Puffy vs Purple Mattress Comparison

puffy vs purple mattress

Our Puffy Vs Purple mattress comparison guide is as comprehensive and accurate as it can get. We have done tests and sought the help of experts to help us come up with a good comparison among these two mattresses. 

Many of us want to purchase a mattress that matches comfort, firmness, and every other aspect that we desire. We want to be able to purchase this mattress with a lot of ease without going through the hectic procedure of picking. However, there is no such ideal convenience in the mattress market because there are a lot of brands with distinct technologies and innovations. The other challenge is the fact that some brands do not deliver what they hype in their description. That is why you need the right information about any brand that you choose to purchase.

Narrowing down to Purple Vs Puffy brands, we have spent a considerable amount of time on each of these brands. We tasted each of them to confirm their descriptions and innovation. Having mentioned that, the aim of this comparison is to paint a clear picture of Purple and Puffy so that you will be able to purchase what is right for you.

Puffy Mattress

puffy mattress

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Puffy is an industry-leading mattress brand with a lifetime warranty. It is made of gel-infused memory foam and it has three layers and each has unique innovation. These layers sum up to a balanced and adaptable mattress structure that works well for all sleepers particularly those who don’t have a favorite sleeping position. Additionally, it is medium-firm, neutral in terms of coolness, and very soft.

Puffy Design & Construction

The Puffy mattress is that is comprised of three layers that add up to form a height of 10 inches. The bottom is a highly dense layer of support, a transition layer is made of polyfoam and proprietary gel-infused foam on top.

The first layer of the Puffy mattress starts is 2 inches of patent patented gel infused Cooling Cloud Memory Foam. This layer dissipates heat away from thus keeping you cool during your sleep. As a matter of fact, the gel is very effective in airflow more than any other material. Moreover, this layer also provides great contouring to your body, pressure relief and some weight distribution. This layer is very important because it gives you the ability to switch your positions easily.

The second layer is also 2 inches and it gives the sleeper support. It is made of Puffy’s Climate Comfort foam. This unique type of foam has provided deep comfort high-pressure relief. It does not alter with any temperature but it just remains cool.

The base layer – is 6 inches and it is made of high-density polyfoam which provides deep compression and overall support to keep the mattress from sagging. The high-quality foam materials used in this foundation base ensure the mattress is durable and it is backed up with a lifetime warranty.

The cover – The cover used to envelop the above layers is made of certified polyester. It is stain-resistant and zipped therefore very easy to remove and clean. The mattress is not as stretchy as the mattress cover, but it is rather a course but very comfortable. It is very breathable.

Purple Mattress


Purple mattress Is an impeccable industry-leading brand that is incorporated with sophisticated design and unbeatable capabilities. As a matter of fact, it is the most outstanding and very unique mattress brand with advanced innovation and technology. It commands high ratings and utilizes patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material on the top layer. This material gives purple a unique gel-like feel that cannot be found on any other mattress. It is highly responsive, supportive, medium-firm, and comfortable with impressive edge support.

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Purple design and construction

purple mattress layers


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Purple is unique in both design and material. As mentioned above, it boasts of patented Hyperelastic material utilized in its constructions which gives it a unique feel and comfort. This mattress is made of 3 layers and they all combine to form a height of 9.5 inches. The three-layer construction includes the following layers:

The first layer is 2 inches and made of very dense elastic polymer that provides both great bounce and comfort. As you move around in the mattress, it will completely adapt to your body parts therefore you don’t have to keep tossing around looking for a perfect sleeping position. Additionally, these stretchy materials make it very comfortable and very soft.

The middle layer is about 4 inches and it is made of very of dense poly foam which act as a transition from the polymer comfort layer to the base below. It gives support and comfort as well.

The base Layer which is made of 4 inches of high-density poly foam. This layer gives the entire mattress stability and shape. It also ensures durability and overall support to the entire structure.

The cover-all these layers are well cased with a soft stretchy cover that you can easily remove. This cover is made of polyester and spandex materials which is why the cover is very dense, highly elastic, and very breathable. It is not advisable to wash these covers.

