Brother CS6000I vs SINGER 7258 Comparison – Which Is The Best?

Brother CS6000I vs SINGER 7258

Are you going through a rough time searching for the best sewing machine for your project? If your search has taken you down to comparing Brother CS6000I and Singer 7258, then you need not worry further. We have prepared this Brother CS6000I vs Singer 7258 comparison guide for you. Comparing the two models is quite taxing though they are from different manufacturers. Brother and Singer are known legendary manufacturers of the most outstanding sewing and embroidery machines. Their machines are the frontline superiors for quality stitches and commendable performance. The most important features for these two models are very similar but then which one is better between the two? This guide will provide you with detailed feature discussion for each together with other necessary details you need to know to make an informed decision.

Brother CS6000I vs SINGER 7258 Comparison Table

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Brother CS6000I Overview

cs6000i sewing machine

Brother CS6000I is embroidery is designed ultimately to suit both beginners, hobbyists, and professional sewers, and embroidering enthusiasts as well. This machine comes with amazingly easy-to-use features that have made it outshine most other models in the sewing industry. It is highly versatile as it can be used for both sewing and quilting projects. Brother CS6000I comes with a total of 60 built-in stitches that are easy to select. Together with these are 7 one-step buttonhole that makes the stitching of buttonholes an easy-going task.

Brother CS6000I is considered to be perfect for the beginner as well as intermediate sewers because of its easy-to-use features. It has an automatic needle threader that simplifies threading procedures by doing it automatically with just a single lever touch. A top drop-in bobbin system also allows you to load the bobbin with ultimate ease from the top. It has a large LCD screen that makes the selection, previewing, and editing of stitches possible over the touch panel.

Brother CS6000I Key Features

Built-in Stitches

Enjoy stitching with a total of 60 easy-to-select stitches for this model. This is quite a good number of stitches that can be used to sew equally a large number of beautiful creative designs. Included are 7 one-step buttonholes for automatic buttonholes stitching.

Extra-Wide Table

Brother CS6000I comes with a sufficiently large table for both small sewing projects to even bigger quilting projects. This large table makes it easy for you to combine parts of your creation before you can sew them together.

Automatic Needle Threader

With just a touch on the lever, this machine has an automatic needle threader that will pass the thread through the eye of the machine’s needle. Threading the machine manually is stressful and causes eye strain which can be fatal in the long run. This feature is very important for beginner sewers.

Jam resistant Top Drop-in Bobbin

Brother CS6000I has a top drop-in bobbin system that allows you to load the bobbin from the top. The experience comes with a lot of tranquillity. You won’t go through the stress of running out of the thread in the middle of your project as you can monitor the thread usage from the top clear cover.


For faster delivery of projects, your machine should be operating at a reasonably high speed. The speed for this model stitches a total of 850 stitches per minute. This speed can be adjusted comfortably for safety, especially for beginners.

LCD Touch screen

Using this machine is always thrilling. Selecting the stitches for your project can be done over a large clear touch screen. The selected stitches can also be viewed and edited where necessary. This, therefore, ensures that the results achieved in your sewing are as expected.

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LED Lighting

The work area is brightly illuminated with a reliable LED light. This gives you ample time to deal with your project regardless of how dim or bright the workroom is lit

Built-in Free Arm

This model has a removable top storage section that allows you to access the free arm. This feature is important as it allows you to sew through parts like collars, sleeves, pant hems, and other hardtop-reach parts.


Warranty is an important consideration looked into before purchasing any machine out there.  Most users are inclined to a longer warranty period. This machine is, therefore, packaged with a limited warranty covering 25 years.

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SINGER 7258 Overview

singer 7258 sewing machine

For anyone in a quest for the best embroidery machine, the Brother has been designed to meet your needs. It is a feature-rich machine that takes your embroidery to the next level. Its broad 5 by 7embroidery field permits the flexibility for larger design stitches ideal for bags, jackets, and other home decors. The large space allows it to rotate and combine designs, frames, lettering, and borders.

This model has a USB port that can be used to import more embroidery designs for an increased range of custom design choices. Additionally, it has a built-in memory that allows you to save your designs for use later. This is important when embroidering many garments to look the same.

You will always benefit from the design selection pool. This machine comes with a total of 136 embroidery designs to choose from including elegant scrollwork, florals, and patterns for quilting.  Built into this model are 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles.

