Best outdoor Deep Fryer (Products Review)

You can all agree with me that a deep fryer is a key appliance when it comes to backyard family gatherings or camping with friends. Therefore, getting the best outdoor deep fryer will be the best thing to do for an interesting and enjoyable event.

Outdoor deep fryers will allow you to cook for your large family and friends at once thus making it convenient for events.

Deep frying in your kitchen is always a hassle since most kitchens don’t offer enough space for deep frying thus causing accidents. You will also have the hard task of cleaning up all the mess linked to deep frying.

Deep frying in your kitchen may lead to an unpleasant smell for quite some time that’s why it’s wise to consider outdoor deep frying to give your kitchen ample time to breathe.

Outdoor deep fryers have a similar basic set up however they differ in different aspects such as heat.

Outdoor deep fryers have taken up the place of traditional pots and grills due to their better and efficient performance.  Unlike the traditional pots, they are durable, uses non-stick material, and cook delicious dishes.

They are easy to operate and are equipped with a lot of safety features thus making them safer to use with minimal accidents occurring.

It’s always a hassle choosing the best outdoor deep fryer due to the different types in the market. If you are in a dilemma of which outdoor deep fryer to buy then this article is for you.

This article is going to help you in choosing the best outdoor deep fryer you need in your backyard by providing a list of the best outdoor deep fryers and also a buyer’s guide to guide you decide on the outdoor deep fryer that is best for you.

Top 7 best outdoor deep fryers

  1. Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer

This 32 Quart fryer will allow you to fry turkey, chicken and perform other functions such as steaming, boiling, and frying seafood, poultry, vegetables, and tamales.

It is made of polished stainless steel thus making it durable enough to serve you for years. The stainless steel material also makes it easy to clean the fryer.

The fryer features a perforated basket for ultimate steaming your dishes.

Its heavy-duty handles ensure easy transportation thus making it ideal for camping and any other events. It also has a vented lid that can be used to prevent oil from splashing thus avoiding any accidents.

It also features a 12-inch stainless steel thermometer to help you monitor temperature changes and adjust your burner accordingly.

Key Features

  • 32- Quarts
  • Multi-purpose
  • Made of polished stainless steel
  • It’s durable
  • Strong perforated basket
  • Heavy-duty handles
  • Easy to transport
  • Vented lid.

Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer


  1. T-fal Deep Fryer

If you are looking for the best outdoor deep fryer with high performance and a large capacity then this is your sure bet

It comes with 1700 watts of power for efficient deep frying. It has a 3.5-liter oil capacity and 2.65-pound food capacity thus allowing you to cook large batches of food at once.

It features a patented oil filtration system that ensures a clean oil filtration system for convenient deep frying and also helps in cutting costs and stores oil effective use.

This deep fryer comes with a two-position basket for cooking and draining food thus making it easy to use. It handles on the other hand aid in easy transportation and storage.

The immersed heating element featured in the deep fryer is responsible for quickly recovering oil temperature thus giving you the best results.

When it comes to cleaning, you’ll have an easy task since this deep fryer has dishwasher-safe parts, thus cleaning a breeze.

Key Features

  • 1700 watts of power
  • 5-liter oil capacity
  • 65-pound food capacity
  • A patented oil filtration system
  • Immersed heating element
  • Dishwasher-safe parts.

T-fal Deep Fryer


  1. King Kooker 1618 16-Inch Propane Outdoor Cooker

For an outdoor deep fryer with high BTU ratings that is large in size try this King Kooker 1618-16-inch outdoor cooker and you’ll never regret it.

You can use this deep fryer to cook for your large family or carry it camping with friends since it’s easily portable and efficient.

It comes with an aluminum pan and two frying baskets for convenient cooking and a 16-inch tall welded frame for stability.

For security purposes, it features resistant handles and an LP hose with a regulator and type-1 connection.

It also includes a fryer thermometer that helps to monitor the temperature changes and adjust the burner accordingly.

Key Features

  • Aluminum pan
  • Comes with a Frying basket
  • Has Four legs for safety
  • Deep-fry thermometer included
  • Comes with a recipe and instruction book
  • It’s easy to carry around.

King Kooker 1618 16-Inch Propane Outdoor Cooker


  1. Backyard Pro 30 Qt. Deluxe Aluminum Turkey Fryer Kit

For people interested in frying larger batches at once consider trying the Backyard Pro 30 Qt. Deluxe Aluminum Turkey Fryer Kit.

It comes with a stockpot made of 18 gauge aluminum which makes it a good conductor of heat ensuring that the pot heats up quickly and stays hot for a long period of time.

With this fryer, you can do more than just frying since it allows you to steam, cook and even boil food using the steamer kit and other accessories.

It features a steel stand that is coated with powder for improved stability and durability.

You can cook your turkey in minutes with this fryer as its propane burner supplies a 55,000 BTU flame.

It also features an adjustable 5PSI regulator and a rubber hose for easy and fast operation.

Key Feature

  • 30-Quart stockpot
  • Aluminum pots and basket
  • 55,000 BTU burner
  • Adjustable regulator.

Backyard Pro 30 Qt. Deluxe Aluminum Turkey Fryer Kit


  1. COLIBROX Backyard Pro Deluxe 30 qt Aluminum Turkey Fryer Steamer Kit

The COLIBROX Backyard pro-Deluxe 30 qt is an efficient fryer with a 33,000 BTU cast burner for an effective and fast cooking process.

