What Makes Up A Good Drill Press For Woodworking?

Serious woodworkers or even those who have a hobby of wood working often gets confused on which machine would be the best drill press for them. With varied options in terms of models, brands and types available of this tool, it is difficult to find one. A main user of the drill press needs to analyze what his preferences and requirements are for a drill press and this makes decision making a lot easier. Some of the main features that best drill press includes are discussed here so one can access his needs and match features for a suitable drill press. It is best to have a drill press that gives you maximum benefits along with flexibility and ease of use. Be sure to check out our guide on the best drill press for woodworking.

Key Features of a Drill Press

When choosing to buy a drill press, you should consider giving a thought over which features are the most important ones and which ones can you compromise on. Below mentioned are all the important factors of a best machine:

Variable Speed:

When dealing with different materials for a construction job, you will need different speed options. Chuck is connected to the spindle and its variable speed is quite important for enhanced performance. We would recommend you not to opt for a single speed drill press as you may be wasting money over this purchase. Multiple speed option is significant as when you deal with metals you would need a speed lower than the one you use with wood. An ideal speed range would be 500 RPM to 2000 RPM with which you can do well over varied applications. Many of the high-end drill presses are also offered with a range up to 4000 RPM however for an average professional, this range is of no use. Such high range is needed in jobs such as mortising joints, sanding, grooving and others.

Motor Power:

Choosing according to motor power of a drill press hugely depends upon requirement of your drilling job. You need to assess that how much power you will need for drilling. For example if you deal with tougher materials and/or make a large number of holes on regular basis, you should opt for a drill press that has higher power for example a machine with 3/4 HP may be appropriate.

Working Station:

The working station or table of the drill press that you intend to buy must be completely flexible and smooth for processing. You should be able to lift it up and down the shaft with ease and can even rotate it at full 360 degrees around column or shaft. An adjustable table gives you enhanced stability, safety and thus more precise results.

Swing of a Drill Press:

Swing of a drill press is referred to as the distance from chuck middle to the closest column edge. Drill press having a swing size of 16 inches is considered perfect for a variety of jobs.

Chuck Size of a Drill Press:

One of the highlighted features of a best drill press is to have a keyless chuck that makes life of a woodworker much easier. Ideal chuck size would be somewhere between 5/8 to 3/4 inch. We would recommend you not to opt for a drill press with chuck size below 1/2 inch.

Depth Stops:

Depth stop is another important feature that gives you additional benefits. Having a depth stop in your drill press enables you to drill holes at a certain depth through a piece of material and thus you can replicate exact depth for making other similar holes with the press.


Having clamps keep your hands and fingers protected. Clamping the material gives you reduced risk of getting injured as the material that is not clamped will swing around and can come in contact with the user of the drill press.

Cast Iron Head:

The main advantage of having a drill press with cast iron head is that you get increased support. Most importantly this head serves as a protection for other important parts such as quill, shaft and motor.


Many of good drill press offers you a range of accessories that enables you to make maximum use of your drill press. Having accessories by the manufacturer gives you ease of using and then you wouldn’t even need to make varied shift arrangements for making the most out of your drill press.


Now that you have understood most of the key features of a best drill press, you can make your decision according to your job nature that whether you want a basic drill press or one with some advance features. Remember to keep cost a factor as you should have a proper budget in mind before opting for purchase and do not be tempted with features that may not be of use to you as it may increase cost. No matter which type of drill press you choose, you need to make sure that you maintain your drill press well. Also you should know basic repair techniques for a drill press in order to save cost and time of visiting repair technicians.

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