Brother 1034D vs 1034DX Comparison – Similarities & Differences

Brother 1034D vs 1034DX

Brother 1034D vs 1034DX smack-down: When it comes to purchasing a user-friendly and more professional sewing serger, the market readily available Brother models are the obvious choices. A serger is a sewing machine that is used for fabric overcasting to prevent them from fraying or disentangling at the ends.  Brother sergers are among the top-rated and bestseller models in the sewing industry today.

If you are trying to purchase one of these machines you will agree with me that it is never a simple task to make a choice provided a variety of options. This is even harder, especially when they are the products of the same company. In this case, we believe that you’ve forgone the rest down to Brother 1034D vs 1034DX comparison. The two models are the most popular Brother sergers. Brother 1034D came into the market earlier than its rival which was release after sometimes with more superior functionalities than the predecessor. Looking at the two doesn’t guarantee you an obvious difference between them. That’s where the problem comes in.

We have prepared this Brother 1034D vs 1034DX to help you get a finer knowledge about the two models and consequently give you the best and honest advice on which one to go for. Scrutinize their features, look at their similarities and differences together with other important details. You will be ready to pick a better one for your projects.

Brother 1034D vs 1034DX Table

Brother 1034D Overview

Brother 1034D is a user-friendly serging machine that fits every user from the beginners to the experts. It comes with amazing features that simplify the serging tasks while giving the best results. Its 3/4 thread systems avail you with all you need to bring perfection to your serging projects. Perfect stitches can be achieved using this machine since it comes with adjustable stitch width that goes to a maximum of 7mm. you can deliver your project within a very short time with the machine’s fast stitch speed that hits a maximum of 1,300 stitches per minute. It has color codes printed on the machine to conveniently save you from threading troubles. It has a free arm capability for sewing most hard-to-reach parts like sleeves, collars, hems, and more. The retractable knife trap is useful for effortless cutting of fabrics.

Brother 1034D Key Features

Speed and Speed Controls

The Brother 1034D can sew up to 1300 stitches per minute when working at its maximum speed. This is an impressive thing especially when you need to deliver your project on time. Be it for beginners, intermediate, or experts this machine helps deliver professional results for your small or big projects on time. The good news is that the speed can be adjusted to a comfortable pace as you may want and also depending on the type of fabric being handled.

3 or 4 Thread Capabilities

This model works with three or four threads that increase the machine’s flexibility. For overlock stitches on blouses, shirts, or suits you can comfortably use 1 needle with 3 threads or otherwise use 4 threads with 2 needles for strong overlock seams   especially in woven. Switching between the two is not a big problem as you can seamlessly switch from the 4 to 3 thread systems.

Differential fabric feed

This feature allows you to achieve consistent results throughout your sewing project. The differential fabric feed allows the feeding of various fabrics, especially when dealing with different projects. This model has a differential fabric feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0.

Retractable Knife Blade

The cutting blade is important for making a smooth cut over the fabrics in an easy way. This blade can be removed to allow the fabric slide easily and smoothly without getting cut or being interfered with while working on your project

Thread Tension Control

The quality of your project’s results will be determined by the tightness of the stitches. This machine, however, comes with a control for adjusting the tension of the needle to ensure that each stitch is fastened enough. Identifying stitch problems and stitch stray is quite easier

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Free Arm

The free arm feature is accessed by just sliding the removable top section. This allows you to easily serge tubular items like sleeves, hems, collar cuffs, and more.

Adjustable Stitch Width

The maximum stitch width for this model ranges between 5 to 7m. Adjusting the stitch gives your creation a dazzling look as per your requirement. Lightweight and heavyweight fabrics cannot be serged with the same stitch width

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Brother 1034DX Overview

Brother 1034DX is one of the most reliable serger known for its high performance and its ability to deliver professional results in any sewing project even for those starting to learn on new patterns. It is portable with 16.4lbs and comes with features that are amazing that are tailored for the ultimate professional finish. The model has 24 built-in easy to select stitches and a differential feed ratio of 0.7 to 2mm that allows you to create gathers without causing any wrinkle on your outfit. It also comes with 3 feet suitable for any project you might want to handle. These feet include the blind hem, standard, and the gathering foot. Incorporated with this powerful machine is a convenient stitch width control that allows you to vary the stitch width between 5 and 7mm

Brother 1034DX is a true workhorse with a speed of 1300 stitches per minute. You will however need to vary this speed depending on the type of fabric being handled. Sometimes you might need to lower or raise it for more impressive results. Its 3/4 color-coded thread function allows for its increased flexibility. You can choose from them to create overlock seams for overlock stitching projects. Beautiful about these features is the fact that to switch between them you don’t need to thread the whole machine all over again. It also has a removable trim trap that helps in trimming the threads at the end of every stitch.

