Lull vs Tuft and Needle Mattress Comparison

Lull vs Tuft and needle

Lull and Tuft & Needle mattresses are very popular in the market. While they are both budget mattresses, they also offer important features like support, coolness and great feel. However, we all would love to understand how this two differ and compare in order to choose the most suitable one. Here is our in-depth review on both mattress after taking a lot of time to keenly taste each of them. We have comprehensively reviewed each brand and tested every feature and written this review from our own experience so that you can easily choose which among the two will suit you.

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Lull vs Tuft and Needle Table

Below is a table comparing the Lull vs Tuft and needle mattresses.

Lull Mattress

lull mattress

Lull is an affordable mattress with 3 layers. These layers sum up to a balanced and adaptable mattress structure that works well for all sleepers, particularly those who don’t have a favorite sleeping position. Additionally, it is medium firm, neutral in terms of coolness and very soft. It is also a great choice for anyone under a budget since it is affordable. Below is a detailed review of the Lull mattress that comprehensively explains everything you need to know about the Lull mattress.

Lull design and construction

The Puffy mattress is comprised of three layers that add up to form a height of 10 inches. The bottom is a highly dense layer of support, a transition layer is made of a blend and proprietary gel-infused foam on top.

The first layer is 1.5 inches and is made of a gel-infused Memory Foam. This layer provides cooling, pressure relief and comfort. This layer dissipates heat away from you thus keeping you cool during your sleep. As a matter of fact, the gel is very effective in airflow more than any other material. This layer is very important because it gives you the ability to switch your positions easily

The second layer is also 1.5 inches. It is made of a blend of polyfoam and Latex materials. It serves as a transitional material that transitions the user from a soft and comfort layer to a firm base. This unique type of foam provides deep comfort high-pressure relief.

The base layer is 7 inches and it is made of high-density polyfoam. It provides enhanced and adequate compression and overall support to keep the mattress sturdy and stable. The high-quality foam materials used in this foundation base ensure the mattress is durable.

The cover– Mattress cover is an important feature that should be considered while purchasing a mattress. The cover utilized in the Lull mattress is made of a blend of polyester and rayon. Although it is not very stretchy, it is very light, soft and breathable. It is recommended that you purchase the mattress protector so that you can avoid removing and cleaning the mattress cover. This will ensure your mattress cover lasts long and retains the aesthetics.


Lull mattress is rated as neutral in terms of temperature. The comfort layer of the Lull mattress is made of gel-infused polymer. This gel is a cool material that dissipates heat away efficiently. This ensures that you will not sleep warm or sweaty and therefore uncomfortable. Additionally, Lull is also made with an open-cell foam structure and fibers that offer significant breathability.

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Softness & Firmness

The Lull Mattress is perfect for people who like firmness that lies between medium and a slightly firm feel of about 6.0 to 6.5. As you lay on the mattress, you feel more supported at the back and you will not feel any pressure points. Lull is considered to be more suitable for light-weight sleepers as the heavy people exert too much pressure in the mattress. The materials used in the second layer implements great pressure relief and deep comfort which many people finds it great. Additionally, it has great backbone support and it contours well to the body when one sleeps on the side. Overall, the feel of this foam mattress good.

Motion transfer capability

Another key factor to consider if you share your bed with someone is motion isolation. Lull mattress absorbs motion and noise completely. It is therefore a great choice for couples and individuals who sleep with pets. However, unlike Tuft and Needle, Lull has a very slow response and poor bounce. This means it not easy to move in and out of the bed or switch positions. Therefore, you are likely to experience slight distractions if your pet or partner keeps switching positions

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Tuft and Needle Mattress

tuft and needle mattress

The Tuft and Needle mattress has two layers and it is focused on providing comfort, support, and a unique feel that is not offered by other foam beds like Lull. It offers great bounce and quick response that has seen many customers like it more than other affordable mattresses. Many people who do not like the foam feel finds Tuft and needle a great choice.

