Brother PE800 Review – Should You Buy The Sewing Machine?

Brother PE800 embroidery design

Amazing design made using Brother PE800 machine. The machine can achieve multiple designs including custom ones that can be uploaded to the machine.

Brother PE800 review The Brother industrial embroidery is a high-quality brand and it is known to produce some of the highest quality machine. It is one of the most popular brands of embroidery machines available in the market and it is one of the oldest brands in the industry. It is a reputed name in the field and has a good reputation. Here are some of the facts you might like to know about this embroidery machine.

One of the best-selling models in their wide range of electric sewing machines is the Brother PE800. It has some of the best of features, being able to work on different fabrics easily and with ease. In this article, we will look deep into the Brother PE800 review, and try to figure out why this machine is so popular and loved by thousands of people.

Brother PE800 At A Glance

As far as technology is concerned, a lot of companies have started using automated computerized machines to do embroidery work. This is because it makes it easy for the operators to adjust the level of automation and get the job done faster and more efficiently. This is why Brother, one of the top brands in the world, has entered into the field with a very innovative product like the Brother PE800 embroidery machine. What is more, the Brother PE800 is very light and also very simple to use.

When you operate the Brother PE800 embroidery machine, all that you require is a standard thread – such as mono-filament, satin or any other fine-quality thread. Then, you just set the stage for the machine to do its magic. First, you could always go to your home workshop and get the work area ready, making sure that you have enough space to move around and place the machine where you want it.

Then, when you are ready to start sewing, all that you need to do is to put the fabric where the machine will be and feed the thread through the hopper on the machine. As soon as the thread gets through the hopper, it will be automatically pulled through the machine, precisely cutting the thread as it goes. This is why the Brother PE800 is so useful for beginners with little experience as well as experienced sewer owners who need to do a lot of threads. You just have to set the stage for the machine to work and once the stage is set and prepared, you can stop feeding the fabric through the hopper and let the machine do most of the technical work.

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Brother PE800 Features Overview

Brother PE800 high tech features 

The embroidery machine has been designed to have many features, and the features include its large capacity to accommodate a large number of stitches in a short period of time; it is also capable of increasing and decreasing the size of the stitches. This is very helpful especially when you are working on multiple designs at a time. Also, the embroidery frame has been made with safety measures in mind. The frame is made from durable material and is supported by a spring system. This is another important feature that helps in ensuring that the machine does not break easily.

In addition, there are some additional functions that the embroidery machine comes with like the double stitch function which can work on a grand slam and other patterns. This function can be done easily and can save precious time that you would have used if you had gone back to start stitching from the scratch again. There is also an auto-complete function that is used to increase the grand slam count. The embroidery thread feed also helps in easy threading, and the machine can handle threading of threads up to 4-stencils.

This is one machine that can sew onto almost anything, including denim, silk and cotton. One of the main reasons why people choose Brother as their brand of choice is because the machines are known for their quality. The embroidery machine is one of the oldest machines manufactured by Brother, and it is still going strong. The embroidery review that I conducted on the Brother PE800 machine states that it is still going strong and doing well.

If you want to get a machine that can sew all types of fabrics, then this might just be it for you. In the next part of the Brother PE800 review, we will go into details about the different parts that come with the machine and how they work. When you read this article, you will know more about a great machine that can sew pretty much anything.

Features That Highlight Brother PE800

  • Large color touchscreen
  • Bigger Thread Basket
  • Double Stitch Function
  • Highly Supportive Spring System
  • USB port
  • Grand Slam Auto-complete function
  • 11 Built-in fonts
  • 138 Built-in designs
  • Dimension(75 x 19.02 x 19.09 inches)

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Why Choose The Brother PE800?

why choose brother PE800 embroidery machine

There are endless possibilities with Brother PE800, and its great for beginners & pros working on big projects.

The Brother PE800 has the latest technology incorporated into it. One can enjoy the benefits of a modern technology which makes it faster, efficient and guarantees better quality outputs. There are embroidery stitches and other stitching options incorporated in it. Below are some of the reasons why you will fall in love with the Brother PE800 machine.

Quality Work – Brother PE800 is known to produce quality work at an affordable price. This is one of the best features of this Brother machine. It is a branded name and it is known to produce high-quality designs. This model of the embroidery machine has many advanced features that can be used to increase the production of the projects. You can use the large embroidery area for a bigger area and it has the capacity to stretch to larger areas.

Easy Thread Cutting & Management – Brother PE800 has built-in embroidery designs and cutting feature that helps in creating the professional looking design and stitching. This machine has been designed with a special design that helps in stitching wide area easily. It has a unique feature that enables it to perform dual stitching options, thus you can adjust it according to the need of the project. The four-axis feature helps in cutting the thread and creating a professional looking material. The built-in embroidery designs strong motor has made it one of the reliable sewing machines in the market.

Fast & Efficient – This model of the embroidery machine helps in producing large volume of stitches. It has been found to be able to complete the task without any hassle. It has a special stitches mechanism that allows for the creation of intricate and professional looking designs. Due to its powerful motor, the Brother sewing machine has been found to give the user maximum thread tension and durability. The machine also features a durable heavy duty sewing kick plate.

Excellent Multi-Tasker – The built-in embroidery designs can complete two tasks at a time with easiness. This machine has been found to give the users a neat, professional look and finish. It has a built in USB port that allows user to input the kind of design they wants. It is one of the most popular models of the embroidery machines due to the fact that it is user friendly and can help produce amazing designs look professional. In fact it can be used as an all-in-one machine where all its functions are integrated and used together.

Multiple Fonts & Built-In Designs – Brother PE800 comes with 11 Built-in fonts’ and 138 Built-in designs. It helps create different patterns as per the pre-determined requirement. It also features a pre-assembled pattern of the required type. It has been found to be a great machine especially for beginners as it has several advanced features.

Built-in Timer – There is also a built-in timer that helps the beginners to start or stop the machine accordingly. It has been found that the beginners find it easy to work with the machine as it has all the features that can make embroidery stitches intricate. The machine also features a large, easy to see and read color touchscreen. It helps brighten up the place and give a good view of what is being done on the screen. The built-in swivel base of the Brother PE800 is very convenient for working in any direction.

Seamless Operation – It is easy to operate and clean the Brother embroidery machine. There is a built-in cleaning tool that allows it to be easily maintained. There is also a pouch which comes in the package to carry the excess water out. The fastening attachments are made from polyester thread and they help in keeping the machines moving at a good pace. They are available in different sizes and can be easily attached onto the machine.

Bigger Thread Basket– The machine embroidery thread used with this machine is thicker and stronger than the normal threads used. The size of the basket being used also has an effect on the type of stitches that you can make. You could use either the large upper thread basket or a smaller lower thread basket.

Final Word – Should You Buy Brother PE800?

Having looked at the Brother PE800, its features and perks, we hope you have made the decision on whether you should be getting it. In all honesty, it is a machine that stands out from the crowd due to its efficiency, ease of use and the ability to be used for multiple designs and projects.

Whether you need to work on denim, silk and cotton, this is the machine that you should be getting. It is a good investment and you surely will not regret getting it.

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