Casper Vs Leesa Mattress – Comparing Casper Mattress And Leesa

A Casper vs Leesa showdown. Casper and Leesa are among the best selling mattresses in the industry today . And although they are closely matched with some significant similarities, it is also important to point out the difference, which we will highlight in our mattress comparison here. Our aim is to put every important factor across so that you can make an informed decision on which of the two mattresses you should be putting your money on. We keep updating our comparison guide from time to time and try to do it more frequently to keep track of the changes and findings on our experience on the mattresses over time. Here is our Casper vs Leesa mattress comparison.

Casper Mattress Overview

This table summary below shows a comparison of Casper to the average memory foam mattresses in the industry.

Comfort & Support  Casper offers a well-distributed support over the mattress. Its edge support is also adequate for larger people, thanks to the firmness.  B+
Firmness Casper scores a 7/10 on a firmness scale of 1-10 where 10 is the firmest. B
Durability Casper tends to have more longevity than most of its close competitors. B+
Motion Transfer & Isolation Casper is excellent in motion isolation and beats most of the close competitors. B+
Heat Retention  Only about 4% of users in the thousands of reviews we scanned reported heat retention. This is a little less than what most of the competitors have, making Casper exceptional.  B+
Pressure Relief  Casper is one of the best mattresses for pressure relief. Perfect body contouring and spinal alignment.  A
 Side sleepers  There isn’t much issues with side sleepers but the mattress tipping much on the firmer side of the scale, although good, might not be the most ideal for light weight side sleepers below 140 lbs. B
 Stomach sleepers  Apart from people who weigh 250 lbs and above, there doesn’t seem to be any notable issues with Casper for stomach sleepers.  B
 Back sleepers  Back sleepers have reported good support all though regardless of their weight.  A
User Satisfaction  Based on thousands of user reviews, Casper scores an impressive 82% owner satisfaction.  A
Pricing Casper is well priced (lower than average mattresses), but a little pricier than most with similar specifications. B

Leesa Mattress Overview

Comfort & Support Both comfortable and supportive and perfect for people who want support without necessarily going for a firm mattress. B+
Firmness Leesa scores a 6/10 on a firmness scale of 1-10 where 10 is the firmest. B
Durability Leesa hasn’t been around quite long enough but it has a good warranty, its true longevity is a question industry experts have questioned. It’s ratings tip slightly above average on longevity. B
Motion Transfer & Isolation Leesa has minimal motion transfer and better than most in the industry and its close competitors. A
Heat Retention Based on reviews scanned 6% of Leesa users reported heat retention. It is within acceptable standards and still better than most. B
Pressure Relief The mattress contours to the body well and gives an above average industry rating when it comes to pressure relief. B
Side sleepers Good for everyone regardless of their body shape and body weight. Very few people complain not feeling comfortable sleeping on the side. B+
Stomach sleepers Stomach sleepers find this mattress supportive enough and there were no notable complains on that. B+
Back sleepers No notable difference between light people and larger people when it comes to back support. Excellent. A
User Satisfaction Based on thousands of user reviews compiled from major outlets, Leesa has a 79% owner satisfaction. B+
Pricing Leesa is priced similarly to most of its competitors and lower than the average modern mattresses int he industry. B+
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Firmness Of The Mattresses

Firmness and softness of a mattress can affect comfort and how one enjoys their sleep. A good mattress is one that isn’t either too firm and neither is is too soft. Getting good support from a mattress doesn’t however necessarily mean that the mattress  has to be firm. Comparing Casper and Leesa, Casper tends to be a bit on the firmer side than Leesa. Both mattresses however offer adequate support and no significant alarm on the firmness. If you like to enjoy comfort with more firmness then Casper is a good option and for a little bit plush, go with Leesa.

Motion Transfer & Responsiveness

We all hate it when we are disturbed or affected by the motion of another person. This is mostly if you are sharing the bed with another person. Getting a good mattress with minimal motion transfer is the way to go and these two mattresses have got it. If you also need a mattress that contours to your body curves but also ensure the perfect spinal alignment, you need one that has good responsiveness to better support you.

