Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger

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Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger – the ultimate smoker grill showdown. If you are looking around for the best smoker grill then you must first understand what makes a good smoker. Any barbecue or grilling enthusiast can tell you that food cooked over wood fire develops better flavors. While smokers and charcoal grills have been the traditional way to smoke or grill food, Green Mountain Grills and Traeger offer an innovative solution with less mess, maintenance and increased ease of use. By incorporating pellet-burning technology into a grill, you can control the heat with greater precision without the need for splitting or lifting heavy chunks of wood. Since their introduction into the industry, Green Mountain pellet grills and Traeger have not only been on the competitive edge against each other but they have also changed the way everyone looks at grilling.

Both Green mountain and Traeger are among are popular among folks who love grilling and smoking. In this Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger comparison guide, we will share our detailed findings on the two. This is after testing two of the best selling smoker units from the two competing brands. With the help of grilling and smoking experts, we were able to put up this comparison guide. Hopefully it will serve as a solid guide and help you make an informed decision on which smoker to go with by the end of the day.

If you are however looking for a quick and straightforward answer without having to go through our detailed review, then Green Mountain is our recommended pick based on many factors looked into as well as customer satisfaction (Check latest pricing here). Apart from giving you better heat control and being more affordable, you are sure to get the best grilling experience. It has better customer satisfaction and ratings, boasts more sophisticated features, a much sturdier build and just offers what every grilling enthusiast would want.

Green Mountain vs Traeger

Green Mountain Grill

Traeger Grill

traeger vs green mountaingreen mountain vs traeger
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Sturdiness And Build

Strong build – Green Mountain is a more heavy duty grill that is built to last. They have stayed true to their original mission of ensuring that their grills are solid and strong. Much better than Traeger when it comes to the structural design.The older version of the Traeger (which are hard to find these days) was much what everyone would dream of, but its latest versions are somewhat worrisome. Although they are better than many in the industry, we still feel, they could be much better.

Grill Performance

Green mountain users have shown impressive experience and outstanding grilling performance. Their Sense-Mate thermal sensing system inclusion int he grill does a good job in ensuring that your bbq doesn’t get burnt.Traeger is a good grill when i comes to giving you mean that extra flavor and many people who use it cant fail to mention that. But some also do agree that it isn’t the best grill you can find in the market.

Surface Area And Size of Grills

Green mountain is a little bit smaller as compared to Traeger grill and could accommodate 2 chicken and 2 racks of ribs. Traeger has a 300 sq. inches which makes it great fo grilling and accommodating a lot at a time. 2 chicken and 3 racks of size ribs could fit in well.

Heat Control

Higher heat temperature which gives it a plus over the Traeger grill. You also get better heat control which yields better tasting bbqs. absolutely fantastic when it comes to temp control which is what most of us need. You can adjust temperatures easily 5 degrees at a time unlike with Traeger which gives a poor +-20 adjustment.Traeger hasn’t maintained a good heat control and that is based on experience of many users. Heat control seems to be worrisome and if it had a thermal sensing monitor it would be greater than maintaining approximate temperatures of +/-20 which it does. so, if you are not ready to baby sit you brisket, seriously, don’t get it.

Energy Efficiency

Green mountain uses less wood pellets as compared to Traeger which is simply because it is a bit smaller. the efficiency is however excellent ans closely matched.Both grills seem to have similar efficiency and if there is any difference it isn’t much. Traeger is a little larger which means you need more pellets but it makes up for that by accommodating more.
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Green Mountain vs Traeger – Which is Better?

Folks who’ve owned a Traeger have always loved the experience with only a few complains, but Green Mountain tends to be much better in many aspects. Green Mountain doubles up as a grill and smoker at the same time and the performance is outstanding, so you should definitely go with it rather than Traeger.

For the love of bbq, Green Mountain is much better that Traeger, simply because grilling on it not only gives you a better experience and control on your briskets but also comes in sturdier. Having used both, I’d agree with the fact that Traeger could add a more gentle smoke flavor to steaks and meat, but Green Mountain isn’t also far from it. The additional cost you pay for Traeger won’t really give you much difference if any at all.

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Green Mountain vs Traeger User Testimonial

Here is an image posted by a user on bbq-brethren who stated having put two chicken on Traeger until it hit 165, and the results were just disappointing as you can see. Having seasoned the chickens the same way, this is really disappointing.

bbq traeger green mountain

Learnign More About The Methods of Grilling

The methods of grilling can either be via direct heating or indirect heating.

