Best Place To Put An Air Purifier (Top 6 Products)

An air purifier is a nice addition to your home if you are struggling with odor. Or you have breathing problems. Smelly room? Dust and pet dander all over the place? You are always sneezing and have a stuffy nose? Air purifiers improve indoor air quality by filtering the air in your room.

Putting two same air purifier models in the same situation, only switching their locations, can give completely different results. You can improve your air purifier efficiency up to 20% just by correcting the placement of the device. But if you put the device in the wrong location, you could lose up to 50% of the efficiency.

Also having so many different models can be confusing and frustrating. You find the problem, we will provide the solution.


7 Important Rules For Your Air Purifier


Where is the best placement for my air purifier? We have gathered seven important tips that will help you learn where to place your device. And, equally important, where not to place your device.


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1. Put It Next To The Pollutant Source


This one seems pretty logical and self-explanatory. Right? The easiest way to get rid of the problem is to face it. Literally! Place the device where the pollution is the highest. In a room where you have highest allergic reactions, where you sleep… If the pet dander is your problem, place it in a room where your pet spends most of the time. If you have a dedicated room for smoking, but you do not want the smell of tobacco all over the house, place it in that room. Putting it closer to the source can fix the problem quicker. Use your eyes and nose to find the answers.

If you think of the air purifier as the fireman station, and the source of the problem as the fire.  It is best to live next to the fireman station if you are having problems with the fire. Metaphorically saying. The closer they are, the faster they will resolve the problem.

The same stands for the air purifiers.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

Amazons best seller for a reason! This device is heavy customer-first focused. It comes with an auto mode that monitors the air quality and automatically adjusts the fan speed. Plasmawave technology can easily kill all the viruses and bacteria. Also, vapors and other pollutants are no match for this air purifier. It comes with a Winix app, making it even easier for you to control the air.


  • Plasmawave  technology plus Activated carbon filter
  • VOC sensor for odor
  • 100% ozone safe and not harmful to the environment
  • Cool brutalist design


  • Turbo mode can be loud
  • Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

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2. Place it Off The Ground


Air in your room has two circulation directions. The first one is horizontal. Window to door, door to door, window to window… The second one is vertical. From floor to the ceiling. A temperature change can cause this movement.

Hot air moves towards air rises. So if you put your air purifier too low on the ground, it might not be able to clear all the air. There are some small air purifiers that you can put on your office desk, windowsill in your bedroom. The best place is to put it on a wall, but not everyone wants to do that. So follow this simple rule, try keeping it off the floor.

Here is an air purifier ideal for desk and office:

Levoit Desktop


This is excellent for the working environment. You may ask, why? Because it creates the lowest noise level. You can easily study or focus on your work without even noticing the air purifier cleaning your air.

It comes with the 3-stage filtration system able of capturing the 99.9% of pollutants. Including allergies, pollen, mold spores, odor, pet dander… You name it, Levoit Desktop can do it!


  • Compact size
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • 100% ozone free
  • Quiet
  • Best in budget


  • No sensors
  • No automatic shut off
  • Levoit Desktop

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3. Look For Highest Airflow


You might ask if it is the device’s job to clean my room, why should I look for the highest airflow? Well, if you put it in a place where the airflow is the highest (near the window, doorways, walls…), you will get the best results quickest. And it will cost you less.

As we said in the second tip, placing it on a wall, near a window, a doorway, gives the best out of your devices. These are all places where air moves, meaning it will carry all kinds of pollutants and spread them across. That is why it is important to place your device on the front line. Preventing the air from carrying all the mold spores, dust, and allergens into your home.

In need for a good air purifier that well help you against allergies?


Honeywell HPA300


You will know this device is phenomenal Just by looking at the Amazon ratings. 4,7/5 out of 14.000 people rating! This device is capable of capturing up to 99.97% of pollutants! It comes with a three air-clean settings, and a turbo mode.


  • True HEPA and Activated carbon pre-filter
  • Budget friendly
  • Efficient
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Not that great against odor
  • There are air-quality no sensors
  • Honeywell HPA300

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4. Stay Away From Corners


This will largely affect your air purifier efficiency for multiple reasons. If you put it on a floor, you will prevent the device from purifying the air vertically. It won’t be able to reach it since corners have very low airflow. This means the airflow will still carry all the pollutants all over the place, but the device will not be able to catch them. Also, putting it in a corner blocks it from working in two directions.

