Broil King vs Weber Grills Comparison – Differences & Similarities [Updated 2021]

broil king vs weber grills

Broil King Vs Weber Showdown: Weber and Broil King are among the biggest names and also among some of the oldest brands in the grill making industry. When comparing Broil King vs Weber, you need to first ask yourself, what size of grill are you looking for? Of course this depends on your intended use. Large sized grills are good for people who hold big parties, medium and smaller ones are good for backyard grilling. To make it easy for you and make sure that you get your perfect grill today, we have 3 sections in this comparison guide, where we reviewed large sized grills, medium and small sized ones.

Weber Grills Overview

Weber is arguably the most popular brand in the entire grilling industry and it’s all for the good reasons. They have been making grills since the early 1950s and their legacy in making high quality and reliable grills is evidenced throughout the years. With lots of grills designs from small ones to large ones, there is a variety to choose from.  They come in two popular series, Spirit and Genesis differentiated by the structuring, technologies and specifications.

Broil King Grills Overview

The history of Broil King dates back to the early 1900s and just like Weber, it has grown to become one of the most loved and trusted brands. Although they are not as popular as Weber, the grills they make have stood the test of time and are definitely worth having in your backyard.

Broil King  Vs Weber Comparison Summary

Is Broil King better than Weber? To find out which is the best of the two,we have reviewed over 20 grills in a period of over 3 months from both Weber and Broil King brands. We engaged and sought able assistance from top grilling experts to help us come up with the best of the best. They are both great brands, and their decades of grill-making surely speaks for themselves. But as you know, we need to compare only those that are in the same class. Below, we have listed down our best picks, based on their sizes. (Large, Medium & Small ones)

Large (Commercial Sized Grills)

When it comes to choosing between Large-size Weber Vs Broil King Grills, here are the 2 best selling ones worth checking out.

Best Rated – Weber Genesis II LX S-340

weber and the difference to broil king grillsThis is a high quality Weber grill that delivers excellent performance and even heat distribution. When comparing large sized grills for use in big family events, parties and for commercial purposes, this is one that is worth investing your money on. 3 burners, side burner and warming rack. Total cooking space is 669 Sq inches.

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Runner’s Up – Broil King Regal 490

this is a comparison guide citing differences between broil king grills and weber.Second, just to the Weber LX S-340 is Broil King Regal 490. Choose this one if you want more burners and bigger cooking area. Many backyard grilling pros have confessed their loved for the Regal 490, and we couldn’t agree more. The grill is phenomenal and surely worth every dime spent. Performance-wise, it is excellent, but the Weber above is better, hence why we picked it. 4 burners, side burner and rotisserie burner. Total cooking space is 695 Sq Inches.

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Our basis of comparison:

In our Weber vs Broil King comparison, there are a several things that we looked into. We have used Grill size as our baseline to compare different grills from Weber and Broil King.There are 3 different sections on this comparison based on sizes (Large, Medium and Small sized grills)

Section 1: Large Sized Grills Comparison

If you are looking to pick one large sized grill from either Weber or Broil King and need a breakdown on the best from the two brands then it has to be Weber Genesis II LX S-340 and Broil King Regal 490.

Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Vs Broil King Regal 490

(Big Grills, High BTU & High End Pricing)

If you are looking to compare Weber and Broil King’s large sized grills, then here is the breakdown of two large sized grills, with higher grilling space and BTUs. The Weber Genesis II LX S-340 is among the best-selling in the Weber genesis series and equally the Broil King Regal 490 is among Broil king’s most loved grill. They are big in size grills and below is how the two grills compare. If you are shopping for larger grills that have high BTUs and larger coking area, here is a comparison of the two best you can get from the two brands.

Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Vs Broil King Regal 490

Weber Genesis S-340

comprehensive differences between weber vs broil king grills.