Direct Heat Grilling

This is a basic, simple and the oldest  method of cooking. It requires putting the foods directly above the heat. The method is most effective for foods that cooks quickly and will benefit from the hot grill fast cooking. These are usually foods less than 2 inches in thickness such as fish fillets, burgers, steaks etc and takes about 25 minutes to cook. Temperatures in direct heat grilling usually exceeds 500°F.

Indirect Heat Grilling

Food with thickness greater that 2 inches, such as whole chickens or turkeys, legs or ribs of lambs, etc, will be better grilled using the indirect heat grilling method. The method requires enclosing the food in some ways and placing it where the heat is not directly upon it, which creates an oven-like environment. This method of grilling, although slow, cooks foods evenly and prevent burning. The required temperature for indirect grilling ranges between 350°F to 400°F.

Both direct and indirect grilling can be done using either charcoal or gas and most people choose their methods and techniques based on what is available to use.
Charcoal Grilling – Although, charcoal grilling can be quite messy and difficult, it is preferred by some for its distinctive flavor and backyard smell. Igniting can be a major problem with charcoal grilling as it can become difficult to get the fire started leading to a lot of smoke generation. Some other known drawbacks of this method include having food tasting of lighter fluid and chemical, taking too long for the coal to reached the desired temperature and the inability to regulate the temperature.

Gas Grilling

Gas grills have some advantages over charcoal grills, first of which is the ease of igniting. Gas grills are able to maintain an even temperature from start to finish and cleanup is no hassle.
On the other hand,  gas grills do not give food the smoky flavor like charcoal grills. Also with gas grills it is difficult to get food to become brown and crispy.

Propane or natural gas is use as a source for fuel in gas grills. The gas is connected to the burners which are located at the bottom via venture tubes. These types of grills are usually more complicated than the charcoal grills as they have different complex parts but are easier to manipulate.  The flame is easily controlled with the use of gas knobs.

Benefits of Grilling

  • Grilled food are less in fat as excess fats drips off meat during grilling.
  • Vegetables retain more of their minerals and vitamins when grilled as compared to cooking.
  • Grilling helps lock in food moisture and flavor, keeping the food tender and tastier without needing to put in lots of artificial sauces which in turn helps to reduce calories intake. Hopefully, our Green Mountain vs Traeger has helped you pick one pellet smoker that fits your desires.

Characteristics of the Best Outdoor Grills

When searching catalogues, there surely are a lot of grills to choose from, and most of the time it is hard to decide on one. Picking one out of many may be tasking since most of them have similar features. However, the best outdoor grills often have a few characteristics that make them stand out from the others. The following are the key features of these grills.

  • The best grills are the ones that are energy efficient, they use lesser energy to heat food and they are durable. It is very important that one get to compare products before making a decision.
  • The best outdoor grills are the ones that are affordable, but of high quality. Grills need not be very expensive; however, the price you pay should equate to the sturdiness and cooking efficiency of this equipment.
  • It should be of the right material, one that the client desires. Some grills are made of ceramic while others are of metal. The ceramic ones are very heavy and they weigh a lot, while the metal ones, which are the most common, are cheap and relatively lightweight. Depending on what the grill is intended for, one can get any of these. The ceramic grill is the most expensive but it is energy efficient and has a lesser cost of grilling.
  • The grill should retain heat for a long period of time and should be able to cook through radiation and heat circulation. With these, they can use a minimum amount of charcoal.

Smoking Tips With A BBQ Grill Smoker

BBQ Grill Smokers are very easy to operate. Since the meat inside does not come into direct contact with flame, a smoker needs less attention that a grill. Smokers work best when the meat placed inside is left alone and occasionally basted to keep it moist. For authentic, slow-cooked barbecue, the cooking temperature should be between 175 and 225 degrees Fahrenheit, never exceeding 250 degrees. It may take longer to cook but the results are a moist, tender piece of meat full of flavor. From our two comparisons, both Green Mountain and Traeger offers precise cooking and smoking settings to achieve this.

To achieve additional flavor in your meat, you may marinade or apply a rub to your meat before smoking. Overly salty ingredients should be avoided, since they can cause the meat to dry out during the long procedure. The gentle heat of the smoker helps the meat absorb other flavors, but nothing should be used that would overpower the aroma imparted by the smoking process itself.

