Is Peugeot Pepper Mill The Best Choice? Top 6 Pepper Mills Reviewed

Peugeot pepper mill was considered one of the groundbreaking products once it came out. However, there are many more other products that people recommend. Is the Peugeot pepper mill still the best, or did the time run it over? We’ve decided to test the top six products people love, to see which one is the best.

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Top 6 Best Pepper Mills


1. Peugeot Paris u’Select Pepper Mill


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The Peugeot pepper mill is one of the most loved pepper mills globally. It is recommended by professional cooks as well as kitchen enthusiasts for over a century ago.

This pepper mill is one of the oldest pepper mills still in the use today. It has a pretty, sleek look to it and a sharp, case-hardened steel grind mechanism that produces evenly-sized grinds no matter the coarseness preset you’ve used. This is what makes it stand out from the competition, which is used to changing the quality of the grind with various presets.

While black is the main color of the Peugeot pepper mill, it also comes in a plethora of other finishes and sizes. And if this isn’t enough to make you see why this is the best pepper mill out there – it comes with a lifetime warranty!


  • Lifetime warranty
  • High-quality grind mechanism
  • Even grinds at each preset setting
  • Easy to use


  • Somewhat expensive

2. Fletchers’ Mill Border Grill Pepper Mill


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This is a good second-spot when it comes to pepper mills. It comes in eight colors, and you can even find one for grilling salt! It offers a similar performance to the Peugeot Pepper Mill, but without the preset dial. You have to eyeball any changes you might want to make in the grinding quality.

It’s easy to use, so it’s suitable for novices and professional chefs alike. It gives you complete control over the amount and the flavor of seasonings you want to use in your meal.

The Fletcher grinders were designed by the restaurant’s acclaimed architect, Josh Schweitzer, so you can know it was made by a professional team. The product comes with more than 33 grind settings, and the more you turn the nut clockwise, the coarser the grinding.

The product has a limited lifetime warranty on the mechanism, and all parts are produced in the USA.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • The pop-out mechanism for easy cleaning
  • High-quality grinding mechanism


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t have a preset dial


3. Trudeau 6-Inch Seville Pepper Mill


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If the Peugeot pepper mill is too expensive for you, here is a budget-friendly replacement! This is a small mill, but it still does a fine job with consistent grinding – although, keep in mind it won’t grind pepper as finely as the Fletcher or Peugeot’s model.

The mill has a wide nut on its top, so you can easily adjust the grinding size. It has a carbon steel grinding mechanism that tends to last a very long time and is decently strong and consistent. The stained wood has an ebony finish, giving it the elegant look that you wouldn’t expect of such an affordable product.

The mill comes filled and ready-to-use straight away. It works by cutting pepper first, then grinding for the maximum flavor possible. It also has a lifetime warranty, giving it an amazing value for the price.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Consistent grinding
  • Comes filled and ready-to-use
  • Budget-friendly


  • Doesn’t do as good job grinding as Peugeot or Fletcher


4. OXO Good Grips Pepper Grinder

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If you prefer your mills to have their grinding mechanism on the top – this might be a great unit for you. The ‘grinder on top’ means there will be no more bits of ground pepper left behind every time you set the grinder down.

The coarseness selector is located on the side, so it’s easy to see and adjust. This way you can quickly switch from one grinding option to another without making a fuss. The process of filling the grinder up is also simple since all it takes is for you to turn the grinder over and unscrew the cap. The grinder will stand sturdily on its head and you won’t have any issues refilling it.

This product comes already filled with black peppercorns, so it’s ready to use the moment you unpack it. And the transparent body lets you see how much pepper you have left all the time!


  • Non-corrosive grinder won’t absorb odors or flavors
  • Comes pre-filled
  • Grinder located on top
  • Transparent body


  • Not many coarseness settings


5. Zassenhaus Speyer 5.1-Inch Dark Stained Beech Pepper Mill


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There is something timeless about wooden pepper grinders. They look classic and high-end, no matter what you use them for, or where. This pepper mill looks like it was in your family for generations, and that even your great-grandmother used it to grind pepper for preparing family meals.

