layer – The fourth bottom layer also features a much denser 3.5 inch airflow High-density base support foam. It is also responsible for making the mattress last longer, and from user reviews, many people seem to have enjoyed prolonged comfort over the years with this mattress, thanks to this layer.

The Centi-Pur mattress markets itself as a pain relief mattress that helps to alleviate pain while also maintaining a cool airflow for the sleeper. The mattress has been perfecting and making iterations to its version to make sleep better and from research and findings, almost everyone who chooses this mattress has something good to say about it.

It is made with green tea extracts which makes it breathable. There are many mattresses in the industry which have flimsy designs and inside them is a cloud of chemicals that could bring health issues. Lucky enough, Zinus green tea mattress isn’t one of them. The green tea extracts infusion into mattresses which is perhaps the most unique technique, while giving the sleeper a healthy sleep adds more vitality to your mornings making you wake up fresh.

Should you buy the Green Tea Mattress?

Definitely, this is a mattress that we highly recommend. We’ve recommended it before and even ranks as one of the best mattresses we have reviewed here. It is a mattress that you cannot go wrong with and one that we would recommend to family and friends.

It is also the most affordable mattress in our list, but beats many high end mattresses in the industry. with the mind blowing reviews and customer ratings, this is a mattress you should really have in your home.


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3 Purple Mattress

purple mattress for herniated disc

Purple mattress is a much higher end option, but one that you can always count on for the best pressure relief. The mattress’s selling point is its ability to ease pressure points which it does without necessarily having to be stiff. Purple mattress has inspired positive reactions among many people so far and isn’t hard to believe why it is one of the best mattresses for herniated disc.

It is designed with unique materials:- hyper-elastic polymer which makes it so unique in the mattress industry. It comes in 3 layers which has so far shown impressive results in all kind of sleepers;

First top layer – This is a 2 inch thick layer of hyper-elastic polymer which offers cooling increased bounce and pressure relief. It is made in a grid structure to ensure comfort, good sinkage and air flow.

Second Layer – The layer is 3.5 inches thick and its primary role is to offer support for the sleeper as well as augment comfort.

Third bottom layer – this is the base foundation layer which acts as the supportive layer for the mattress and ensures that the mattress lasts longer and stable. It is a 4 inch layer made of polyurethane foam.

Employing new technologies the mattress has shown impressive performance in relieving pain and perfectly molding and contouring to the body curves. The mattress aims to answer your questions if you get sweaty nights, have lumbar, back or neck pains or keep turning and tossing at night.

Does purple live up to their advertisement? Yes it does. Purple has redefined pressure relief and demonstrated it by sitting on an egg that’s placed on the mattress. The egg doesn’t break which means that the pressure exerted isn’t faced by stiffness but rather a contouring surface which will do the same to your body. Comparing this to other mattresses, most of them failed and the egg broke in many cases. Have a look at the video below on the Purple mattress egg test.

Should You Buy Purple Mattress?

The purple mattress has not only demonstrated and proven itself to be a pressure and relieving mattress but it has also won the hearts of many people, making it a good mattress worth giving a shot. There is little doubt that you will fail to love this mattress.

Like the other mattresses, the purple mattress comes with a 100 day trial period and a 10 year warranty.


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Herniated Disc Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about herniated disc that you may find important.

Q: What is a disc?
A: A disc is the rubbery cushion between the bones in the vertebrae that stack to make up the spine. Discs keep the vertebrae cushioned and comfortable as pressure and physical stress is placed on the spine.

Q: What is a herniated disc?
A: A herniated disc occurs when the softer center of the disc pushes through cracks in the tougher exterior. A herniated disc can cause nerve irritation along with numbness and weakness to arms or legs. However, some people never experience symptoms of a herniated disc until much later.

Q: What are the sources of pain?
A: Either a nerve is pinched or the disc itself is causing pain. In some instances, a leaking disc can cause pinching of a nerve, causing pain in several areas of the body. In other instances, the disc itself causes pain, typically in the lower back.

Q: How can you figure out what’s happening?
A: You have a few options here. You can either go to your family doctor for a routine X-ray or you can visit a chiropractor. Typically, visiting a chiropractor is the best option because he or she can take an X-ray and determine the cause of pain. Once this has been diagnosed, they can also produce a treatment plan for you and get you started with recovery. Your family doctor would probably recommend you visit a chiropractor anyways, so it would be best to go straight to a chiropractor.

