Brother SE400 vs SE600 Comparison – Which Is Better?

Brother SE400 vs SE600

Are you looking for the best sewing machine that will offer you great help in dealing with your next sewing project? Considering the sewing project you have at hand, an excellent sewing machine is a primary requirement. The two best performing and popular Brother’s sewing and embroidering machines that will undoubtedly get things done efficiently and conveniently for you are Brother se400 and se600.  However, choosing between them is not that easy. Both machines are computerized and use almost the same advanced technologies. To simplify this, we have prepared a comprehensive and honest Brother se400 vs se600 comparison guide. We will majorly focus on the significant similarities and differences. This will help you get a clear picture of the two machines and finally make your informed choice. Let’s dive in.

Brother SE400 Overview

Brother SE400

Brother se400 is an advanced combo sewing machine with both sewing and embroidering capabilities. It’s is a computerized machine fitted with advanced technologies that make it live up to not only beginner’s but also a sewing expert’s expectations. Some of the cutting edge features found in this sewing machine includes an automatic thread cutter and a needle threader that makes it easy to set up and use.

It comes with a total of 67 built-in stitches and 70 built-in design patterns that lets the user seamlessly sew various designs saving a lot of time. The stitches and the design patterns can be quickly selected on the LCD touch screen by simply touching or using a special tap-pen. SE600 has risen to popularity on the list of Amazon’s bestselling sewing machine due to its unmatched performance blending with its affordability. Below are some of the key machine’s features.

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Brother se400 Key Features

Computerized 4” × 4” sewing machine – it comes with a wide sewing area that allows you to handle your bigger projects with ease.

Monochromatic LCD screen – you won’t need to worry about the stitch settings as you will just view them over a monochromatic LCD screen. You can also select the desired stitches through this screen as well as editing.

Top drop-in Bobbin – easy to load top drop-in bobbin system makes it easy to load the bobbin.

Led Light – the work area-id brightly lit by LED fixed to offer lighting in the rooms where there’s insufficient light supply.

Built-in Stitches – Brother se600 comes with a total of 103 built-in stitches that you can easily select from. This enables you to easily sew according to your style requirements.

Embroidery designs – it comes with 80 amazing built-in embroidery designs that allow you to choose from hence completing your task within a reasonably short period.

Lettering fonts – there are 5 exciting lettering fonts if you intend to use monogramming extensively. With this state-of-the-art feature, you will be able to customize your sewing to add a personal touch making them look amazing.

USB Connectivity – this feature enables you to easily connect to the computer. You can therefore easily download updates as well as extra embroidery designs

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Automatic Needle threader – you will find it easy to thread the needle as this feature offers you automatic threading. This saves time.

Automatic thread cuter – threads will be automatically be cut at the ends so that you won’t necessarily have to do that manually.

Free arm design – sewing some hard-to-reach parts like the pant hems, sleeves, collar, and some tubular part is made easy.

iBoidery Integration – it comes with 80 embroiderings but this can be increased limitlessly for the desired embroidery designs. This is done by integrating it with the online collection,, where you can purchase and download them.

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Brother SE600 Overview

Brother SE600

Brother se600 is a popular sewing machine that has two-in-one functionality. It can be used for both basic sewings as well as embroidering. This sewing machine is lauded for its computerized nature and the advanced technology that it uses. A back-lit LCD that makes it very simple for you to select from the machine’s 103 built-in stitches and 80 design patterns is yet another great feature worth noting. It comes with 6 lettering fonts that you will love when it comes to monogramming. If you are aiming at completing your sewing projects within a specified period, this machine guarantees that with its automatic features. These include the automatic needle threader and automatic thread cutter.

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Brother se600 Key Features

Computerized 4” × 4” sewing machine – bigger squares can be easily handed on this wide area before they can be sewn together.

Smart Color LCD screen – this screen enables you to easily select as well as edit the selected stitches. It’s also an interactive screen through which you can get to comfortably view the tutorials about the machine before you can start viewed through this screen.

Lighting LED – the machine has a super bright LED light that allows you to continue with your project even in a dimly lit room.

Top drop-in Bobbin – the top drop-in bobbin system renders the machine easy to because of loading the bobbin and consequently setting up is not a big task.

Built-in Stitches – Brother se600 comes with a total of 67 built-in stitches that you can easily select from. This enables you to easily sew according to your style requirements.

Embroidery designs –this machine comes with 80 built-in embroidery designs that allow you to choose from hence giving you stress-free design customization.

Lettering fonts– it has 6 lettering front that can be used to make amazing monogramming designs. This will help you to achieve the best and exceptional feel for your project.

USB Connectivity – this machine comes with a USB port where you can directly plug into. This is useful in importing extra designs and necessary machine updates.

Automatic Needle threader – it isn’t always fun pricking your fingers while trying to thread the needle. Luckily, this model has a built-in needle threader. The process of threading is fastened and makes the machine easy to set up.

Automatic thread cuter – this will be useful in cutting the thread at the ends of every sewing circle.

Free arm design – extra sewing functionalities are achieved with the free arm. This includes sewing through some hard to reach parts like the collar, sleeves, pant hems, and others.

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iBoidery Integration – embroidering with the available designs is only limited to 70 different designs. This sewing machine, however, comes with the capability of connecting and purchasing extra designs.

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Brother se400 vs se600 – Similarities and Differences

From the above in-depth overview, it is justified to say that the two computerized sewing machines are amazing sewing machines that can be used for extensive sewing and embroidery projects. Both sewing machines have a well-lit 4” × 4” work area, a top drop-in bobbin system, LCD screens, USB connectivity, and automatic needle threader and thread cutter which makes them level above other sewing machines.

On the other hand, there some notable differences between these two great machines. While se400 comes with 67 built-in stitches and 70 built-in embroidery designs its rival comes with 103 built-in stitches and 80 embroidery designs. Se600 additionally has an extra 80 embroidery designs on a CD. If you are interested in monogramming, Brother se600 with its 6 lettering fonts is advantageous as compared to Brother se400 that has only 5 of them.  The LCD screen for the se400 is monochrome but se600 has a beautiful colored LCD screen. This screen variation doesn’t create a significant gap in their performance but more users are inclined to the colored and more interactive one. An embroidery card is present in se400, something that lacks in Brother se600.

Even though both the sewing machines have USB connectivity for importing designs as well as updates, there is a minor difference in how they connect. Brother se400 has a USB type of port. This means you will need an extra cable to connect it to the computer. Conversely, se600 has a normal USB port that can be easily plugged indirectly. Despite that variation se400 still scales its performance almost as equal as what se600 gives. Portability can be achieved in both machines. There is no significant difference in their weight. Se600 is just 0.66lbs heavier than its colleague.

Brother se400 vs se600 – Final Verdict

When you consider the two sewing machines you will realize that the difference is not that big. Ease of use and the amazing stitch quality offered by both machines make them outstanding. They can both be comfortably used for sewing, embroidery, and even quilting with the best professional sewing results.

Still, the question remains, which one should you pick? In our opinion, we would prefer Brother se600 for its attractive features like the USB memory support, color screen, and the few extra built-in stitches, design patterns, and lettering fonts. However, Brother se400 with its features can never be underrated as it can still offer a great high-end look and feel despite its monochromatic screen, fewer stitches, and pattern. Brother se400 is more sophisticated and does more complex tasks as compared to Brother se600.

To conclude, both machines are great but choose your preferences. We believe that this Brother se400 vs se600 is going to help you make a decision you won’t regret.

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