However, this doesn’t mean this type of grinders doesn’t look good in modern households. It’s made from lathe-turned solid beechwood, but it operates with a metal crank. The grinding mechanism is made from ceramic, and it has a limited 25-year warranty.

There are six grinding positions you can choose from, which is quite enough no matter if you prefer having your pepper finely or coarse ground. Refilling is very straightforward – you can unscrew the knob, remove the top, then refill.


  • Timeless design
  • Limited 25-year warranty on the ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Simple to refill
  • Sturdy design


  • Somewhat expensive

6. Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Se

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If you love the taste of ground pepper, but can’t be bothered to grind manually every time, then you’d be relieved to find out that battery-operated grinders exist. This model by Latent Epicure might be just what you’re looking for. It combines traditional grinding methods with modern technology to give you a luxurious grinding experience.

This pepper mill doesn’t just grind – it also has a push-button operation and even a LED light that allows you to see how much pepper or salt you have left. Not to mention that this can help you know just how much product you’ve put into your soup or salad! Everything comes with a holder, which not only leaves you with storage space but prevents fallout.

You can select the coarseness by adjusting the knob on the bottom of the grinder, and everything is easy to refill – you simply twist the spice container apart. While the grinders operate on batteries, you shouldn’t use rechargeable batteries with them.


  • Battery-operation
  • Uses modern technology for luxurious grinding experience
  • Comes with a LED light
  • Easy to store and refill


  • Not the best grind consistency

What To Look For in the Best Pepper Mill – Buyer’s Guide

Before you decide if the Peugeot pepper mill is the best for you, you should know what to look for in the best pepper grinder for you. Here are some important features you should consider.


Grinder Material

Most high-quality pepper grinders are made of either high-carbon steel or ceramics, as they are sturdy and won’t flake, contaminating your food. While acrylic grinder exist, they tend to be weaker, inconsistent, and can shed particles into your meals.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t add salt to grinders with steel, as salt makes metal oxidize. This is why the best salt grinders use ceramics, while pepper ones can be made from both materials. Also, salt isn’t necessary to be freshly ground, as its flavor will stay the same for centuries after grinding – in the end, it is a type of rock. Peppercorns, on the other hand, highly benefit from being freshly ground.

If you’re looking for a durable grinder material, ceramic is the best option, as steel can corrode over time, especially in humid environments. However, ceramic doesn’t offer as consistent grind as steel would so think about your priorities.


Body Material

While the grinder is the most important part of a pepper mill, the body material is also important as if it’s weak, this can affect the grinding quality. While people prefer transparent bodies since these can let you see how much pepper or salt you have left, keep in mind that spices should be kept in cold, dark places. If you have a transparent mill and keep it on your countertop, you might lose the aroma of the pepper inside of it.



The size of the pepper mill is also important. Since these products come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, you should pick the one that works the best for you. This depends on the amount of space you have for storing it, but also which size you find to be the most practical one. The bigger the mill, the more peppercorns it can hold – but if you’re having a hard time holding it, then there’s no purpose in getting a huge one.


Refilling Mechanism

Everyone wants to have a pepper mill that is easy to refill. Most have a screw-off top that helps you remove the head and refill everything with peppercorns. Others may have a chute that can pop off the side, so you can refill without dismantling the head from the body of the grinder. The mills that have the grinder on the top usually refill from the bottom, so you need to turn the apparatus upside down. This is entirely up to your preferences.

Coarseness Adjustments

Most models of the pepper mills have coarseness adjustments, so you can choose how tiny or chunky you want your pepper to be. Some models, while allowing you to set the coarseness, don’t have a preset dial. This requires you to tinker with the knob located at the top of the head and to keep grinding until everything is adjusted. While this makes everything a bit more tricky, it’s better than nothing.


Let’s face it. Price is important for any product you want to buy, and the same goes for pepper mills. While you may not want to purchase the cheapest product out there, you still don’t want to waste a bunch of money on something that’s not worth it. You should always look for the best value for the price.


The Verdict

After looking at the top six choices for good pepper mills, we can conclude that the Peugeot pepper mill still holds the first spot. While it is a bit on the expensive side, it is worth every penny. Not to mention that with that one purchase you’ll be securing yourself for life! This grinder is reliable, consistent, and built to last a long time. What more could you be asking for?

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