Puffy Lux vs Purple Mattress Comparison

puffy lux vs purple mattress

Puffy Lux and Purple have both inspired positive reactions from users all over. The question remains:- Are they worthy or is it just hype? These mattresses use different technological innovations to provide quality sleep that leaves users rejuvenated during the day. They come with distinct layering, quality materials, and ingenious construction that stands out. With that in mind, unless you have a deep and comprehensive understanding of each of these mattresses, it will not be a walk in a park choosing the best one that suits your desires. Here is our Puffy Lux vs Purple mattress comparison review where we outline the similarities, differences and help you choose the best from the two.

Before going deep into the two mattresses, here is a summarized version of what to expect from the mattresses.

Puffy Lux Vs Purple Comparison Table

Mattress BrandPuffy LuxPurple
Available SizesCalifornia King, Full, King, Queen, Twin and Twin XLCalifornia King, Full, King, Queen, Twin and Twin XL
Weight (Queen Size)75 lbs168 lbs
Mattress Layers4 layers2 layers foam and springs
Thickness12 inches13 inches
Firmness LevelMedium SoftFirm, Medium, Soft
Best PerksGood as a soft & medium soft mattress for average sized users.Good for people who want firmer support and excellent bounce.
Trial Period101 Nights100 Nights
WarrantyLifetime warranty10 Years
PriceSee Best PriceSee Best Price

Puffy Lux Mattress

puffy lux mattress

Puffy Lux is an ideal memory form mattress with a great feel. Puffy Lux mattress shares a lot with the original Puffy mattress. In fact, it utilizes the cloud foam just like original Puffy mattress. However, Puffy Lux is the modern incarnation t its predecessor and is upgraded to 12 inches by an added layer of infused gel. This layer is focused on providing more balance, enhanced body contouring, and deeper comfort. It also makes the mattress more dense, unique, and more breathable. The latter also utilizes the patented gel-infused memory form which is a naturally cool material to help address the heat build-up issue that is common with most memory foam mattresses. So, you can sleep cool and more comfortably.

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Puffy Design and Construction

There is a certain way in which mattresses need to be made to ensure that they contour to the natural body curves and give users a good night sleep. It is a rocket science that many mattress brands fail on. A lot of testing has to be done to make sure that it can be relied on. The good thing with the Puffy Lux mattress is that it uses a tested body adapting formula that it is versatile and comfortable to people of all sleeping styles. Whether you are a stomach, side or back sleeper, you will love it.

As aforementioned, Puffy Lux mattress is comprised of four layers that add up to a height of 12 inches. Each of these four layers is tailored towards your comfort and satisfaction that memory foam could provide. Moreover, they combine to form a great structure that gives the best sleep and great comfort. Here is a breakdown of the 4 layers and what they are made of.

The first layer is 2 inches thick and is made of a Cooling Cloud Foam. This layer provides coolness to you as you sleep by dissipating heat away from your body through convection and conduction. Moreover, it is designed to distribute your weight evenly thus providing pressure relief. It also provides great contouring because the cloud form perfectly adapts to your body.

The second layer is exclusive to Puffy lux. It is 2 inches and it is made of a unique Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam which upgrades puffy to 12 inches. This height advancement adds to the overall structural thickness and elevates both comfort and feel of the mattress. It performs excellent at distributing your weight and adds to the contouring effect giving you a quality night sleep.

The third layer is also 2 inches high and it is made of the Climate Comfort Foam. This layer also provides heat dissipation which works to keep the mattress cool. It also provides a contouring effect and comfort. However, this layer features a unique premium material that is resistant to temperature and humidity.

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The base layer is 6 inches high and it is made of the Firm Core Support Foam. It utilizes a unique innovation called Insta-Firm Technology which is indicated to be 4 times more supportive than generic foams. This base gives great support and maintains the entire structure in shape for a very long time.

Cover-many people overlook the importance of mattress covers. As long as the inner structure is good enough for them, they ignore whatever it is used to wrap them. However, covers are also significant feature of a mattress because it determines how well the mattress is breathable and how net it will remain. Puffy Lux comes with a cover that is made of certified polyester. It is very soft, stain-resistant and very breathable. It is also easy to remove and wash thus your mattress will remain neat for as long as it lasts.

puffy mattress construction


It is a custom for memory form to trap heat and therefore present a challenge to hot sleepers. However, Puffy Lux took that into consideration and gave hot sleeper what they deserve. The first layer is made of gel which has incredible heat dissipation properties hence according to the bed neutral coolness. In addition, Puffy Lux utilizes cooling cloud foam material on the layers which essentially conducting heat away from your body thus providing great ventilation. These innovations in the layers elevate the quality of your sleep to the maximum with enhanced comfort.

Softness & Firmness

Firmness is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest. However, it is important to note that firmness is very subjective depending on weight and height. Puffy Lux is rated at 5 to 6 which means it is medium-firm. The Body Adapting foam used in the second layer implements great pressure relief and deep comfort which many people have taken into. Additionally, it has great backbone support and it contours excellently to the body when one sleeps on the side. Overall, the feel of this foam mattress is amazing.

