Brother SE600 vs PE535 Comparison – Which Is Better?

Brother SE600 vs PE535

If you want to make stylish patterns, beautiful monograms, or fabulous tapestry, it is not sufficient to have only an ordinary sewing machine. A good embroidery machine is needed. There are several options for these purposes available in the market today. Most range from low-cost models that perform some basic embroidery to expensive commercial embroidery machines that come with additional amazing features. Brother SE600 and PE535 have both stood the test of time to emerge among the best and top-rated machines today. If you have happened to perform a search that narrowed down to choosing between these two then you are in the right place. The two share almost every feature, however with slight differences your question would be, which one between them is better for your project? To get the answer to your question we have prepared an elaborate Brother SE600 vs PE535 comparison guide. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Brother SE600 Overview

Brother SE600 is a popular sewing machine that has two-in-one functionality. It can be used for both basic sewings as well as embroidering. This sewing machine is praised for its computerized nature and the advanced technology that it uses. A back-lit LCD that makes it very simple for you to select from the machine’s 103 built-in stitches and 80 design patterns will capture your attention. Monogramming is made fun with a total of 6 lettering fonts. If you are aiming at completing your sewing projects within a specified period, this machine guarantees that with its automatic features. These include the automatic needle threader, automatic thread cutter, and automatic buttonhole style.

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Brother SE600

Brother SE600 Key Features

4” × 4” sewing machine – it gives room for assembling bigger quilts and other sewing projects before they can be sewn together. Its built-in alignment features allow you to align and position designs for your project with ease.

Large Color LCD screen – selecting stitches and editing can be easily done on a 3.2” LCD touch screen. It also enables you to view and edit your designs in full color.

Lighting LED – you won’t need to find an extra source of light for a dim-lit room while handling your project. This LED light is enough for lighting the work area.

Top drop-in Bobbin – the model is convenient and easy to use as it comes with a top drop-in bobbin system which can be easily loaded this, therefore, saves you time while ensuring quicker project results.

Drop-feed feature – you can literally use free-hand with thread to sew your designs. Quilters find this feature useful in expanding their creative sewing options

Built-in Stitches – you can comfortably select from a total of 103 built-in stitches for your sewing project. These stitches include basic, stretch, decorative, and 10 auto-size buttonhole stitches.

Embroidery designs – choose from a total of 80 beautiful embroidery designs and be sure to add a personal touch and feel to your creations.

 Lettering fonts– choose from 6 lettering fonts for monogramming to personalize your creations and achieve the best of your project’s set results. These fonts come in uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numeric characters.

USB Connectivity – plug into a USB port and import your designs or save your edited designs with ease. Additional designs downloaded from can also be uploaded without any problem with this port.

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Automatic Needle threader – eye-straining and stress that comes with manual threading are eliminated with this model. Quickly get your machine’s needle threaded quickly with an automatic needle threader.

Free arm design – comfortably sew cuffs, children’s clothing, sleeves, pant hems, and other small tubular projects with the free arm capability. This is achieved by just sliding a removable compartment that allows you to access the free arm. Integration – visit and download unlimited online designs exclusive to  Brother users only. This widens your designs’ scope allowing you to produce more attractive creations.

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Brother PE535 Overview

Brother PE535

Brother PE535 embroidery machine is one of the most popular embroidery machines available in the market today. It comes with amazing 80 built-in designs that include the kids’ designs, floral, holiday, and many more. You will enjoy monogramming with its 9 built-in lettering fonts. These together with their 4” × 4” embroidery field and large LCD color touch screen makes it lovely. It allows moving and positioning of embroidery designs with one touch of a finger. This is made possible by a unique Drag and Drop feature. Brother PE535 has a lot of amazing features that generally help you embroider according to your desire. It also offers customers a reasonably limited warranty of up to 25 years. Accompanying the machine is an instructional material and a bilingual (English/Spanish language) user manual. Any beginner or expert would find the ease of use and incredible worth of using the Brother PE535.