Tuft and Needle design and construction

With just two layers that makes Tuft and Needle stand at a height of 10 inches, the mattress is very lovable and many customers cannot stop rating it high with catchy positive feedback. The two layers are made of dense poly foam and Adaptive form materials respectively. The two layers are as highlighted below:

 The top layer- This layer is 3 inches high and it is made of Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam material. This proprietary foam is a blend of memory foam and latex foam. It is highly adaptive thus offering enhanced contour to your body. Additionally, it offers memory feel, breathability and adequate pressure relief

The base- The base layer is made up of 7 inches of polyfoam material. This base acts as a foundation by providing support to the entire mattress. It also keeps the mattress sturdy, therefore, ensuring the mattress remains comfortable and supportive for as long as it lasts without sagging.

The cover- The cover of Tuft & Needle is a blend of polyester and Micro Polyamide material. The polyester offers durability, strength, and comfort effects while Micro Polyamide offers a breathability effect. While this cover can easily be removed and cleaned, it is not advisable to do so as the cover may lose its efficiency. You can easily clean the spills or stains by wiping the affected spot. However, you can consider purchasing a mattress protector for your mattress so that you can keep it clean.


With Tuft and Needle, you do not have to worry about your coolness at night. It utilizes an adaptive form in the top layer which is an excellent material at heat dissipation. Additionally, in order to enhance the breathability effect, T&N has a cover that utilizes micro polyamide material which also provides ventilation by driving heat away from your body. This mattress does not sleep warm like other affordable mattresses and therefore should be your choice.

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Comfort & Firmness

Tuft and needle are rated as a medium-firm which no doubt many people will find it comfortable and accommodative. Contrary to your expectation, it actually has a unique feel that does not identify with a memory foam feel.  Additionally, although T&N offers less sinkage than Lull mattress, Adaptive Foam in the top layer provides adequate sinkage for enhanced pressure relief. Additionally, Tuft and needle offer greater bounce and responsiveness compared to Lull. It also has enhanced edge support which makes it suitable for people who end up sleeping on the edge of the bed.

Motion isolation

Tuft and Needle is a great choice for couples and people who sleep with their pets. It performs well at limiting motion transfer and absorbing noise. It ensures that you will not be disturbed every time your partner or pet moves in or out of bed. The quick response that this mattress has also ensures you easily switch positions and easily moves out of bed due to the great bounce it has.

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Lull vs Tuft and Needle: Which Should be your best choice?

From the above review, you must have noticed that these two mattresses compare a lot in their important features. However, they have some differences that will make one more suitable to you than the other. Here is a summary from the review above regarding the important features of each mattress so you can easily pick the best one for you.

You should choose Tuft and needle if you:

  • Like more of a neutral-foam and balanced form feel. Tuft and Needle has more bounce and quick responsiveness as compared to Lull Mattress.
  • Have medium weight. Heavier people will apply too much pressure on the mattress which means they will miss out on the comfort offered by this mattress.
  • Are a back, side, and combo sleeper. Tuft and Needle is highly adaptive and therefore offers great support around your hips, shoulders and back.
  • Are under a tight budget. Tuft and Needle offer great comfort, ventilation, and support just like any other high-end mattress.

You should choose Lull if:

  • You are a light and medium-sized sleeper. Lull is best for people with average weight because they do not put a lot of pressure in the mattress therefore they get maximum comfort, support and sinkage.
  • You are under a budget. Lull is very affordable and it offers great comfort and support like any other mattress.
  • You are a warm sleeper. The open-cell foam and fiber structure utilized provides adequate airflow making Lull a cool mattress
  • You love the softer feel of memory foam and the comfort it offers and you do not sleep around the edge of the bed.
  • You sleep on your back, stomach and side sleeper. Lull offers great support and you are not likely to experience pressure points.

Hopefully, our Lull vs Tuft and needle mattress comparison will help you handpick the right mattress that suits your sleeping style.

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