Cooks spend more time and energy adjusting the smoke than they do tending to the meat. The smoky flavor produced depends a great deal on what kind of wood is introduced. Apple, alder, cherry, hickory, maple, mesquite, oak, walnut, and pecan are all popular choices, prized for slight variations in taste. Additionally, a bbq grill smoker needs steam to operate, so experts recommend keeping a tin of water in the smoker throughout its use.

Using a charcoal grill is one of the best ways to get great flavor into food that you grill. Electric and gas grills just cannot provide flavor on their own. In the fresh smell of outdoor air and food being charcoal grilled is a dynamic combination. Charcoal grilling is both easy and convenient because you can find the briquettes just about anywhere.

Briquettes or Wood Charcoal for Charcoal Grill

There are a few choices when choosing the type of charcoal you use for your charcoal grill. For the greatest ease of use there is the charcoal briquettes that have the ignite fluid impregnated into the briquettes. Then there are charcoal briquettes that are made from wood, sawdust and other chemicals with additives. Lastly there is pure wood charcoal that is made from pure wood and no additives. Pure charcoal wood is the choice of most seasoned charcoal grill masters.

When you use lighter fluid either that is in the briquettes or that you need to soak into the briquettes or wood you are not only taking the chance of getting the lighter fluid taste into the food and creating an unhealthy environment. The best way to ignite charcoal is using a charcoal chimney. Simply fill the upper chamber of the chimney and crumpled newspaper into the bottom chamber, simply light the newspaper and wait about fifteen minutes and you will have a glowing white fire.

Cooking on a Charcoal Grill

There are two methods when cooking with a charcoal grill. The first method is known as direct cooking and the other indirect cooking. When a meat or vegetable is placed directly above the charcoal it is being cooked using the direct cooking method. Then there is the indirect method, this is where the meat or vegetable is placed away from the charcoal possibly on the other side of the grill and the lid is closed. and the This distributes the heat indirectly to the item being cooked. The indirect method prevents flare-ups.

In addition the stacking method in which on one side you have a small amount of charcoal and on the other side a large amount of charcoal so that when you’re starting let say a piece of meat you would then sear the meat on the large pile of charcoal side and finish the meat over the lower charcoal pile to allow the meat to cook through without charring.

Choosing the Right Method for Cooking

Depending on what you are cooking will determine the method that you use when using your charcoal grill. When you’re cooking steak obviously you want to use a high heat to sear the meat not so much to sear the juices but to force the juices to the middle of the meat keep the meat juicy.

If you are cooking chicken you want use the indirect method of cooking. This method is best for ribs or fish and even vegetables. Using direct method for this type of food will cause the meat or vegetable to burn. Worse yet the food will dry out before it actually cooks and the outside of the meat would be charred. Therefore the indirect cooking method for this type of food is the best method.

Charcoal Grill and Barbecuing

To clear the air you can grill using a charcoal grill and you can barbecue using a charcoal grill. Barbecue is a method of cooking low and slow. Grilling is cooking high and fast. Barbecue is a way of cooking that is not only low and slow but many other methods are used to give flavor.

If you enjoy high and fast cooking the best thing that you can do to impart the most flavor for your meat and vegetables would be to use a charcoal grill. This doesn’t mean a gas cooking grill isn’t good or a barbecue smoker grill would not be good choice, it just means that to get the most flavor, charcoal is the only method that deliver a true outdoor taste to your food short or barbecue. The next time you’re preparing to cook outside if you can I would suggest trying to charcoal grill using wood charcoal. After all a charcoal grill is an ideal way to celebrate summer and other times of year.

BBQ Grill Smoker

A BBQ Grill Smoker slow cooks meat in a moist, smoky environment. Inside the cooking chamber there is a fire at the bottom creating smoke that mingles with steam. This combination of heat and smoke within the smoker develops a smoky barbeque flavor during the cooking process. As the BBQ Grill Smoker steams the smoke surrounds the meat and leaves a distinct flavor.

As the temperature increases, the meat cooks and the seasoning deposited on the surface sinks in, infusing the succulent and tender beef, chicken, or pork with a highly recognizable taste.Smoking meat can turn any cut of meat into a gourmet meal. People who use smokers long prized the unique flavor smoking creates. There are many type of bbq grill smokers used today. Some are electric and others are the old fashions fire and steam. Most chefs prefer the control and safety of newer, backyard model.

Hopefully our Green Mountain Vs Traeger, as well as the extra tips and guide will help you pick the right grill.

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