This model is backed with a 25-year limited warranty. This covers all the parts of the sewing machine and other hardware support. Customer support is also offered by the Brother for this model by well-informed professionals.

Brother 1034DX Key Features

Speed and Speed Controls

Enjoying stitching with this machine’s whooping speed.  At its fastest speed, it can sew up to a maximum of 1,300 stitches per minute. You can finish your projects, wedding dresses or skirts, within a very short time. It is a motivation for beginners as well as intermediate sewists since they can also complete their professional overcasting within less than a week. The speed controls will allow you to adjust the speed and stitch comfortably at your own pace. It will also depend on the fabric you are handling. Some require high speed while others do not.

Differential feed ratio

This feature is important as it allows continuous feeding of fabrics while maintaining consistency in results. It leaves the creations without any puckers or shrinks. It is very essential when dealing with different sewing projects involving different sized fabrics. The lower feed is used for the lightweight fabrics and the higher one for the heavyweight fabrics.

Thread Tension control

The thread tension should be sufficiently adjusted for fastened stitches. Quality of your work is seen in how you have laid your stitches tight and without any loose parts.

LED Lighting

If you are working at night or in the dark areas you won’t need to worry about lighting. This machine comes with a reliable LED that produces enough light to allow you to work without stress.

Stitch Width Control

Stitch width plays an important role when it comes to creating serged seam finishes. You cannot use the same width for the lightweight and heavyweight fabric. Therefore this model has a dial knob that allows you to adjust the width suitably for the fabric being sewn. The width can be changed ranging from 5.00mm to 7.00mm according to the need.

Three Versatile Feet

Brother 1034DX comes with 3 versatile feet that are useful for any project you might want to work on. These include the blind hem foot, standard foot, and gathering foot. The blind hem foot is used for stitching blind hems, edge stitching, and joining, attaching laces or fabric and embellishment as well as utility stitching. The standard foot is used for general purposes, seaming and rolling hems plus trimming of edges. The third, gathering foot is important for gathering, the connection of fabrics, and edge-stitching.

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Removable Trim Trap

An easy to use serger machine has a built-in knife that cuts the fabrics. The cut fabrics can be used or collected for disposal. Brother 1034DX comes with a removable trim trap that is responsible for collecting them as the knife cuts through the project’s fabrics. This trap is detachable and can be used by most people to store foot control especially when not in use. These are two goals achieved only with a single feature.

Ease of Use and Tutorials

Working with the serger can be a challenging task even for professional experts. However, that shouldn’t worry you anymore if you are purchasing Brother1034DX. It eliminates the most serging problem by including detailed and easy to understand instructional videos that will help you learn faster. There is also a printed version of the instructional manual in case you are not digitally enlightened.

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Brother 1034D vs 1034DX  – Similarities and Differences

At first sight, the two machines look like twins but if you are familiar with any of the two models identifying the differences won’t be a problem for you. They both have an extensive range of common features. Considering the quality and ease of use either machine is a perfect choice.  They both have coded threading and a 3/4 thread function that can be easily switched and uses a standard two-needle mechanism

The two brothers have a differential feed ratio of 0.7 to 2mm which enables you to create gathers for your project without leaving any wrinkle on the resultant outfit.

The main functionality and features of the two models remain almost all the same. Both models include color-coded threading, differential feed, and 22 assorted stitch functions. The speed is also a tie for both machines. They operate at a maximum speed of 1,300 stitches per minute

Even though they share a lot of similarities, they differ with a small gap resulting from the placement of control dials and the differential feed. The Brother 1034D has them on the left-hand side while 1034DX has them on the right. Since we are all human beings we can adapt to situations with a lot of ease. We won’t, therefore, say that there are any of the models that score from this difference.

Another worth noting difference is with the lighting. Brother 1034DX has an LED that lights up the work area allowing you to continue with your work even if you are working in a dark room. Brother 1034D, on the other hand, uses a bulb.

Brother 1034D vs 1034DX – Final Verdict

When it comes to picking the better one, you need to keep in mind the consideration on which one is easier to operate and best suit your personal preferences as far as comfort is concerned. When you look at the quality, performance, and ease of use, either of the two is perfect choices, especially for beginners.

The location of controls for the two machines will form a strong primary basis of consideration. The left and right placements make one ergonomic for your work depending on which is your active hand, are you left or right-handed? Left-handers will prefer Bother 1034D as thee right-handers go for Brother 1034DX.

The price gap between the two is also worth looking into. If you are strongly for the right-hand control placement, you will pay extra for your choice and you would meet some other improved features otherwise, 1034D would save you some coins. What we are trying to say is that, if the control placement is not a problem then you can buy 1034D at a reduced cost. We believe that with the information provided, our Brother 1034D vs 1034DX comparison guide has cleared your clouded path to make the right choice.  It is now up to you to pick one of them according to your preference.

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