Brother CS6000I vs CS7000I Comparison – Similarities & Differences

Brother CS6000I vs CS7000I Comparison

If you are planning to buy a sewing machine then you must be in a thorough search for the most ideal one for your project. You are therefore here trying to find out which one is better between the two Brother’s models, Brother CS6000I and CS7000I. Hard for you is the fact that you won’t see an obvious difference between the two models until you take a closer look. This is because one of the models is an upgrade for the other one. Talking of upgrade, CS7000I is an improvement of the CS6000I. You will, therefore, find some additional features in the upgrade. Despite those differences, it is still not obvious picking one of the two since their performance is quite the same. Brother CS6000I vs CS7000I comparison guide is here to guide you through. In this guide, we will closely look at the features including other important details while citing the similarities and differences between the two.

Brother CS6000I vs CS7000I Comparison Table


Brother CS6000I Overview

Brother CS6000I is embroidery is designed ultimately to suit both beginners, hobbyists, and professional sewers, and embroidering enthusiasts as well. It is a computerized feature-rich model that is known for its high-quality results and nearly flawless performance. It is highly portable with its lightweight design and is mostly user-friendly. It comes with a pool of 60 easy to choose built-in stitches that allows you to create some high-class products. Together with the stitches are 7 one-step buttonholes that allow you to create buttonholes with just a single step. This is an awesome feature for beginners.  Available also is a large LCD touch screen that helps you select and preview stitches with ultimate composure. You can also edit your selection to meet your requirements on the same screen.

Working with this machine is nothing more than amazing. The extra-wide table allows you to handle even bigger projects with ease. This table is brightly illuminated by an LED making sure that you don’t worry about getting an extra light source. Loading the bobbin is also simplified with the top-drop in the system. Threading is also rendered effortless with an automatic needle threading system. More features are expounded in the next section.

Brother CS6000I Key Features

60 Built-in Stitches and 7 One-step buttonholes

Brother CS6000I comes with a total of 60 built-in stitches that are easy to select from. These give you the ability to create a good number of elegant products. Sewing buttonholes is a task made easy as this model comes with 7 one-step buttonholes selectable built-in stitches and 7one-step buttonhole. Stitching a buttonhole requires you to only place the button on the buttonhole and drop the feed that automatically stitches perfect sized buttonholes for that specific button.

LCD screen

It also has a touch screen LCD that allows you to select, preview, and to edit in case of an error. With this screen, therefore, there will be minimum or no errors encountered in your creations with this machine. The touch panel is easy to use because with just a touch of a finger you can select, preview, and edit your stitches. It is also a platform where you can check the presser foot adjustments that are recommended for any particular fabric.

Automatic Needle-Threading system

It is always advisable to check on the threading method applicable to a new machine before purchasing it. It is easier threading with this model as comes with an automatic threading system. With just a single turn of a lever, you are ready to start sewing. You are sure not to suffer from eye strain and stress due to manual threading.

An adjustable speed control system

 While you are the one to dictate the stitching speed. Depending on the fabric texture you can adjust the speed to achieve the best results out of it. Different materials require different speeds, some can be sewn perfectly at the lowest speed while others require maximum speed.

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Extra-wide table

Larger sewing and quilting projects will require a wider table for a combination of parts without significant challenges. With this model, you can handle even the largest quilts on an extra-wide table that comes with it.

LED lighting

The machine’s work area is brightly lit by a reliable LED. The LED ensures that despite the lighting problems in the workroom you cannot suspend your project. Unlike in other old models, the LED lighting has transformed the sewing industry into an amazing and field of fun.

 Free Arm

Sewing most outfits involve stitching through some hollow and other hard to reach parts. This is a real challenge to the sewers. However, the Free Arm feature for this machine can be accessed by sliding the detachable top storage section. The free arm allows you to easily sew through such parts, for instance, the pant hems, shirt sleeves, cuffs, and other parts.


This model goes up to a peak speed of 850 stitches per minute. This speed will enable you to work on your project and deliver the results o time. This speed however can be adjusted depending on the fabric being handle at any given moment. This ensures safety and quality results.

 Reverse/Start/Stop One-touch operation

Brother CS6000I is considered an easy to use machine. Starting it will only require you to turn the on/off lever. Reinforcing stitches at the start and the end of every stitch is made possible with a reverse stitch lever. This lever allows you to stitch in reverse and is very easy to operate.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

To achieve diverse looks, you should vary the stitch length and width. This model has an adjustable stitch length and width. The stitch length can be adjusted to a maximum of 7mm as the width goes up to 4mm. The two are adjusted using a simple manual control.

