Brother XL2600i Review – Closer Look At Brother XL2600i Sewing Machine

Brother cl2600i review guide for beginners and experts.

Brother XL2600i Review— Over decades, Brother has dominated the market with their versatile and generally competitive sewing machines. There are various Brother Series machines out there. Brother XL2600i being one of them, is not only among the well-known but also a top-selling Brother sewing machine brand. It is a versatile sewing machine with a lightweight design and compact styling. Noteworthy, this machine is reasonably priced, considering its array of features and capabilities.

It is loaded with some of the most sophisticated features that make it an ideal machine for home use. It is best suited for crafting, altering, quilting, as well as home decor. Brother XL2500i has an inbuilt free arm for sewing difficult-to-reach parts such as hems on pants and sleeves for shirts.

Brother XL2600i has stood the test of time and proved reliable, convenient, and powerful. It is easy to learn and use regardless of how much experience you have in the sewing industry. The machine boasts a high rating among the top online selling stores, something that better affirms the dependability of the machine.

Below is the detailed Brother XL2600i review. Read through to understand this sewing machine to enable you to make an informed decision. One thing that you won’t need proof for is the Brother Company’s quality products.

Our Detailed Brother XL2600i Review

Brother XL2600i has won the hearts of many people and become one of the best-selling units, all thanks to its features, versatility and output. Although it is not loaded with many advanced features, Brother XL2600i is worth exploring and can be used by experts to deliver high-quality projects. It is a compact and lightweight machine with the following highlighting features;

 Automatic Needle Threader

The Brother XL2600i comes with an impressive needle threading system, which means that you won’t need to manually thread the needle. It, therefore, ensure that you get to work immediately as you step on the foot.  Automatic needle threader gives the beginners ample time to add on their sewing experience rather than struggling to thread the needle.

Automatic Bobbin Winding and Thread Cutter

Bobbin winding can be a tiring task. However, Brother XL260 makes it easier for you with an automatic bobbin winding system. You only have to place the upper thread and your bobbin set on the winder then push the bobbin winder to the right. The process is super-fast, easy, and reliable as well. Moreover, the built-in Thread cutter in this sewing machine will completely do away with extra pair of cutting scissors. The cutter ensures that the thread is automatically cut at the end of every sewing round.

Multiple Built-in Stitches

This sewing machine comes with a total of 25 different stitches. These stitches are easily accessible through the stitch selector. With these stitches, even the beginners can deliver professional-looking results. Two quilting stitches have continuously made the sewing machine chosen over many.

Using the various stitches together with the free-arm enables you to create great output with better control. Hair loom works like monograms, embroidery, and appliques are achievable with the use of these stitches. It also features a built-in one-step buttonhole which relieves you of the hassle involved with making buttonholes. They are auto-sized to give similar buttonholes, quality measures.

Stitch Selection Dial

Selecting stitches for the most traditional sewing machine is quite hard. Brother XL2600i has a super easy stitch selector that you just turn to select the desired stitches without any stress.

Jam-Resistant and Top Drop-in Bobbin System

Brother XL2600i employs the top drop-in approach of loading the bobbin. What you need to do exactly is to drop the bobbin and pull the thread through the slot to allow you to start your sewing task. This approach is easier than side loading. For this reason, the bobbin is highly resistant to any kind of thread jams.

Free Arm and Accessory Storage

The Brother XL2600i comes with a detachable compartment that acts as the storage for the extra accessories. Additionally, sliding the compartment creates a free arm that enables you to sew through most hard to reach parts like collars, hems, and other cylindrical parts.

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Why Choose Brother XL2600i?

Before embarking on purchasing any sewing machine out there, it is always important to establish the reason for the choices we make. Different people have got different views and preferences. Well, we have singled out major reasons below deemed probable convincing your purchase for Brother XL2600i.

guide about Brother XL2600i sewign machine

Easy to Use Mechanical Sewing Machine

Brother XL2600i has been designed to include features that are day to learn and use. It is a perfect beginner machine. Its simple design together with a comprehensive instruction manual will help you take on the basic setup of the machine and within a short time, you will be conversant.

Consider this, if you are involved in a task that requires a regular change of stitches, then it is easy with this machine as it only requires you to turn the machine’s dial. Similarly, with a built-in needle threader, there is less to worry about when it comes to needle threading. With that level of ease of use, Brother XL2600 is most suitable for your sewing projects.

Bunch of Automatic Features

Unlike most traditional sewing machines, Brother Xl2600i is equipped with lots of automatic features. The automatic needle threader saves you time as you won’t have to go through am the hassle of threading your needle manually. Another one is the automatic thread cutter which ensures that your stitching thread is terminated by cutting at the end of every sewing cycle. The drop-in bobbin loading and the automatic bobbin winding make it not only easy but also effortless to change the bobbin and getting on to work.

These automatic features make it easy for beginners to use the machine with better versatility and control. With the machine as the experts deliver their work on time as most of the sewing related stress is relieved. They also keep the pace of the sewing machine under control.

A Plethora of Accessories Included

Brother XL2600i comes with a lot of accessories that make it worth purchasing. It comes with accessories such as

  • Zipper Foot
  • Blind Stitch foot
  • Button Fitting foot
  • Narrow Hemmer
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Bobbin, twin needle, needle pack darning plate, and a screwdriver.

Other than these accessories, the machine also comes with a bilingual instruction manual, both Spanish and English. It comes in handy in case you experience difficulty while operating the machine.

Budget-Friendly Machine

One of the critical factors considered before purchasing a sewing machine is the cost. Does it fall within your budget? With the number of stitch options and other impressive features, Brother XL2600i is one of the most reliable and affordable sewing machine for starters.

Brother XL2600i is considered the best choice for beginner sewists who would like to make their home sewing projects easily and thoroughly. If you need something that you can use for small to medium sized incentive projects then this is a good machine to start with.

A Long-Lasting Warranty

The Brother XL2600i sewing machine is packaged with a warranty spanning a whole 25 years.  The warranty is applicable from the date of originally purchasing the sewing machine. Besides, the company has an accessible website where you can just send your claims in case you discover that something is missing or a problem with the sewing machine during delivery. The company is responsible for any machine’s malfunction during the stipulated time.

Less Noise and High Portability.

Many customer reviews show that the Brother XL2600i is a less noisy sewing machine. Given options, most go for a quiet sewing machine. Apart from the noise level, it is also very crucial to know how easily a machine can be moved from one point to another. Brother XL2600i is a highly portable sewing machine. You can carry it to and fro your sewing classes or to a new place of business.

Stitching Speed Control

The Brother XL2600i, unlike most traditional mechanical sewing machines, is advanced in such a way that the stitching speed can be adjusted without any problem. Depending on the fabric type or the project the stitching speed can be adjusted suitably.

Who Should Buy Singer XL2600i?

With the bilingual instruction manual, Brother XL2600i is perfect not only for starters but also for the intermediates who would like to hone their experience. The machine too suit experts who are interested in high-end quality creation.

Anyone who would wish to use the least of his treasure to acquire a useful sewing machine should stop worrying and focus on Brother XL2600i. The Brother XL2600i is a simple and easy to use sewing machine that has proved affordable.

If you are looking for an all-in-one machine that is both beginner-friendly, versatile and easy to use, then this is a great machine that you won’t regret investing in. It delivers on its advertised promise.

Hopefully our Brother XL2600i review guide has been helpful in giving you an insight on what to expect of the machine and decide whether it is perfect for you.


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