Motion Isolation

The Puffy Lux has a real-time response. This makes it easy to switch positions and turn in bed. The Cloud Comfort foam distributes weight evenly which means it eliminates any disturbance. Motion transfer on this Puffy Lux is excellent. To test this attribute, we had two people sleep facing opposite sides. Then, one person turned several times and checked with the other to shout when the other turns or moves. The results were impeccable because the other person hardly noticed the movements. This is, therefore, an ideal bed for a couple, people who sleep with another person or a pet.

Pressure Relief

What good is a mattress if it cannot get you feeling relaxed? To call it a restful night, the mattress should offer ample pressure relief and let you wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day. Anything other that shouldn’t be called a mattress. The ingenious combination and layering of the mattress make it a good relaxing mattress that caters for average-sized people.

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Purple Mattress

Purple mattress

Purple mattress is an industry most unique mattress brand that is incorporated with sophisticated material and remarkable capabilities. Bragging of utilizing a patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material on the top layer, this mattress has attracted many customers. This material gives purple a differentiated gel-like feel that you are assured no other mattress will offer. It has a real-time response it is uniquely supportive, medium-firm, and comfortable with impeccable coolness. Basically, you are assured of differentiated attributes with Purple mattress.

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Purple design and construction

Purple was welcomed with high ratings in the market because of unique design and material. Like mentioned above, utilizes patented Hyperelastic material in its construction which accords it a unique feel and comfort. It is made of 3 layers and they all combine to form a height of 9.5 inches. The three-layer construction includes the following layers:

The first layer is 2 inches of height and it is made of elastic polymer that provides both great bounce, contour and comfort. It will perfectly adapt to your body shape even when you move around a lot, therefore, you don’t have to strain to look for a perfect sleeping position. Moreover, this highly elastic material makes it highly comfortable and very soft.

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The middle layer is about 4 inches and it is made of very of dense poly foam which acts as a transition from the polymer comfort layer to the base below. It gives support and comfort as well.

The Base layer is 4 inches and it is made of high-density polyfoam. This layer gives the entire mattress stability and shape by acting as a foundation. It also provides durability and general support to the entire structure.

The cover-all these layers are well-packed with a soft, highly stretchy cover that you can easily remove and clean. This cover is made of polyester and spandex materials which is why the cover is very dense, highly elastic, and very breathable.


Purple is rated as neutral in terms of coolness. It utilizes a unique grid technology with grid air channels that intelligently neutralize your body temperature. Additionally, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer utilized in the purple mattress is a naturally great material at temperature regulation. Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a cool material by default unlike foam because it does not trap any heat nor retain moisture. Your sleep is guaranteed to remain wholly fresh since it does not get stuffy at all. Besides, the top polymer layer is patterned in a grid formation which creates columns and rows that allow great ventilation because of intensified airflow.

Softness & Firmness

Firmness, feel or softness are highly opinionated attributes that are unique to every individual according to their body shape and weight. However, Purple mattress comes with a distinct feel that cuts across for everyone who gets to test and experience. It is very soft, bouncy and comfortable but some sleepers may find this gel-like feel not likable. While we were testing the bed, many of the selected individuals felt a very relaxing gel-like movement and felt very comfortable immediately. Moreover, when it comes to firmness, Purple has a medium rating of 5.5 to 6 which works for a wide range of sleepers. The grid technology serves the comfort it promises to the ultimate

Motion isolation

Many customers are likely to believe that the grid design will not offer motion transfer capabilities. However, Hyper-Elastic Polymer material establishes every aspect in the purple mattress to its overall promise. As you move in bed, you will realize that the mattress contours to your body with a great response time. You will not get any distractions from your sleeping partner or even pet when they turn or move around, in and out of bed. It is, therefore, a great choice for a couple or people who may want to share a bed.

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Puffy Lux vs Purple: Which Is  The Best?

Here is a summary from our Puffy Lux vs Purple review above regarding the key features of each mattress so you can easily pick the best one for you.

You should choose purple if:

  • You or your partner do not have a favorite position for sleeping, therefore, you move around a lot at night.
  • You’re a stomach or back sleeper.
  • You need easy and instant repositioning. Purple has a fast reaction even at its edges and this makes it very quick to settle on any spot.
  • You want a unique feel and enhance body parts support. The grid system utilized in purple enhances support for individuals who sleep on their backs and stomachs.

You should choose Puffy if:

  • You want a softer feel for side sleeping
  • You prefer very soft mattresses with advanced edge support
  • Mattress thickness matters to you.
  • You don’t have a favorite sleeping position

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Hopefully, our Puffy Lux vs Purple comparison guide has helped you figure out which among the two mattresses you should be getting. You may also want to see how Puffy compares to Puffy Lux and the original Puffy Vs Purple mattress here.


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