Jam-resistance Technology

It is one of the unpleasant encounters to find your machine jammed and not operational. This model, however, is capable of avoiding this with its advanced technology that resists jam. Using it, therefore, is amazing as you wouldn’t need to continuously fix your jammed machine. This increases the machine’s efficiency, convenience, and reliability.

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Brother CS7000I Overview

For anyone in a quest for the best embroidery machine, the Brother has been engineered to meet your needs. This is a feature-rich machine that takes your embroidery to the next level. Its extensive 5 by 7 embroidery field permits the flexibility for larger design stitches ideal for bags, jackets, and other home decors. The large space allows it to rotate and combine designs, frames, lettering, and borders.

This model has a USB port that can be used to import more embroidery designs for an increased range of custom design choices. Additionally, it has a built-in memory that allows you to save your designs for use later. This is important when embroidering many garments to look the same.

You will always benefit from the design selection pool. This machine comes with a total of 136 embroidery designs to choose from including elegant scrollwork, florals, and patterns for quilting.  Built into this model are 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles.

The features present in this machine makes it most appropriate for home decorations. It makes it an ideal business for those wishing to start a home-based embroidery

Brother CS7000I Key Features

Built-in Stitches

Having in mind the use of your sewing machine it is always prudent and more so necessary to know the number of built-in stitches built within it. This model comes with a total of 70 built-in stitches that can be easily selected to create a variety of outfits.

Automatic Needle Threader

It is always a worrying task manually threading the needle. At most times, beginner sewists would find it worst. However, this machine comes with an automatic that doe the threading seamlessly with just a touch of a lever.

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LCD Touch Screen

This screen helps you to easily select the stitches, preview, and edit them to fine-tune your sewing result as expected. You rarely mess up with this machine due to the editing capability that gives you a chance to edit them before you embark on serious sewing.


Stitching speed is one of the crucial considerations for any sewing machine in the market. The faster the machine the more reliable it is. Brother CS7000I has a roofing speed of 850 stitches per second. This speed is above average.  It is therefore suitable for most projects as it can deliver your sewing results within a reasonable time.

Free Arm

The free arm feature allows you to stitch most of the difficult-to-reach parts. These include the pant hems, collars, cuffs, and other tubular or cylindrical parts of creation. To access the free arm you just slide the to storage section to detach it from the main machine’s body

LED Lighting

The area around the need is brightly illuminated by a built-in LED lighting. This ensures that you keep working without the stress of a dim-lit room.

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Brother CS6000I vs CS7000I – Similarities and Differences

Although the second one is regarded as the upgrade for the first, it is apparent that Brother didn’t introduce much difference between them. Brother CS6000I and CS7000I have a lot in common.

The two models are indifferent when it comes to speed. Both machines work at an amazing maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute. This is a fast speed sufficient to bring your creative ideas to life within a reasonably short time

It is easy using these machines with automatic needle threader that saves you from stress and eye strain if you had to do the threading manually. A top drop-in bobbin with a transparent cover is available for these machines and enables you to easily load the bobbin while monitoring the thread usage.

The built-in free arm allows you to sew most hard to reach parts like collar cuffs, pant hems. To access the free arm you need to sled the storage section on top to detach it from the machine.

The two models, despite a vast similarity coverage, have got some slight varying features. Looking at the number of built-in stitches, you will realize that the CS7000I is ahead of its rival by 10 stitches. It makes it possible in the creation of more beautiful designs than you would with CS6000I.

Another difference between these two workhorses is the graphics and the color. Brother CS7000I has a light sky blue and white color responsible for its premium look. The CS6000I, however, has a Dark Blue and white body. Besides that, the two vary when it comes to graphics. Brother CS6000I has its front clean without any graphics. The newer version on the other hand has attractive beautiful graphics.

The differences above however don’t bring about a significant variation in performance and quality for both machines. The extra 10 stitches in CS7000I might not even be utilized. Graphics and color difference is insignificant in this case as far as the functionality of the machine is concerned.

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Final verdict

While the differences between the two machines remain very little, the choice between them will entirely rely on your project’s requirements and your personal preferences. If you are interested in the built-in stitches then you will go for the CS7000I else CS6000I will still serve your purpose as it comes with all the necessary stitches.

Viewing from a different angle, you might ask yourself why you should buy an older version instead of the available newer version. The newer version has an additional 10 decorative stitches to fine-craft your creations. Our advice is to go with Brother CS7000I because you can utilize the extra stitches as well as get a variety of beautiful color and graphics designs.

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