Integration with – you won’t run short of designs as this model grants you access to thousands of online unlimited embroidery designs from You can, therefore, download as much as you want for your project. These designs are only exclusive to the brother’s customers.

Brother PE535 Key Features

Embroidery designs – comfortably choose from high-quality 80built-in embroidery designs that include holiday, floral, kids’, decorative, borders, and alphabet designs.

Lettering fonts – monogramming with a total of 9 embroidery fonts (6 English and 3 Japanese) makes your projects attractive. Choose from lowercase, uppercase, symbols, and numeric characters as it may suit your project.

Letter editing – adjust any selected of the 9 built-in stitches in numerous ways to give your project an outstanding appearance. You can align text in curves or at a different angle, increase and decrease letter spacing, place texts in multiple lines, and more.

USB Port – this model comes with a USB port that allows the connection of external devices for import and stores extra embroidery designs to the machine’s built-in memory. This port also allows you to install updates for your machine. The machine’s memory also makes it possible for you to save your edited designs for later use.

4” × 4” Embroidery Field – for bigger projects and quilts this model has a wide work area that accommodates needle and design alignment for precise placement and subsequent sewing. Custom patches can also be easily made with this amazing extension of the working field.

Color LCD touch screen display – this screen permits you to preview your designs before you can start stitching. It also allows you to customize and edit the designs where necessary. Individual thread colors can be changed using a built-in color palette with the help of this screen too.

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Automatic Needle Threader – with a single touch of a lever you can get your machine threaded within a very short time by an automatic easy to use needle threader. It will serve you a great deal especially in the cases of embroidering designs that need a lot of thread changes. Together with tutorial videos, this machine guarantees you a quicker start.

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Brother SE600 Vs PE535 – Similarities and Differences

Brother SE600 and PE535 have a reasonable range of similarities. The least argued thing about the two models is the fact that they are both amazing embroidering machines offering great quality creations. With their common embroidering features, it is hard to distinguish between the two superiors. To start with, their advanced technology featuring a large LCD color display, USB connectivity, automatic needle threading system, and easy to load top drop-in bobbin system is just incredible.

Besides, both machines have a total of 80 built-in designs. However, their capability to access makes them more sophisticated as you can widen their design selection to level up your embroidery attraction. The lighting LED is present in both models enabling you to work on your project even in a dark room. This ensures that there is a sufficient supply of light on a 4” × 4” work area common with both models.

On the contrary, Brother SE600 and PE535 are not entirely similar. Remember SE600 is a 2-in-1 model which means it can be used for both sewing and embroidering while its rival handles only embroidering projects. This role variation brings in some considerable differences between the two. Brother SE600 has 103 built-in stitches and 80 built-in designs while PE535 has 80 built-in designs but no built-in stitches. Free-motion sewing can only be achieved with SE600 useful for stitching but not with the pure embroider, PE535. You can get 3 more monogramming fonts with Brother PE535 when its competitor is offering you with only 6 of them. These variations, however, aren’t that significant enough to create a sensible performance variation. Depending on your project requirement, it is now task-made simple choosing the appropriate between the two.

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Brother SE600 vs PE535 – Final Verdict

One important thing to note about both Brother SE600 and PE535 is that you won’t be disappointed if you buy any of them as they guarantee almost equal high-quality embroidered output. Prices for the two models being one of the primary consideration has no big gap. The only thing, therefore, that will determine your final decision is the nature of your project.

If you are looking for a combined sewing and embroidering machine, Brother SE600 will be your obvious pick. This machine comes with features for both professional sewing and embroidering projects. On the other hand, Brother PE535 will suit you if your primary project requirement is only embroidering.

With this in-depth Brother SE600 vs PE535 comparison guide, we believe that you are in a safe position to make an informed choice for the best model perfect for your next project.

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