It includes a 30 Qt aluminum turkey pot with a lid for safe cooking and a rack and lifting hook and an 11 Qt aluminum fry pan and a basket with a heat-resistant handle.

The fryer features a gas stove with a stand and it’s made of cast iron thus making it durable.

It comes with a turkey hanger, sauce syringe, and a thermometer to monitor the temperature changes and adjust accordingly

It has an overall dimension of 13.5″ (Diameter) x 33″ (H).

Key Features

  • 33,000 BTU cast burner
  • Aluminum turkey pan
  • 11 Qt aluminum fry pan
  • Thermometer
  • Turkey hunger &sauce syringe.

COLIBROX Backyard Pro Deluxe 30 qt Aluminum Turkey Fryer Steamer Kit

  1. King Kooker 30-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Pot Package

This is a durable and larger fryer made of stainless steel and will serve you for the longest time possible.

The King Kooker 30-Quart stainless steel Turkey pot comes with a lid that helps in preventing oil from spraying thus making it safe to use.

All its parts are made of stainless steel which is durable and also easy to clean after use.

Its 30-Quart pot can cook up to 16-lb bird thus making it ideal for cooking large batches of food at once.

It features a deep-fry thermometer to help you monitor the temperature changes and adjust accordingly.

It also comes with a rack and a lifting hook for safe insertion and removal from the oil

Key Features

  • 30-Quart pot
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Comes with a lid
  • Deep-fry thermometer
  • 16 lb cooking capacity.
  • King Kooker 30-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Pot Package

  1. GasOne B-5155 Propane Burner with Steamer Pot-Turkey Fry & Tamale

For a high heat outdoor deep fryer, choose the GasOne B-5155 propane burner and you will never regret it.

This is a versatile fryer that can cook, fry, grill, and boil your favorite food using a single propane burner.

It features an aluminum steamer and a stockpot to aid in preparing different types of dishes.

For effective and efficient cooking this propane outdoor cooker comes with a steel braided hose that is heat resistant and also ensures safe gas pressure and flow and has an adjustable regulator.

The burner is built with a strong constructible frame thus making it sturdy and also durable.

Key Features

  • Made of aluminum and steel
  • Steamers and stockpot included
  • Uses one burner
  • Has a steel braided hose
  • 5 psi adjustable regulator
  • It’s versatile
  • Strong constructible frame.
  • GasOne B-5155 Propane Burner with Steamer Pot-Turkey Fry & Tamale

Features To Consider When Buying The Best Outdoor Deep Fryer( Buyer’s Guide).

It’s always wise to have the right information and knowledge before settling for a specific outdoor deep fryer. The buyer’s guide below will help you in deciding the outdoor deep fryer you need according to your needs and preferences.


Price is always a key factor to consider when buying any item to avoid overspending since most people are always on a fixed budget.

Outdoor deep fryers vary in prices, therefore, giving a chance to choose the one within your budget. You should always make sure you get the best value for your money.


When it comes to the size you should consider your cooking capacity and also the number of people you intend to cook for.

If you intend to prepare food for your large family or friends, a bigger deep fryer will be your perfect choice. For people intending to prepare food for a small family or few friends, a smaller one will do.

You should not that the bigger the deep fryer the more oil it will require therefore if you do not necessarily require a bigger one it’s wise to keep off.

These outdoor deep fryers come in different sizes so you can choose the size that serves you well.


By effectiveness, we are talking of how well your deep fryer is up to the task. When getting an outdoor deep fryer ensure that it’s strong enough to keep the air and oil hoot when cooking.

If your device gives you a crispy texture then it’s effective while on the other hand if it doesn’t then it’s not up to the task.

Electric deep fryers are considered to be effective as compared to the other types. However, ensure you choose the one with a higher wattage or BTU rating for a higher heating capacity.

Durable and sturdy parts are also key when it comes to the effectiveness of your deep fryer.

Ease of use

Consider a deep fryer that is easy to use and also portable to carry to your particular event with ease.


BTU is the initials of British Thermal Units. The BTU ratings will determine how fast and efficient your cooking will be as it is responsible for determining how fast your oil will heat.

The higher the BTU ratings the more efficient your deep fryer is and the low the BTU rating the more inefficient and slow your deep fryer is.


Some of these outdoor deep fryers come with additional features for added advantages and privileges. Some of these include; thermometers, auto shut-off timers, adjustable regulators, natural gas grills.

It’s wise to look out for outdoor deep fryers with these additional features for the best cooking experience.

Safety hazards

When using deep fryers you are likely to experience some dangers linked to cooking in oil most of the time. The good news is that all these dangers can be managed.

Adding wind guards, safety stands, and handles will protect you when using the deep fryer. Some deep fryers also have the auto-shutdown feature that shuts off the power when the oil temperature reaches a certain point.

For the gas-powered models, they come with a lid that is responsible for preventing oil from splashing which may lead to a fatal accident.

It’s also your responsibility to be too careful to avoid any burns due to oil spills.


Consider also the warranty given to the specific outdoor deep fryer you buy. The longer the warranty the better.


This article has provided you with all the information you need to know about outdoor deep fryers and have also given you a list of the top 7 best outdoor deep fryers.

All the above outdoor deep fryers are worth buying however it’s up to you to choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Follow the buyer’s guide provided in this article to help you in choosing the best outdoor deep fryer you require.

All the best!

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