Nectar vs Casper vs Purple Comparison

Nectar vs Casper vs Purple

Looking to compare Nectar vs Casper vs Purple mattresses? We’ve spent countless hours doing research and testing each of these mattresses. In this guide, we will go through some of the differences, similarities and help you choose between the three mattresses.

Purple, Casper and Nectar are three of the best selling mattresses that users can count on. They come with some similar features and designs which makes it hard to tell how they differ in terms of comfort, support, pressure relief and other capabilities. As a matter of fact, it takes actual testing to know which one is better than the other in terms of overall performance. Thus, we have invested a lot of time in testing and analyzing these three mattresses to establish facts about their offers. We shall discus each of this brands in this article in order of their performance and comprehensively explain the findings.

Nectar vs Casper vs Purple Table

Here is a table comparing the three mattresses.

Purple Mattress

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The top in our comparison list is Purple which has excellent design and sophisticated capabilities. Purple is one the most outstanding and very unique mattress brand. It commands a large number of followers and boasts of using patented material known as Hyper-Elastic Polymer on the top layer of their mattresses. This material accord purple a unique feel and comfort that cannot be found on any other mattress. It is highly responsive, supportive and comfortable.

Purple Design & Construction

Purple mattresses are made of 3 layers and they all combine to form a height of 9.5 inches. The three-layer construction includes the following layers:

The top layer is 2 inches and made of very dense elastic polymer that provides both great bounce and comfort. As you move around in the mattress, it will completely adapt to your body pads therefore you don’t have to keep tossing around looking for a perfect sleeping position.

The middle layer is about 4 inches and it is made of very dense poly foam which acts as a transition from the polymer comfort layer to the base below.

The base Layer which is made of 4 inches of high-density poly foam. This layer gives the entire mattress stability and shape.

The cover-all these layers are well enveloped with a soft cover that you can easily remove. This cover is made of polyester and spandex materials which is why the cover is very thick, highly elastic, and breathable. It is not advisable to wash this covers because it loses its efficiency.


The Hyper-Elastic Polymer utilized in the purple mattress does an excellent job in temperature regulation. Hyper-Elastic Polymer is just a naturally cool material than foams because it does not trap any heat nor retain sweats. Therefore, your sleep remains entirely fresh since it does not get stuffy or smelly. Additionally, the top polymer layer is spread out in a grid formation which creates columns and rows that enables great air circulation. Therefore if you are a great sleeper you should confidence.

Softness & Firmness

Firmness and softness are highly subjective factors which unique to every individual. Purple mattress comes with a very distinct feel. It is very soft and comfortable but some people may not feel that way. When I lay on the mattress, I felt like a very relaxing gel-like movement and very comfortable almost immediately. Moreover, when it comes to firmness, we gave it a medium rating while we were testing with a number of people.

Motion isolation

Like mentioned above the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material implements every aspect in purple mattress to its promise. As you move in bed, you will realize that the mattress contours to your body and it has a real response time. You will not get any distractions from your sleeping partner when they turn or move around in bed.

Nectar Mattress

nectar mattress


Second, in our list of comparisons is the Nectar mattress which widely known for its strength and very affordable price. It comes with three layers that intricately designed for comfort and great support. Additionally, it is implemented with great cooling, motion isolation and firmness capabilities. Nectar utilizes a combination of memory foam, base foam, and gel quilting foam to provide you with a not only supportive sleep surface but also great comfort. Better still, it provides the contour that is expected from every memory foam mattress and it is also great news for side sleepers.

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Nectar design and construction

Nectar is made of mattress is 11 inches in height and it is comprised of 3 layers of foam. The foundation base is made up of polyfoam and 2 layers of memory foam on top.

The first layer has is 3 inches memory foam blended with gel that provide great contouring and pressure relief. AS you sinking into the mattress, you will feel a lot of comfort unique relief.

The second layer is 1.5 inches and it is made of Memory Foam. It serves as a transitional material which transitions the user from soft and comfort layer to firm base.

The base layer is 5.5 inches in height and it acts a foundation to the entire structure and ensures durability of the mattress as well as holding its shape.

The cover- The cover is made of a very soft blend of cotton and Tencel which performs well at breathability and softness. Additionally, it is quilted with an inch of memory foam with gel which relief pressure and drives heats away from the body as you sleep.

Firmness and feel

Firmness and feel is subjective to many factors like weight, height and shape of the body. Nectar mattresses are rated at 6.5 to 6 in terms of firmness out of 10-point firmness scale. This means it has medium firmness which matches many people’s preferences. However, Nectar utilizes memory foam which specifically great for people whose favorite sleeping positions are sideways. This is attributed to the great pressure relief implemented by foam.


Nectar mattress are highly ventilated and very breathable. They do not retain heat and moisture therefore it is a perfect match for hot sleepers. If you like a very cool environment as you sleep all night, you are guaranteed of comfort, freshness and coolness throughout the night. Moreover, the foam innovation utilized in constructing Nectar does well in preventing stuffiness in the mattress. Many people hold the belief that memory foam retains heat and therefore it provides warm sleep. However, Nectar utilizes gel-memory foam which is very firm and excellent at airflow therefore it keeps you very cool.