Q: What are your treatment options?
A: Depending on the severity of the herniated disc, you can do several things to treat the disc. If the herniated disc is quite painful and affecting more of your spine, then you might have to have surgery, but this is in extreme cases.

Most people are able to visit a chiropractor for stretching, spinal manipulation and massages. After several visits to the chiropractor, people are on their way to recovery and feel much better. Then it’s really up to you to take care of your back and spine.

 How To Treat Herniated Disc

Resolving herniated discs is different for every patient. Some will require much less treatment and visits to a chiropractor, while others may spend several weeks rehabbing their back and spinal area. It depends on the severity of the herniated disc and how the disc is affecting the patient.

Below are several steps you can take to resolve pain and the herniated disc:

1. Light Stretching on Your Own

skeletal herniated sdiskWhen you wake in the morning, make sure you don’t do anything to jar your back or spine. Gently get out of bed and take a moment to stretch your back and spine. Again, do this gently and without much strain. For the first few weeks this will cause pain. Don’t push it too hard, but know that you will experience some pain.

2. Stay Away From Lifting Heavy Objects

Since a young age you’ve probably heard, “life with your legs not with your back.” This is key to not disrupting back muscles and discs. As you deal with a herniated disc, don’t lift heavy objects or put strain on your back and spine. Avoid this at all costs. If something needs to be moved or adjusted, ask a friend or family member who is in good health to assist you.

3. Make An Appointment with a Chiropractor

Chiropractors work wonders. Ask anyone who goes to a chiropractor and they will tell you how much they appreciate their appointments and the work of a chiropractor. If you have a herniated disc, nothing is better than visiting a chiropractor and getting an adjustment or spinal manipulation done.

You can have a variety of treatments and therapies done at a chiropractic clinic. One in particular that is good for herniated discs is spinal decompression therapy.

4. Posture, Posture, Posture

Everyone hates talking about posture, but it’s one of the most important things you can focus on for the health of your back and spine. If you have poor posture day after day, then your back and spine will receive the brunt of stress. Go ahead and adjust your posture. It won’t seem natural for the first few weeks, but it’s worth the discipline and difficulty. Your chiropractor will stress posture as well, so go ahead and make some changes.

5. Back Strengthening Exercises

As you start to recover and feel pain free, it’s important to start a regiment of back strengthening exercises. This will help you in the long run. As you recover and strengthen your back and spine, you’ll keep yourself from injury and poor health in the future.

Does Chiropractic Treatment Help With Herniated Disc?

You’ve heard people recommend chiropractic treatment for herniated discs and back pain, but do they really help? Can they solve the issues you’re having? Are they worth your time and money?

1. Chiropractors Are Trained For This

Chiropractors specialize in treatment of back and spinal ailments. They have regiments of treatment and ways to get your back and spine back to optimal health. They are well equipped to diagnose and treat whatever issue you’re having with your back or spine.

2. Your Doctor Will Recommend a Chiropractor

If you go to your family doctor first, they’ll probably recommend visiting a chiropractor. So, if you want to save yourself some time and money, ask around about who the best chiropractor is and then set an appointment to go and receive an evaluation. Once you’ve been evaluated, you can determine what your treatment options are and how you can get on the road to recovery.

3. Regular Treatment

Chiropractors help people dealing with herniated discs like anyone else who is dealing with an injury or other ailment. You can receive regular treatment as often as you need it. Depending on the severity of your herniated disc, you may need weekly treatment and adjustments, or you may only need to go every few weeks.

4. Chiropractors Provide Sustainable Treatment

Chiropractors not only treat you in their offices and clinics, but they provide useful information and guidance as to how you can exercise and strengthen your body so you don’t have the same issue again. Most chiropractors want patients to experience holistic treatment and recovery, which includes educating patients on what exercises to do at home, proper nutrition and posture habits. More than one factor affects the health of the back and spine, and more than one corrects it. Please also do check out our  best mattress for arthritis post here.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful in helping you find the best mattress for herniated disc and similar pain problems. Our list and advise is based on extensive research and findings from what other people have experienced. we will also keep updating this post from time to tome to ensure that we have the best list and guide to help people with herniated disc and other similar complications.

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