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Broil King Regal 490

comparing broil king vs weber grillsCheck price on Amazon

Grilling Space area
The main cooking area of the Weber Genesis II LX S-340 is 513 sq inches and there is also a warming rack of 156 sq inches. The grill also features a side burner and a cabinet. Its total cooking space is 669 square inches. The Broil King Regal 490 features 500 sq inches of primary cooking area, a Rotisserie Burner and a side burner. The total cooking space is 695 Square Inches.
Sturdiness And Build
Exceptional Material And Sturdiness – Genesis have demonstrated quality construction throughout this grill which almost everything on it is made of high grade stainless steel grill. As compared to the stainless steel used in constructing Broil King, it is a  little better. Solid Durable Structure – Broil king have had a good reputation in the industry which dates back decades. The grill is also made of stainless steel that has stood the test of time and proven to be reliable in terms of durability. Although it is not as sturdy as the Weber grade, it still is solid enough and nothing to worry about.
Grilling Performance
Weber Genesis II LX S-340 carries the legacy of the brand with it and with its 3 burners it has an hourly BTU of 43,500 and side burners with 12,000 BTUs. Genesis employs their unique and high performance GS4 grilling system to ensure an even and consistent grilling experience through its 3 burners, side burner and warming rack.      The BTU per square inch of this Weber grill is 82.9 which is within the recommended range. (Total BTU/cooking area) Broil King Regal 490 has 4 burners with a BTU of 50,000 on main burners, 10,000 BTU on Side Burner and 15,000 BTU on the rear rotisserie burner. Broil king which has more BTU rating than the Weber LX S-340, is well distributed on the 4 burners, side burner and rotisserie burner. The downside here is that it doesn’t have a warming rack like the Weber does. The BTU per square inch of the Regal grill is 107.9 which is a little bit out of the recommended range. (Total BTU/cooking area)
Heat Control
This Weber Grill has an amazing temperature control system. Monitoring the temperature can be done using Bluetooth while the unique High+ feature allows for instant heat boost anywhere on the grates. The precision that the Broil King Regal grill offers is excellent. Although there aren’t many adjustments and sophistication like with the case of Weber, it is still excellent and dependable.
Special Features & Technology
Infinity Ignition – This feature allows for seamless ignition and starting the burner with just the turn of a knob.  

iGrill 3 Ready- Allows for total control and monitoring through Bluetooth technology so that you can check and monitor temperature from stat to finish. You can keep track of the temperature and fuel tank level from your phone.

Tuck-Away warming rack– This compartment allows the food to stay warm while you cook and prepare the rest. It can also be conveniently folded down when it is not in use.

Flav-R-Wave – It is a unique cooking system that allows instant vaporization of drippings to infuse the flavor back into the food.      Linear-Flow burner valves – The valve has 180º Sensi-Touch control knobs which gives users total control of temperature settings. Whether you are searing, roasting or slow cooking, this is a feature you will love. Slide-Out tank holder – changing the gas tank couldn’t be easier with this standard regal convenient pull out drawer.
Customer Ratings
This Weber grill boast a very high customer rating from the many online stores that we combed through. It has a rating of 4.4 stars out of a maximum of 5. It has also sold more grill units as compared to Broil King Regal 490. Users applaud this grill mostly for its high performance, ease of use, convenient controls and even heat distribution. From almost a dozen online retail stores we analyzed, Broil King had a decent rating that garnered a 4.2 star rating out of a maximum of 5.      Among the things that most users love in this Broil King grill includes the high performance, large grilling area, falvorizing and ability to produce high heat when needed.


To wrap it up on large grills, the Weber Genesis II LX S-340 is the better grill if you are looking for superior quality, performance and even heat distribution. It is also cheaper as compared to the Broil King Regal. However, if you don’t mind spending the few hundred bucks on top, Broil King’s Regal 490 offers you larger grilling space area and better flavorizing on some foods. Check Out the Latest Pricing Below

More Large Grills Worth Checking Out:

Here are some other large grills that you may want to check out from Weber and Broil King >Weber Genesis II LX E-340

>Broil King Regal S590 Pro

>Broil King Imperial XLS >Weber Summit S-470

Section 2: Medium Sized Grills Comparison

Weber Genesis E-310 vs Broil King Baron 440

Are you in need of a medium size grill and trying to decide on the right one to pick between Broil King Vs Weber Grills? After a lot of testing and research, where we have engaged grilling experts in the industry, our Broil King vs Genesis medium grills ended up with two. Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis E-310. They are both under $700.


Weber Genesis E-310

complete comparison of weber vs broil king grills with differences and similarities.