The two mattresses are closely matched when it comes to motion transfer and responsiveness but Leesa seems to be a little better at it as it has better motion isolation as compared to Casper.

Heat Retention

Sometimes it is hard to avoid mattresses that retain heat, especially when you are dealing with memory foam mattresses. However, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid memory foams. Certain technologies have been put in place to ensure that there is adequate air supply and that the mattresses are able to only retain necessary amount of heat. In the case of Casper vs. Leesa, these technologies have clearly come to play and both mattresses have reinvented memory foam by introducing these mattress cooling technologies.

Leesa’s use of Avena foam has helped control heat while Casper employs an open-cell latex technique to help dissipate the heat, both of which work great. Both mattresses don’t build up a lot of heat. Leesa is perfect for people who want a warm and cozy sleep while Casper is excels for people who want to sleep cool.

Customer Satisfaction & Ratings

The best way to check out the mattress overall ratings and what to expect from it is by checking out what other people have to say about the mattress.

Casper seems to be the reigning champ when it comes to overall user ratings. It has an 82% ratings while Leesa comes in with 79%. This is based on thousands of reviews that we analyzed, considering that a satisfactory customer ratings is one that has a 4/5 ratings. Casper has many people rating it 4/5 stars as compared to Leesa.


The materials and the design technology is what defines the longevity of a mattress. The tougher and more compact a mattress is made, the more chances it stands to last.

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Based on expert input and also from the customer reviews, Casper again beats Leesa when it comes to expected longevity of the mattress.

Which One is Better For Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers need a supportive mattress but one that isn’t too firm. This is because sleeping on the side exerts more pressure due to smaller surface area. Comparing these two mattresses, Leesa emerges the champ on this, especially for lighter sleepers. If you are however a heavy sleeper, you will appreciate the support that comes with the firmer Casper mattress (people who weigh 180 lbs are ecstatic sleeping on Casper.)

Which One is Better For Stomach Sleepers?

People who sleep on their stomach need support but not that firm. Both of these mattresses offer good support for stomach sleepers without any major issues apart from the fact that Casper tends to lag a bit with heavy people above 250 lbs people sleeping on their stomach.

Which One is Better For Back Sleepers?

Back sleepers also tend to not have much issues with both mattresses, therefore the decision will be subjective on whether you love a more plushy mattress or a firmer one.

Which Is the Best? Casper Or Leesa?

Of course people will have different ways of defining comfort and this is based on the fact that we are not all of the same size, sleep with different styles among other things. We have therefore made our recommendation based on experiences of different sleepers and consider other factors.

Choose Casper if you:

Are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper (Casper is a more universal mattress that tends to give most sleepers). If either you or your partner keep sleeping on different positions, or you intend to buy a mattress for guests, Casper will come in handy here.

If you love a firmer mattress that gives you ample support ans comfort, Casper is a good investment. Most of the Casper sleepers with weight range between 140 to 260 pounds tend to love every bit of the mattress. Stomach sleepers who weigh over 250 lbs may however have issues with comfort and may want to go with a different mattress as Casper somehow doesn’t seem to fit their needs. Many mattresses have failed to offer comfort and support to heavy weight people but Casper is an excellent option here.

Choose Leesa mattress if you;

You are a side sleeper – Although both Casper and Leesa have an almost evenly matched firmness, Casper tends to be much firmer leaving Leesa as the perfect option for people who need something slightly softer.

If you are a light weight sleeper of less than 145 lbs, both mattresses are good, but Leesa is a much better option for you since you may find Casper to be firmer than you expect, especially if you are a side sleeper.

You need more bounce and less motion transfer – If you are looking for an ideal mattress for you and your partner, you may want to go with Leesa. More couples have confessed their love for Leesa than Casper. You get more bounce and less motion transfer, so while it is good for bedroom activities, you avoid disturbance when you or your partner turn at night.

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