Best Solar Refrigerator buyers guide

Finding the best solar refrigerator is a noble thing to do. Everyone wants to see the electricity bill go down without draining the wallet. Undoubtedly, cooling and heating consume serious energy to multiply your monthly bills.

This article carries the correct details for you, which shows you how to take your energy cost into your hands. You need a solar refrigerator to promote self-sustainability through solar energy, which is revolutionizing off-the-grid living.

Getting the right solar refrigerator will keep your foodstuffs chilled. But the big query is how many will last for years while performing well? Additionally, you need the right refrigerator with the correct decibel level without forming any distractions for the users.

Finding the right solar refrigerator to meet your need is subject to extensive research from the flooding market. Getting the correct facts will prevent you from falling prey to low-hanging fruits that may not guarantee quality.

An excellent solar refrigerator should be portable. It does not limit you when you are operating remotely during outdoor activities such as camping. That said, we are unveiling the secrets behind the best eight solar refrigerators for your selection. There is no doubt that the user will find one after reading this piece.


Choosing the Best solar Refrigerator

Making an impulsive purchase is familiar to nearly everybody. In this case, we want to be the reason why you should never attempt to make a regrettable mistake while purchasing the correct solar refrigerator. Consider these variables when you are selecting the right product:

a) Efficiency

Every refrigerator comes with a certain level of efficiency indicated on the yellow sticker. The correct standard is to look for the one that has a kWh per year of under 360. If a refrigerator boasts 250 KW/ year, such low energy consumption means low cooling capacity.

b) Size

When shopping for a solar refrigerator, size comes as an essential factor. If you settle for too small, you may overstuff the fridge and compromise its cooling power. On the contrary, a too great option may mean using precious energy for cooling unused space. The secret lies in looking for a healthy medium.

c) Transportation

If your schedule involves moving and travelling frequently, then you should consider purchasing a freezer that is portable. Ensure that you invest in a suitable unit with casters or wheels because no one has the luxury of lifting a big fridge around.

d) Proper Insulation

Refrigerator insulation aims to eliminate heat and keep the cold in. If the refrigerator has more considerable insulation, it maintains a better temperature. The thickness is a crucial component of energy efficiency. A good response for the customer is 10cm thickness.

e) Temperature Control

Here, we mean the ability to control the fridge’s temperature, which gives you a say on energy consumption. For instance, if you do not like freezing temperatures, you can settle for warmer settings. By doing so, you will only be consuming the solar energy that can maintain your foodstuffs.


 Whynter Camouflage Edition Refrigerator

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Ansten Portable Refrigerator

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ICECO Portable Refrigerator 

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F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator Freezer

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Whynter FM-85G 85 Portable Fridge

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COSTWAY Car Refrigerator

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Cooluli Mini Fridge Cooler

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 Coleman Cooler

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8 Best Solar Refrigerator for your consideration


1. Whynter Camouflage Edition Refrigerator


It is a type of refrigerator that reflects your love for the outdoors. The capacity of this product allows it to hold 60 cans of 12 oz. Sodas. Furthermore, this fridge has an adjustable temperature that ranges from -8F to 50F. You can set it in a fast freezer mode to cool your foodstuffs at -8F rapidly.

This refrigerator comes with a 10 feet DC power cord and 8 feet AC power cord. It requires 65 watts of power. Whenever one source fails, it can switch from AC to DC. The fridge operates in three compressor modes settings, being the max, auto and eco-mode.

The fridge can still function when tilted at 30 degrees. It has steel housing which is tough to withstand rough handling. Even so, there are stainless steel handles for convenient transportation. The drain plug facilitates easy cleaning. Typically, this refrigerator is suitable for home use, RV and cars.

Whynter Camouflage Edition Refrigerator

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2. Ansten Portable Refrigerator

Ansten is an adequate fridge that uses 42W of energy consumption. The refrigerator operates at an adjustable temperature of -4°F (-20°C), making it both a freezer and fridge. Its capacity can hold 42 cans of 12oz sodas. Furthermore, it supports chilling without adding ice bags.

One can use this fridge both at home and car. The fridge comes with two power cables to connect 110V to 240V AC and 12/24V DC power inputs. The refrigerator can run with a minor power system. What makes this refrigerator portable is that it has a lightweight plastic materials construction. It is ideal for outdoor and small errands.

The refrigerator enjoys high sealing construction with a thick density foam insulation. Such a design keeps a better cooling performance during your journey. Still, there are convenient handles that enable more accessible transportation. This model could be an excellent choice if you are searching for a camping cooler.

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3. ICECO Portable Refrigerator 

Iceco has an ingenious design with a convenient 18.8 inches height to serve on a pick-up or truck. Furthermore, it has impact caps which provide an insulated protective cover for long-lasting use. The shockproof design makes the refrigerator withstand a harsh environment. More so, there is a sturdy and durable platinum paint shell meant for long-term use. The built-in spring steel handles for carrying convenience.