The features present in this machine makes it most appropriate for home decorations. It makes it an ideal business for those wishing to start a home-based embroidery

Brother SINGER 7258 Key Features

LCD touch screen

The Singer 7258 has an LCD touch screen that allows you to select the stitches. You will need to preview your selections and also make necessary changes to ensure that the final sewing results tally with the speculated.

Built-in Stitches

Singer 7258 has a total of 100 built-in stitches. Out of these 76 of them are decorative stitches plus 7 automatic buttonholes and other stretch and basic ones. The 100 stitches are quite a good number for the production of a wide variety of unique creations. You can be able to deliver the best garments with unsurpassed decoration.

Automatic Needle Threader

Most beginners find the process of threading their machine’s needle a very difficult part of any sewing project. This machine, however, comes with an automatic threading system that does the threading most easily. All you need is to touch the lever found on the sides and it will move the thread automatically through the needle’s eye.


The maximum sewing speed for this model peaks at 750 stitches per minute. This is a good speed for faster delivery of projects. It won’t be a problem for beginners using this machine since the speed can be regulated hence ensuring their safety while working with this machine.

Free Arm

The detachable top storage section allows you to access the free arm for this machine. These features enable you to sew most difficult to sew parts like cuffs, collars, and pant hems.

Easy to Load Top Drop-in Bobbin system

Loading the bobbin for this model just like the CS6000I is smooth with the top drop-in bobbin loading system. This machine has a transparent top cover that allows you to monitor the tread usage and make sure you replace the bobbin before you are out of the thread.

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Automatic Tension, Stitch Length and Width Adjustments

You will be able to produce quite a good number of varied creations with the machine’s ability to adjust its stitch length and width automatically. It also ensures the thread tension for fastened and tighter stitches.


Singer offers you an extensive limited warranty of 25 years when you purchase Singer 7258.  It is a generous offer that guarantees you maximum utilization of your machine without fear of malfunction knowing that your machine’s got covered.

Brother CS6000I Vs SINGER 7258 – Similarities and Differences

The two models have a lot of similarities between themselves. Some notable similarities are as discussed below.

First, the two machines are computerized models that make them more sophisticated and convenient when it comes to sewing. They have an LCD touch screen that serves as a monitor where you can peruse and select your stitches by just one touch. It is through the same screen where you can preview the selected stitches to ascertain that they are the desired ones. If not, you can still edit them right there.

The two machines offer great convenience with easy to use features. They have an automatic needle threader that makes threading unbelievably easy. The Quick-set bobbin allows you to start stitching faster and thus saving you a lot of time. The free arm feature is also present in the two machines and allows you to stitch through some hard to reach parts like pant hem, collar cuffs, and other tubular parts. The two models, additionally, utilizes a simple to load top drop-in bobbin system. A warranty of 25 years is offered by the two companies each for its product. This is a reasonable period that is undeniable.

While both sewing machines embraces an extensive similarity, there are some significant and worth noting differences that will act as the base for your final decision. The two machines are portable with their lightweight nature but CS6000I is more versatile with 13 pounds than the 7258 which weighs 19 pounds

The Singer model brags of a total of 100 built-in stitches as its opponent has only 60 of such stitches. This difference, however, doesn’t bring much difference in their performance as you might not even require to use all the stitches. The stitch width for the brother model is 7mm while the Singer is 6mm. This means that with the Brother model you can be able to produce more designs than with the Singer.

The Brother CS6000I has more points considering that it has a maximum of 850 stitches per second while its rival is slower by 100 stitches per minute.

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Final verdict

Making a final choice is a combination of both easy and hard tasks here. It is easy because regardless of the machine you get, you won’t miss the capabilities of a lightweight computerized machine with several amazing features. They both are excellent machines when it comes to everyday sewing. Acquiring either of these will not cause you any disappointment whatsoever.

However, making your choice here will depend on some questions specific to your needs. If you need a quilting machine, then you should silently pick Brother CS6000I and save on some few bucks at the same time. On the other side Singer 7258 will fit you if you are after a machine with extensive decorative capabilities.

To this far, we hope that our Brother CS6000I vs SINGER 7258 guide has given you the understanding of the two machines to help you handpick the most suitable machine for your next project.

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