Novaform vs Casper Mattress Comparison

novaform vs casper mattress

Want to compare Novaform vs Casper mattresses? We’ve done extensive research and come up with a comprehensive comparison guide to help you choose between the two.

How well we sleep determines how well we wake up. Good sleep depends on a number of things, the first and most important being the mattress on your bed.  A bad mattress will definitely cost you in terms of health and money because defective mattress will cause serious health problems and the only way out is buying another mattress.

While the market offers a wide range of mattresses boasting of great technological and innovation advancement to choose from, it is not easy to find manufactures who deliver to their brand promise. This is the reason where we embarked on research to taste and analyze the Casper and Novaform. No doubt, these two models command the mattress world and high customer rating but here is a detailed guide on their offers.

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Novaform Mattress

novaform matress

Novaform is a huge mattress brand manufactured by Innocor. It is widely termed as memory form mattress and it is coupled with sophisticated details. The layering innovation used are intricately arranged for your comfort. Moreover, it encompasses variety of  product lines with varying blends of form to ensure customers get a mattress type that perfectly match their comfort. These products range from soft, medium and firm.

Novaform Design and Construction

novaform mattress vs casper

Research, tests and experiments have proven that memory foam mattress is the best for comfort. It totally adapts your to your body shape therefore it eliminates the need of you struggling to reposition yourself for comfort. This explains where Novaform meets many people’s expectation and preference. Additionally, the gel memory foam used in Novaform mattresses has an advance coolness therefore it suits different temperatures. Moreover, Novaform’s mattress come with varying heights that range from 12 to 15 inches and they are made of 3 layers. The three-layer construction includes the following layers:

Top layer of Gel-Memory – This layer is focused at providing comfort during your sleep. It particularly tailored to offer cradling support.

Middle layer of Air Channel Foam layer– This layer helps in regulating the temperature. It serves to keep an enhanced airflow and optimal temperature while sleeping.

8-inche base layer foam layer– This layer is the pillar of your mattress. It offers stability, ensures durability and firmness. It therefore holds the mattress in shape to ensure it lasts without having to turn it.

Cover-In addition, Novaform Comfort mattress comes with a cover that is made of gel beads. This saves you the hustle of looking for a mattress cover. This cover is very comfortable, easy to clean and long-lasting. However, Novaform comes with a mild chemical odor. You will have to leave the mattress for some time for it to expand. If you are allergic to chemicals, Novaform may not be for you. In a nutshell, these three layers together with the cover work together to give you an impeccable comfort and great night.

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Types of Novaform Mattress Types

Novaform come in a wide variety of mattresses that you can choose from. From firm ones to plush mattresses, there is something for everyone out there. Here is an overview of these Novaform mattresses based on their design.


Plush mattress comes a great comfortable design that has three components. The three components features a 1-inch ultra-soft memory foam at the top layer, a 2-inch soft gel memory foam underneath, and a 3.5 inch polyfoam as the base layer. The supporting inner part of the mattress is made of dense polyfoam. The famous model in this category is Altabella Mattress.


The most widely known model under this category is Serafina Pearl. This mattress model with medium-firmness focuses on comfort system with three constructive components as well. This includes a 3-inches gel- memory foam in the top layer top layer, 3 inches of CustomWave foam that provide strong support and an 8-ich bottom layer  that is made of polyfoam. It has a support core made from highly dense polyfoam, and the entire mattress has a quilted cover around it.

Here is a video overview of Novaform Serafina Pearl.


Lastly, firm line with Novaform Firm being the main model in this group. This mattress model features -inch FlexTech foam, 1-inch ultrasoft memory foam as the second layer, and 10-inch ultra supportive base foam that is tailored to support you.

Firmness, breathability and performance

Novaform mattresses presents impeccable wide range of models with different firmness ratings thus they suit the varying sleeping preferences for different customers. Therefore, it is all on the customer to choose the firmness rate that matches their desire be it soft, medium or firm. Additionally, you can get Novaform mattress in five different sizes, which include Twin, Full, King, California King, and Queen.

Novaform mattress are well-ventilated and highly breathable. They do not retain heat and night sweats therefore every hot sleeper is guaranteed comfort, freshness and coolness throughout the night. To add on that, the innovation used in constructing Novaform work well in preventing smell in the mattress. Moreover, Novaform mattresses are implemented with excellent motion isolation, pressure relief abilities, no noise and they are very durable. I have been sleeping on my mattress for years and it is still as new as it was when I purchased.