Broil King Baron 440

Broil King 922167 Baron 440 Natural Gas Grill

Grilling Space area
The Weber Spirit E-310 comes with 3 burners which have a total of 529 Square inches of cooking space. It also has porcelain cooking grates and has the capacity to easily prepare food for 5 to 7 people. Weber Spirit E-310 is considerably smaller than Broil King’s cooking surface area.
The Broil King Baron 440 comes with 4 dual tube burners that are very powerful and produce a lot of heat. The total cooking surface area is 644-sq which includes 444 sq. inches of primary cooking space. As compared to its competitor, the Weber E-310, this one wins in cooking area.
Sturdiness And Build
True to its tradition, the Weber Spirit E310 is constructed to last a lifetime. The grill and its parts is made using a Enameled porcelain, stainless steel while the cooking grates are of cast iron which makes it durable. From the knobs to the grates, this is a construction that won’t let you down. This 4 burner grill is made out of heavy-duty cast-iron and stainless steel which by industry standards is excellent and super-sturdy. The dual tubes and pretty much every part of the grill is made from stainless steel. Overall, its sturdiness and construction is up to standard and nothing to worry about.
Grilling Performance
The performance of the Weber Spirit E310 is impressive in every way imaginable. the 3 burners it has 30,000 BTU. As compared to the Broil King, it is way better and the reviews analyzed from over a dozen of online retailers says it all. It has sold more units than the Broil King regal on the right, and its mostly because of the performance and efficiency it brings. It goes without mentioning the unique design of the grates where one side is thinner than the other. This makes it perfect for grilling delicate foods like shrimp and fish whereas the other side is good for normal bbq grilling and enhancing the flavor. The BTU per square inch of this Weber Spirit E310 grill is 56.8 which is great. (Total BTU/cooking area)   Broil King Baron 440 is a grill to be reckoned when it comes to performance. It owes its high performance to the high 40,000 BTU which is evenly distributed. This grill is definitely built to deliver on performance and offer users unparalleled cooking versatility. It has a unique system dubbed Performance Grilling Technology (PGT) which promotes flexibility and usability of the grill which gives users ability to grill almost anything effectively. The BTU per square inch of the Broil King Baron 440 grill is 62.1 which is slightly higher than the Weber E310. (Total BTU/cooking area)
Heat Control
Heating up is fast with this grill and the distribution is also amazing. There hasn’t been any noticeable issues with heat inefficiency or imbalance. Controlling the temperatures is also easy and they can really go high when needed. The temperature can go as high as 700 degrees fast. Broil King has been improving on temperature controls and experts will tell you that with this grill, they have done their job. You should expect up to 650-700 degrees on the higher end. Just minimize opening the lid as it can drastically lower the temps.
Special Features & Technology
Infinity Ignition -This is a feature that gives users an easy way to light up the grill. Flavorizer Bars – A nice and functional feature to ensure that that you not only get all the juicy flavors back but also enjoy moist barbecue. Advanced Grease Management – To avoid chances of flare-ups, this feature ensures that grease and excessive drippings are well taken care of. Folding Side Table – Allows users to save on space by conveniently folding the side of the grill. Flav-R-Wave – This feature ensures that every dripping juice from your barbecue is vaporized back to the food. Dual-Tube Burners – Unique to the Broil King grills, this patented technology ensures that there is superior heat distribution, something that this grill has been lauded for. Level Q casters – This ensures better stability when you are working on uneven surfaces. Sensi-Touch Control – Although not unique to Broil King, this idea which seems to be borrowed from Weber is a great addition that allows users to easily and conveniently control the temperature.

Weber Genesis E-310 vs Broil King Baron 440 – Conclusion

Weber Spirit E310 tends to be more popular as compared to the Broil King Baron 440. The Weber Spirit E310 has sold more units and has a better user rating which means it is better overall. They are close in terms of BTU per square inch, regardless of Broil King Baron 440 having more burners. From the price point, the Broil King Baron 440 is pricier, but it is to be understood that it has a larger cooking area and more burners. If you need more burners and cooking area, then getting the 4 burner Baron 440 would be good. However, from the value perspective, you would be better off with the Weber Spirit E310. We’d recommend the cheaper Weber Spirit E310 as the best of the two. PS: Should you fall in love and decide to buy the Broil King Baron 440, do yourself the favor of having it assembled.


Section 3: Smaller Size Grills, Smaller BTUs & Cheaper Options

There were hardly any two comparisons that could go head to head in the case of Broil King Vs Weber from both since Broil King discontinued their production of their only 2 burner Broil King Mate 2 (It wasn’t that good anyways). This leaves us with Weber as the prime grill maker under this category, but we have also included other smaller sized grills to consider.

Weber Spirit II E-210 (No-contest Pick)

weber small sized grill Anyone looking for a small sized grill (2 burners) that is cheap, reliable and up to task should definitely consider getting this one. It is a 26, 500 BTU-per-hour input grill and is equipped with some of the latest high tech features by Weber. The Gs4 grilling system that offers improved ignition system, 2 high performance burners, porcelain-enameled Flavorizer Bars, grease Management system and everything else that you will find in a modern Weber grill. It has a total of 450 square inches of cooking area where 360 sq inches is the primary and the warming rack takes the remaining 90 sq. inches. The quality and performance is great and you surely will get value for your money.

Check Weber E-210 Best Price

Other Small Sized grills To Consider

>Broil King Single Burner

>Weber 50060001

>Char-Broil Performance 300

BTUs – BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a term used in measure of energy used in grills. It translates to the fuel consumption of a grill. Higher BTUs doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting a better grill. When choosing the perfect grill, it is always recommended to pick one that has between 80 – 100 BTUs per square inch as this a good energy efficiency range. However grills that use TRU-Infrared need less and a range of 60 to 80 BTUs per square inch is perfect.

Broil King Vs Weber – Final Verdict

Both Weber and Broil King are great brands doing an amazing job in grill making. Their grills have changed lives over the decades, and every expert out there will agree on that. however, there is always one that is better than the other and we have tried our level best to lay it plainly in this guide. Hopefully, our Broil King vs Weber grill comparison guide will help you make a more informed decision when buying your next grill. [no_toc]

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