Motion isolation

Moreover, Nectar mattresses are implemented with excellent motion isolation, pressure relief abilities, no noise and they are very durable. While we were testing Nectar for motion isolation, the e were satisfying. You cannot even realize when the other person turns or move out of bed. You are assured of great sleep with no distractions from you sleeping partner. Therefore, if you are a couple this is a great choice.

Casper Mattresses

casper mattress

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Last on our list is Casper mattresses is manufactured by Casper Sleep. It is widely known for its detailed comfort design. Casper stands out from other mattresses out there on the market due to its immense investment in designs and materials that provide contour and support to a wide range of sleepers. Moreover, it features motion isolation, solid edge support, maximum heat transfer capabilities, great firmness, and effective bounce to which eliminates the struggle of moving in the bed and get in and out.

Casper design and construction

The Casper mattress comes with a height of 12 inches. It is made up of four layers that are made up of latex, memory foam, and high-density poly foam that combines to great structure. This layers are well covered with cover that is made of soft polyester blend that has been proved to be durable. Let’s take a deep look into the Casper construction design in detail.

The layers:

The first layer of Casper is 1.5 inches of open-cell proprietary comfort foam that. This material which works like latex provides the mattress some bounce that makes it very easy to move around the mattress. Additionally, it also provide breathability which keeps the surface of the mattress from. This layer is very important because it gives you the ability to switch your positions while you sleep and lack of this layer means serious effect on people with physical health problems.

The second layer which is called the contour layer is 1.5 inches of responsive memory foam. This layer is designed for comfort as it provides pressure relief and motion isolation because it responds very slowly to pressure.  This layer is strategically placed away from the surface because it provides breathability effect since memory form traps a lot of from the body.

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The third layer also called transition layer is focused on providing support to specific body parts by transitioning from comfort to support.  This layer is made of 1.5 inches of adaptive transition form. This is variation is firmness also features additional pressure relief to your specific body parts.

The base layer is heavy-duty dense foam that acts as the foundation and provides durability, shape and support to the first 3 layers. It is actually made up of long lasting support foam provides durability to the entire mattress.

All these layers are combined and covered by great cover with very neutral colors which greatly matches a wide set of bedrooms accessories. This cover is made of a blend of polyester and spandex. These materials implements breathability excellently at the surface of the mattress. This cover is well-zipped therefore easy to remove and you don’t have to worry of its life span.

The firmness and feel

Casper considered that most of the people do not have a favorite sleeping positions and therefore engineered their design for easy changing of the positions. The support and pressure relief factors work together perfectly with the medium firmness to offer great comfort. More impressive, customer reviews have proven that Casper did an excellent job in contour and support balancing.


We rate our mattresses as either cool, neutral of warm.  Casper is rated to be cool. Casper uses an innovative heat transfer system therefore people who sleep hot are ensured of great night sleep without any tossing and turning. The cover is thin and designed to breathable with the open-cell structure of the comfort foam which allows for great airflow circulation.

Motion Isolation

Moreover, Casper scores a top mark in motion isolation. You are guaranteed of zero disturbances if you sleep with someone. While we were testing this aspect, we asked on person to sleep facing the corner and asked the other to identify when the other turns. The results were unbelievable. More impressive, the free 100-night trial period is a great assurance that you can never go wrong with Casper innovation.

Purple vs Nectar Vs Casper: Which Should be your best Choice?

There is a high chance you may not find a chance to taste all the three mattresses to identify your best choice. You don’t have to worry since we have your back. We invested a considerable time in experimenting on every factor on each mattress in order to determine their suitability. From all the detailed reviews above, here are the key highlights of each mattress that will simply the selection for you.

You should choose purple if:

  • You move around a lot at night with no favorite sleeping position or spot. Purple caters well for stomach and back sleepers.
  • You need easier repositioning. Purple has real time responsiveness even at its edges and this makes it effortless to toss or move out of bed.
  • You want enhanced support. The grid system implemented in purple enhances support to greater level especially for individuals who sleep on their backs and stomachs.

You should choose Nectar if:

  • You love Memory foam because it provides excellent contouring and pressure relief. It is great preference people who love memory foam feeling
  • You are on budget. Nectar is highly affordable
  • You need trial and lifetime warranty. If you want a trial time to decide whether you like the mattress or not and a lifetime warranty, their 365-day trial and forever Warranty you’re your back.
  • Your favorite sleeping position is side. Pressure relief is implemented well for side sleepers

You should choose Casper if:

  • You’re of average weight and average height
  • You sleep with someone since it is implemented with motion isolation
  • You are a hot sleeper and therefore need a cool environment while you sleep
  • You want to easily move around in bed or easily move in out of bed

Hopefully with our Nectar vs Casper vs Purple comparison guide, you will be able to pick the right mattress that suits your needs.


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