Warranty and customer care services

Novaform mattresses come with an extensive limited warranty of 20 years. The warrant period starts from the date you purchase the mattress. In case of any defect during this time, you will enjoy will repair or replacement from the manufacturer. However, only sagging and similar defects will be attended to. Physical defects such as cuts and product bought from unauthorized dealers are not covered. Additionally, any transportation costs during replacement or repair is fully on the customer.

Casper Mattress

casper mattress

Casper mattresses from Casper Sleep which is a well-known brand featuring a detailed comfort design. It stands out from other mattresses on the market because it is focused on providing contour and support to the customer. Moreover, it features motion isolation, maximum heat transfer capabilities, great firmness, and effective bounce to which eliminates the struggle of moving in the bed and get in and out. It is made of all-form and it is proved to be long-lasting.

Casper design and construction

The Casper mattress is made up of four layers of latex, memory foam, and high-density poly foam that combines to a height of 12 inches. This layers are covered with cover that is made of soft polyester blend. Let’s dive in to the Casper construction design in detail.

The layers:

The first layer of Casper is 1.5 inches of open-cell proprietary comfort foam that. This material which works like latex provides the mattress some bounce that makes it very easy to move around the mattress. Additionally, it also provide breathability which keeps the surface of the mattress from. This layer is very important because it gives you the ability to switch your positions while you sleep and lack of this layer means serious effect on people with physical health problems.

The second layer which is called the contour layer is 1.5 inches of responsive memory foam. This layer is designed for comfort as it provides pressure relief and motion isolation because it responds very slowly to pressure.  This layer is strategically placed away from the surface because it provides breathability effect since memory form traps a lot of from the body.

The third layer also called transition layer is focused on providing support to specific body parts by transitioning from comfort to support.  This layer is made of 1.5 inches of adaptive transition form. It is firmer than the above layers at the center of the mattress where your hips are positioned to handle the extra weight and soft towards the shoulders and knees area. This is variation is firmness also features additional pressure relief to your specific body parts.

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The base layer is heavy-duty dense foam that acts as the foundation and provides durability, shape and support to the first 3 layers. It is actually made up of long lasting support foam provides durability to the entire mattress.

All these layers are combined and covered by simple cover with very neutral colors which comfortably matches a wide set of bedrooms. This cover is made of polyester and spandex. These materials are not only responsible for great breathability but also interaction with the comfort layer. This cover is well-zipped therefore easy to remove and you don’t have to worry of its life span.

Firmness, Performance & Breathability

casper vs novaform

Casper took into consideration that most of the people do not have fixed sleeping positions and therefore tailored the design for easy switching of the positions. The support and pressure relief factors work together perfectly with the medium firmness to offer great comfort. More impressive, in our opinion, Casper did an excellent job in contour and support balancing. Additionally, Casper implemented great heat transfer therefore people who sleep hot are ensured of great night. The cover is thin and designed to breathable with the open-cell structure of the comfort foam which allows for great airflow circulation

Moreover, Casper scores a top mark in motion isolation. You are guaranteed of zero disturbances if you sleep with someone. While we were testing this aspect, we asked on person to sleep facing the corner and asked the other to identify when the other turns. The results were unbelievable. More impressive, the free 100-night trial period is a great assurance that you can never go wrong with Casper innovation.

Warranty and Customer Service

If you need a sleep trial, Casper has you back. It offers a 100-nights trial period to test your mattress. If by chance you do not like the mattress, the manufacturer will pick it up for free along as you do not damage the mattress. Additionally, Casper mattresses come with a 10 year warranty. Free shipping and free returns are available in a few countries USA and Canada. Additionally, unpacking the mattress is very easy because it is not very heavy.

However, if you find unpacking challenging and prefer someone to do it for you, Casper took that into consideration. The Optional White Glove Delivery can have the mattress delivered to your door step and installed by professionals for an additional fee.

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Novaform vs Casper: Which Should You Choose?

If you have never tested either of these mattresses, you don’t have to worry since we have your back. As we were carrying out research, we took our considerable time testing on this mattresses by sleeping on them and even switching between in order to establish their suitability. From all the information above, here are the key attributes of each mattress so you can easily pick which one is good for you.

You should choose Novaform if:

  • You are side sleeper.
  • Move around a lot at night with no favorite sleeping position or spot.
  • You sleep on your back or stomach.
  • Share a bed with someone and there need minimal movement distractions.

You should choose Casper if:

  • You sleep with someone since it is implemented with motion isolation.
  • You’re a hot sleeper and therefore need a cool environment while you sleep.
  • You’re of average weight and average height.
  • You want to easily move around in bed or easily move in out of bed.

Hopefully, our Novaform vs Casper comparison guide will help you pick the right mattress to buy.

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