So putting it in a corner is a big no-no if you want clean and fresh air.


5. Do Not Block Your Air Purifier


Air purifiers need to work in all directions. A lot of people are trying to hide their air purifiers. Either by putting them behind the TV, near books, or even under the table. Do not block them, not even one side. They need at least three feet of space to give you their best result.

It’s like in every relationship. You need to give a little bit of space here and there, so every participant can enjoy it.


6. Try Avoiding Places That Have High Humidity


Places like bathrooms and cooking areas are usually very humid. All that humidity comes from cooking, frying, boiling, showering, which makes the air heavier. That can cause problems like air purifiers needing more energy, and reducing the capacity and lifetime of HEPA filters.

However, if the kitchen odor is your only problem, then the answer is simple.

MINUSA2 ULTRA QUIET Air Purifier By Rabbit Air


This is the perfect device if you are dealing the odor, moisture, smokes, tobacco smoke… It comes with a variety of filters. From germ filters to pet allergy and odor filters. And the awesome thing is that you can mount it on a wall. On your own! Yes, you will get a mounting kit in a box. How cool is that! And it’s customizable.


  • Great filters
  • Innovative
  • Good against odor


  • It is pricey
  • MINUSA2 ULTRA QUIET Air Purifier By Rabbit Air

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However, if you are dealing with the mold, we might have a solution for you:

Molekule Air


Yeah, it looks cool, but do you know what is even cooler? The PECO filter technology developed by NASA. No, this device is not a part of a spaceship. THE PECO filter technology means this device is capable of completely destroying the mold, bacteria and viruses.

How does it do that? By frying them! PECO means PetroElectro Chemical Oxidation. This makes the Molekule Air the best solution for mold, bacteria and viruses.


  • Best for mold spores
  • PECO filter technology
  • Cool design


  • Since it is new technology, PECO filter does not have the CADR rating

Molekule Air

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7. Stay Away From Electronic Devices


Devices like microwaves, TV, stereo, can be harmful to the proper function of your air purifier. Some electronics devices operate on the same wavelength. You don’t want to risk them interfering with each other. We highly recommend you not to place the air purifier next to the electronics. Also, putting it next to the microwave or stereo will block the air purifier.

Always follow the golden rule. Give your air purifier a minimum of 3, desirably 5 feet of space. In all directions!


8. Move Your Air Purifier Here And There


If you follow our seven tips, you will get the maximum efficiency out of your air purifier. However, air purifiers are portable and usually not that heavy. By moving the device here and there, you might get even more efficiency, and you will learn where is the perfect spot for you.

If you are in need for a light-weight champion, look no further.


 Blueair Blue Pure 311


This device is ideal for bedrooms since it’s quiet and very easy to use. It comes with HEPASilent air filtration with Pre-Filter, Particle filter, and an Activated Carbon filter. Intuitive Auto mode monitors the air quality and adjusts to reports. The low noise will let you do your work without even noticing the air purifier.


  • Awesome performance
  • It’s very quiet
  • HEPASilent air filtration
  • Light-weight and portable


  • Might be hard to get due to the high demand
  • Blueair Blue Pure 311

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Bottom Line


Placing your air purifier plays a major role in your air quality. Use your eyes and your nose. You need to find out the source of your problem. When you find the source, look for high airflows. This is important since high airflows carry pollutants all over your house. It is crucial to stop them on the first line. Placing the air purifier wrongly would not stop the airflow from bringing all the pollutants. It would be ideal if you could put your air purifier higher off the ground.

If it is too low, it might not be able to reach the hot air that is accumulating on the top of your room.  Do not block it. This will heavily reduce the efficiency of your device. And it will only cost you electricity and money.  Also, do not place it in a corner. Corners have bad airflow, also the device would be blocked by two walls.

Have in mind the humidity of your rooms. Try not to put it near any electronic devices. This not only blocks the air purifier, but the devices might interfere with each other. Some devices might work on the same wavelength, it is heavily advised to put them three to five feet apart.

Lastly, try moving your air purifier across the room. Doing this you will find out where is the best place to put an air purifier.

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