Best Mower for Uneven Ground

It can be fun if you locate the best mower for uneven ground. It is always challenging to move uneven terrain using the standard mover, hence needing a specialized one. That could be good news for those lawns that lack flat ground.


When you involve the right tool to maintain your lawn, you will put less effort and energy into your work. Such mowers are great in giving you stepwise service until you make your lawn is clean and tidy.


Our guide has some of the best mowers to work on uneven terrain and get the best results. Let dig in:


Tips for Landing the Best Mower for Uneven Ground

Any beginner will get overwhelmed by enticing adverts concerning the best mower for uneven ground. Well, you can come out of that trap by subjecting every choice to certain gauging. You can involve the following variable to land the right pick.


a) Mower Type

Mowers are different in terms of power. For example, a gas mower will involve a gas engine to get the power. One advantage of gas mowers is that they emit maximum power, which is vital in slicing through the densest and thickest vegetation and grass.


Besides, we also have an electrical and cordless mower. The only difference with the one above is that such models are lightweight. That makes it easy to use and maneuver around.


Another model is the riding mowers which are suitable for large lawns. That is so because they have large wheels to give them a tractor-like design. They can mow hills, ditch-rich areas, and a landscape with bumps quickly.


b) Power and Speed

What determines the amount of power for the mower is the engine and the motor. Power comes to an asset significantly when you are cutting through thorny vegetation. If you are using a gas-powered model, the best engine should range from 100cc to 200 ccs.


If it is an electrical model, we determine the power capacity in terms of voltage and AMPS.

The voltage indicates the durability of the battery, while AMPs measure the amount of power. The best standard is to have at least a 25V battery and 4 AMPS motor.


c) Wheel Size

It will be reasonable to settle for the mower with large wheels to enable it to travel on harsh terrains. The standard wheel should have a diameter of at least 10 inches. If you use less than that, then it will get stuck in rough terrain and become challenging to push it.

Both electric and gas-powered mowers fit this standard wheel diameter measure. On the other hand, a string more may need more than 15 inches for the entire diameter.


d) Deck Size

You must consider the size of your lawn in this case. The deck size talks about the cutting size. A decent size should be at least 20 inches as it helps in cutting additional areas effortlessly.

Suppose the lawn is smaller, then the deck size of 15 to 18 inches will do it well. Strive to have a proper cutting width to avoid issues with a rough lawn.


1. Earthquake 28463 String Mower

Earthquakes enjoy the backing of a 150cc engine with a walk-behind string. The mower can chop down and eliminate weeds with ease. The mower uses 14 inches wheels which are significant to allow it to move over thick grass and weed.



The product has a durable steel deck that enhances stability and lowers vibration. As such, the user will not encounter much fatigue. The engine is stable as it will run continuously as you remove obstacles without causing the user to re-start it.

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Additionally, there is a tool-less handlebar featuring adjustment knobs for compact storage and convenient transportation. The cool thing is the process of assembly is ever simple as one will not need any procedure.


  • It cuts grass at all heights
  • Collapsible handlebar for better storage
  • Large wheel for better maneuvering
  • It has adequate power for improved efficiency
  • The cut lacks precision


  1. Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks could be the best option for you if you want to achieve maximum efficiency. The mower makes use of an 8-inches wheel which makes effortless movement on the lawn.

The mower has a feature that allows the user to adjust the deck in seven different positions.


This device has a backing of a 5AMP battery which is effective in working on the densest lawn. The cutting deck features a 19-inch blade to ensure you run a few passes to complete your task within a short period.



This electric device is super light and produces decent noise, which is not destructive. The user will not need to wear earplugs while operating it at any place.


  • It uses a long-lasting battery
  • Bulky and versatile wheels
  • Several height adjustment designs
  • Collapsible design to enhance storage
  • Complaints on blades losing their sharpness reported


3. Lawn-Boy 17730 

Lawn-Boy offers broad 11-inch wheels, making it easy for the user to work on any rough terrain. Although this mower gets its power from gas sources, it is ever super light. Such enhances easy maneuvering.



The device has a two-point deck system meaning it is a two-height design. Additionally, the device uses a 21-inch cutting blade to cover a large area within the shortest time. The 149 cc engine produces magnificent results. This engine is easy to maintain whereby one will not have to change oil constantly.


The device features an extra-handy discharge system. One has the option to select the bagging or side discharge.


