Brother SE600 vs SE625 Comparison – All You Need To Know!

Brother SE600 vs SE625

Brother SE600 Vs SE625 Showdown – Among some of the best selling Brother sewing machines, the SE600 and Se625 stand out. But how do these two machines compare to each other? This comparison guide features the two and hopefully, by the end of it, you will have got enough information to compare them and make an informed buying decision.

Brother has remained one of the most popular manufacturers of sewing machines available in the market today. Brother SE600 and SE625 are among the most sought after sewing machines from Brother which share a wide range of similar features. If you are looking for the best machine that will do both basic sewing and embroidering then search no more. These two computerized sewing machines are among the best suited for your project. They are highly praised for their ease of use, convenience, affordability, and excellent stitch quality. Since you need only one, the question is which one should you pick? To get a better understanding of the two, we have prepared a comprehensive Brother SE600 vs SE625 comparison guide based on expert insights and user experiences.

Brother SE600 vs SE625 Comparison Table

Singer ModelSinger SE600Singer SE625
Dimensions 21.18 x 15.51 x 16.54 inches 21.06 x 16.42 x 15.28 inches
Weight11.82 pounds24 pounds
Built In Stitches103 stitches103 stitches
Included embroidery designs80 built-in designs80 built-in designs + 200 additional on CD
LCD screen3.2 inch Smart Screen3.2 inch Smart Screen
Sewing Speed 710 stitches per minute710 stitches per minute
USB Connectivity FunctionComputer or USB stickComputer or USB stick
BobbinTop Drop-in bobbinTop Drop-in bobbin
Automated Needle ThreadingYesYes
Warranty25 Years25 Years
PriceSee Best PriceSee Best Price

As you can see from our Brother SE600 vs SE625 table above, these two machines share a lot on common. But as we go deeper, we will see some of the things that differentiates the two. Let’s delve deeper.

Brother SE600 Overview

Brother SE600

Brother SE600 is an advanced computerized sewing machine loved for its dual capability. This model can handle both basic sewings as well as embroidering projects. It has attracted a big market demand due to its amazing features. The wide and brightly lit 4″× 4″ work area allows for the handling of bigger projects with the utmost ease. It comes with a total of 103 selectable built-in stitches and 80 embroidering designs. This enables you to sew almost any design of your desire. It has automatic features that include the needle threader, thread cutter, and the buttonhole. These exciting and beginner-friendly features make it convenient and easy to use.

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Brother SE600 Key Features

Built-in stitches – it comes with 103 built-in stitches that can be selected easily with the help of a color LCD screen. The stitches include utility and decorative stitches.

Embroidery Design – you can embroider your creations with the machine’s 80 built-in designs. This however doesn’t limit you when it comes to bigger projects that require more designs as you can easily integrate it with and download more designs at an affordable fee.

Lettering Fonts – to personalize your creations, the SE600 sewing machine comes with 6 embroidery lettering fonts. Each letter comes in varied forms; small, medium, and large sizes.

Color LCD touch screen – view your embroidery designs with full color with this display screen.  It is also easy to change the designs right there on the screen. Viewing and editing stitches can also be done as well as adjusting stitch length and width.

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Top drop-in Bobbin system  the top drop-in bobbin loading system is easier than other systems when it comes to loading the bobbin.

Automatic buttonhole – sewing buttonholes can be stressing and hectic but this machine comes with 8 one-step buttonholes. These do the buttonhole sewing in just one step, placing the button on the buttonhole foot and the machine creates a perfectly sized buttonhole for that kind of button.

A wide workspace – with this model you can comfortably handle your bigger projects on a 4” × 4” brightly lit work area.

USB Connectivity – the USB connectivity feature allows you to import more embroidery designs. With this feature, you can be able to sew a variety of designs and easily update the machine when there is a need.

Adjustable stitch length and width – to achieve various sewing patterns this feature allows adjustment of stitch length and width to a maximum of 7mm and 5 mm respectively.

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Brother SE625 Overview

This is a two in one advanced sewing machine. It comes with 103 built-in stitches and 80 built-in embroidery designs that you can easily select from for your project’s great sewing results. Additionally, it has 200 more designs in a separate CD. This increases the design selection range making it perfect for embroidering. Its 4” × 4” work area brightly lit allows you to work on your projects, small or big, with ease. This model has a color LCD that allows you to select the desired stitches and embroidery stitches. With this screen, you can also view and adjust settings including the stitch length and width before you can start stitching. Worth mentioning are the automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader, and the automatic buttonhole style that makes it beginner-friendly.