The fridge comes with two cables to connect 10V to 240V AC and 12/24V DC power for vehicles and homes. The refrigerator uses advanced technology such as R134a-CFC Free refrigerator gas to facilitate fast cooling.

This fridge has a large capacity that can hold 89 cans of 335ml capacity of soda. One can set the cooling temperature of the freezer to meet your needs. The cool thing is it has a dual design where you can choose to use one at a time or use both when your needs are high.

ICECO Portable Refrigerator 

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4. F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator Freezer

When you want to achieve fast cooling, then you can involve this product to meet your needs. It comes with a 2-in-1 design where it holds a freezer and refrigerator. The temperature ranges from -7.6℉ and 50℉, thanks to its aluminum chamber, making the temperatures drop faster. For example, it only takes fifteen minutes to move from 77℉ to 32℉.

You can use this refrigerator to store food like vegetables, drinks, cheese, and dairy. This refrigerator operates in different modes, including Eco, which is energy-saving and max for fast cooling. Such implies that this car freezer can keep your food cold just by using minimum power.

The refrigerator has a digital thermostat control plus a USB port. This USB port is for charging your phone and other electronic gadgets. This car refrigerator is suitable for camping and other outdoor activities such as fishing, road trips, boats and campsites.

F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator Freezer

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5. Whynter FM-85G 85 Portable Fridge

Whynter is a powerful freezer that has adjustable temperatures from -8F to 50F. Such is enough to keep your beer or frozen food at the optimal temperature for consumption. This product can keep a steady temperature for more than two days.

More so, this freezer comes with 10feet and Dc and 8 feet AC power cord. Whenever one fails, the other one will pick automatically. Another notable feature is that it has a low power indicator to enable one to take appropriate action. Also, it has stainless steel handles to promote easier portability. The presence of the drain plug enables easier cleaning.

Another exciting feature is that this product functions as both a refrigerator and a freezer. Furthermore, it has a rugged and powder coated housing with a long-lasting angle. The product is ideal for cooling your foodstuffs at home, RVs and cars when operating outdoors.

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6. COSTWAY Car Refrigerator


Costway is a portable car refrigerator that operates on either 100V~240V AC or 12V/24V DC power source. Such allows the user to operate it at home or within the car. One does not need to reset the temperature when changing the power source.

The refrigerator has a large capacity that could hold up to 85 cans of 330ml beer, 19 bottles of 750 wine and 60 bottles of 550 water. What more, this car can keep your foodstuff chilled without consuming much energy! It has a convenient digital screen for better operations. The adjustable temperature could range between -4°F to 50°F. It has LED lights to allow the user to use it well during dim conditions.

Besides, it has handles on both sides for more accessible transportation. More importantly, it has two separate compartments, namely the freezing area and the refrigeration area. The display panel allow one to control the temperature well.

COSTWAY Car Refrigerator

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7. Cooluli Mini Fridge Cooler

Cooluli is a powerful fridge that has a space-saving design. It has the suitable capacity to hold a few cans of soda. Besides, it can refrigerate your medication. The temperature range cools down to 40F and 140 F. the total weight for this product is four pounds.

The refrigerator can support many functions such as storing food, breast milk, insulin, beer and skincare medications. The designer used advanced technology such as using unique semiconductor operation, which could be energy efficient. The refrigerator operates at no noise hence 100% safe for your ears.

It is both AC and DC cables to allow it to operate outdoors and indoors. The USB cable is convenient for charging your electronic gadgets. The cool thing is that this unit works in a 110–120v outlet.

 Cooluli Mini Fridge Cooler

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8. Coleman Cooler

If you have average needs, then you do not need a large capacity freezer. For that reason, Coleman can still serve you with a 60-quart capacity which can hold up to 44 cans. The fridge enjoys maximum flexibility as the user can open its doors from either left or right. This thermoelectric cooler has 8 feet power cord and requires only 12 V.

The versatile cold/hot thermoelectric cooler can keep the food items at a lower temperature. Specifically, it keeps the foodstuffs 40 degrees colder than the surrounding environment. The use of plastic material makes it portable since it is always lightweight.

Finally, you can use this cooler during different outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hunting and picnic. Typically, this refrigerator can fit most of the vehicles for ultimate portability. The product has convenient handles which promote the portability aspect. The grey color is suitable for complimenting the kitchen décor. A one year warranty follows you when you purchase this product.


Coleman Cooler

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In Summary

It can be fun and relieving when you watch your monthly electricity bill go down continually. One of the significant solar milestones is taking your refrigerator off-grid. We desire to see you locate the right solar refrigerator that will serve you efficiently. Depending on your budget, it is reasonable to go for that option that meets high-quality standards. You can save your energy bill with natural supplements from solar energy!


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