  • Delivers fantastic power
  • Ultra-wide cutting deck
  • It uses a decently efficient engine
  • The device has a high level of maneuverability
  • It is compliant with Carb regulations
  • Unreliable starting system

4. Husqvarna Z254 54 Riding Mower

One of the distinguishing features concerning this mower is the use of an efficient engine. This 26 HP engine has an excellent output to handle the thickest grass and other vegetation with ease.


More importantly, this mower uses a 54-inch blade to enhance the cutting performance. The blade travels up to 18.5 CFM, which makes it efficient without leaving uneven clippings behind. It gets better when cutting at 6.5 MPH speed.


The mower can quickly move on various terrains since the front wheels have a diameter size of 11 inches. Such allows the device to cut any grass despite the height. The cool thing is it supports multiple discharge systems.

  • It can deliver super-clean cuts
  • Excellent engine power to increase efficiency
  • Durable blade and engine
  • It has multiple modes of discharging clippings
  • It gets stuck frequently


5. Craftsman T225 Riding Lawn Mower

Craftsman happens to be a riding lawn mower that uses 15-inch wheels to cruise on every terrain without any challenge. The rear wheels feature 20-inch wheels to promote better traction. This wheel size enhances more effortless movements.



The engine power suits the hydro-transmission system to give the operator an effortless experience when on the steering. The 46-inch cutting deck makes it easy to cut and cover a large surface area within no time.

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The deck has an excellent deck wash system. It allows you to clean the deck without involving a hose to keep it cleaner. The product has a height-adjustable feature that ranges from one to three inches. That is great in cutting the most complicated positions.


  • The user enjoys unmatched comfort while driving
  • High-end components that are durable
  • It has a high maneuverability
  • Large cutting blade for faster task completion
  • Supports different height adjustments
  • It comes with a high price tag


6. BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower

One can make use of this device when you have a sloppy or hilly lawn. It has six height settings to allow one to create an appropriate cutting height. For every battery charge, it will run for 30 to 40 minutes on average. The cutting condition will determine the working time for your batteries.

The device has a 16-inch cutting width which makes it suitable for trimming smaller lawns. More importantly, there is a heavy-duty plastic deck making it rust-free. The foldable handles are ideal for storage reasons.

The unit is generally lightweight, making it rank high for portability. The discharge method could be through bagging or mulching design. The available batteries are rechargeable.

  • Easy deck cleaning
  • Six adjustment heights for cutting
  • Compact, light, and maneuverable
  • It uses powerful lithium batteries
  • The run-time per charge is short


7. LawnMaster MEB1014K

When looking for a compact mower device, then never overlook LawnMaster. The device has a 15-inch cutting deck powered by an 11 AMP motor. Uniquely, this device has three cutting deck lengths, which are 15 inches, 16 inches, and 19-inch models.

One has the option to adjust the cutting level height. As such, it becomes easier to cut tougher and taller grass on your uneven lawn. More importantly, the attached adjustable handle is customizable to fit different sizes of people.

The mower features a 7-gallon bag to store your clippings as you work. Another option is to use a discharge to enhance the mulching functions. The device is lightweight at 28 pounds, making it easy to push around.


  • Easy cutting height adjustment
  • Offers sufficient motor power for better output
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to store
  • It has multiple discharge options
  • Adjustable cutting height to fit your desire
  • The corded power limits your cutting range


8. Yard Force YOLMX225300

Yard Force is a great option that comes with a self-propelled design. The 22-inch deck allows it to maintain a sizable lawn. The cool thing is it has a prolonged run-time when it uses its rechargeable batteries. It uses a dual battery to ensure continuity as you charge another one.

The motor is super powerful to provide the needed torque to handle thorny vegetation. The device can move on sloppy and uneven terrain with less effort. The mower has a manual drive to enable it to work when the charge drains.

The self-propelled feature is great as it enhances the safety of the operator. As such, it eliminates the risk of damage and prevents any accident. Furthermore, this self-propelled feature is excellent for cutting tall and tough grass effortlessly.

  • It uses a torque sense technology
  • It enjoys a generous five-year warranty
  • It has a long run time
  • Fast battery recharging
  • It is a heavyweight machine

In Summary

You do not have to operate in a dilemma when you want to beautify your uneven lawn with suitable mowers. The right mower must have better features such as ideal wheel size to ensure that they float well on such grounds. You can manicure your lawn to promote a livable environment that is attractive.

For that matter, you can select either of our products on the list and end the agony. They are suitable devices to meet your needs.

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