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brother se625

Brother 625 Key Features

Built-in Stitches – this model comes with 103 built-in stitches that have been proved easy to select and use for quality stitch styles.

A 4” × 4” workspace – this model has a considerable work area that eases the handling of wider quilts and bigger projects.

8 one-step buttonhole style – buttonholes are automatically sewn by the machine in just one simple step. All you need to do is place the button on the buttonhole foot and let the machine sew the buttonholes custom and perfect for that button.

USB connectivity – This model comes with a USB port that can be useful for importing more designs as well as for updating the machine where necessary.

Embroidery stitches – embroidering designs are very important in adding an individual feel to a project. This model comes with a total of 280 designs. 80 of which are built-in plus extra 200 designs in a separate CD.

Color LCD touch screen – a Sew Smart Color Screen enables you to view, select, or edit stitches according to your preferences. This screen also allows you to view and adjust key stitch settings which include the stitch length and width.

Lettering fonts – for the love of monogramming this machine comes with 6 amazing lettering fonts that can be used to add a personal touch to your project.

Free-arm – this machine has a flat-bed compartment that can be removed to access the free arm. It, therefore, makes it easy sewing through some tubular parts like pant hems, sleeves and other parts that are hard to reach

Top Drop-in Bobbin – with this feature the process of loading the bobbin made easier. No eye strain. This guarantees you a quicker setup and therefore saving you more time than you could have spent doing manual threading.

Automatic Needle threader – you won’t strain anymore threading the needle manually as this machine comes with the automatic capability to do that. This makes the machine easy to set up, therefore, saving you a lot of time

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Automatic thread cuter – cutting thread at the end of every sewing circle is not a problem anymore as the machine has an automatic cutter for this purpose.

Free arm design – sewing through some hard-to-reach parts is made easy with the free arm capability. You will be able to comfortably sew pant hems, collars, sleeve, and cuffs

embroidery Integration – provides an almost limitless collection of embroidery designs that can be easily downloaded and used for various projects.

Drop feed – looking to expand your creative sewing options? The drop feed features allow you to do free-motion sewing.

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Brother SE600 Vs SE625 – Similarities and Differences

From the above analysis, it is obvious that the two machines share a wide range of similar features that make them outstanding in the sewing industry. They both have 4” × 4” work area that is brightly lit to allow continuous sewing of big projects with ease even in a dimly lit room. The LCD touch screen for stitch and pattern selection is also a common thing. The screen makes it seamless to view, select, or edit stitches together with other necessary settings that include stitch length and width adjustment. Awesome with the two machines is an easy-to-load top drop-in bobbin, automatic needle threader plus thread cutter, and an automatic buttonhole style. These features are what most beginners die for.

The two models also come with 103 built-in stitches and 80 built-in embroidery designs that can be chosen for a required stitch and design style. Both machines have USB connectivity which enables you to import more design patterns. Again, their speed levels at 710 stitches per minute but with a speed controller, you can adjust the speed to the desired level. Free-motion sewing gives you more room for creative free-hand sewing with either of the two models.

The two machines however have few differences with the obvious one being the font graphics. Brother SE600 has light grey graphics while SE625 has brown. Apart from the same number of built-in designs, Brother SE625 comes with a separate CD carrying 200 extra pre-loaded 200 designs. SE625 would be preferred for that reason but most recent computers do not have CD drives which level both the machine as extra designs can be purchased or downloaded for free from

There is also a small variation in prices. Brother SE625 is slightly more expensive than its rival probably due to the additional CD. The two superiors, despite all the differences, are mostly praised for their amazing capabilities.

Brother SE600 Vs SE625 – Final verdict

To conclude this, Brother SE600 and SE625 are similar except for the font graphics and the additional embroidery design CD that accompanies SE625.

To be precise, however, despite the additional embroidery designs with SE625 the USB connectivity allows you to transfer designs between the two machines or import from freely or at an affordable price.  For that reason, we don’t see a substantial reason to opt for Brother SE625 unless we don’t want to create our designs.

If you are looking to save some extra dime we would advise for Brother SE600 and be sure to sacrifice the extra embroidery designs, but if you can adjust your budget a little bit SE625 would be your appropriate pick.

It’s now time to pick your best model. Hopefully, this Brother SE600 vs SE625 comparison guide will help you make an informed choice.


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