Puffy Vs Purple – Breathability


A puffy mattress is rated as an excellent mattress in terms of temperature. Puffy is made of all-foam but is unlike many foam mattresses when it comes to controlling heat. Most foam mattresses are known to trap heat which can turn out to be very uncomfortable for most sleepers. However, with the advanced cooling technology used by Puffy mattress, you are sure to love every bit of it as you wouldn’t experience any heat buildup. Every layer on the mattress plays an important role in this and this includes the gel-infused on the top layer is perfect for heat dissipation. In addition, Puffy has a cooling cloud foam material on the top which works by conducting heat away from your body through convection and conduction. With all these measures in place, you are guaranteed a cool sweat-less night.

Purple is rated as an ample-cool mattress. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer utilized in the purple mattress does a perfect job in temperature regulation. Hyper-Elastic Polymer is just a naturally cool material than foam because it does not trap any heat nor retain moisture. Therefore, your sleep remains entirely fresh since it does not get stuffy at all. Moreover, the top polymer layer is patterned in a grid formation which creates columns and rows that allow great ventilation. Therefore if you sleep hot you should confident.

When comparing both Puffy and Purple mattresses in terms of breathability and temperature retention, both are sure to give you a relaxed good night’s sleep. Puffy has done what most memory foam brands couldn’t by making their foam mattress stand out and

From our testing and based on thousands of user reviews, there seem to be no heat build-up issues whatsoever with both mattresses, and we consider this to be a draw. They are both excellent in breathability and helping users to sleep cool.

Puffy Vs Purple – Softness & Firmness

Firmness and feel is a highly subjective factor depending on the weight and shape of an individual. To arrive at our own rating on testing the mattress, we picked five of people with different weights and heights and asked them to rate the firmness feel on a scale of 1 to 10. After combining the results, we did not even have to do the average because all individuals rated it at around a medium on the firmness scale. This is why puffy is a match for a back, stomach, or side sleepers.

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Firmness and softness are highly opinionated factors that are unique to every individual. However, Purple mattress comes with a differentiated feel that is unique to everyone who gets to test the mattress. It is very soft, bouncy and comfortable but some sleepers may not feel that way. While we were testing the mattress, each of us felt a very relaxing gel-like movement and felt very comfortable almost immediately. In addition, when it comes to firmness, has a medium rating which works for a wide variety of sleepers.

Puffy Vs Purple – Motion Isolation

The puffy mattress does very well when it comes to the motion isolation and it has excellent edge support. It is therefore recommended for couples or people who sleep with other individuals. It absorbs all the motions and it does not make any noise therefore you are assured of sound sleep throughout the night. To test this factor, we asked two people to sleep facing opposite sides. We then signaled one to turn and asked the other to identify when the other turns. The results were good because the other person did not even notice the movements.

As for the Purple mattress, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material implements every aspect in purple mattress to its promise without even slight disappointment. As you move in bed, you will realize that the mattress contours to your body and it has a great response time. You will not get any distractions from your sleeping partner or even pet when they turn or move around in bed. It is a great choice for couple.

purple vs tuft and needle

Purple vs Puffy: Which Is The Best Choice?

Many customers would love to taste and have actual experience on variety of mattresses before they purchase. However, that chance may not be easy to come by. If you have never had such a chance, this guide is for you. Here is a summary of the information above regarding the key attributes of each mattress so you can easily choose which one is good for you.

You should choose purple if:

  • You or your partner move around a lot at night with no favorite sleeping position or spot. Purple caters well for stomach and back sleepers.
  • You need easier and instant repositioning. Purple has real-time responsiveness even at its edges and this makes it very quick to settle on any spot.
  • You want advanced support with a unique feel. The grid system implemented in purple enhances support to a greater level especially for individuals who sleep on their backs and

You should choose Puffy if:

  • move around a lot at night with no favorite sleeping position or spot
  • share a bed with someone and there need minimal movement distractions
  • You love the softer feel of memory foam and the comfort it offers
  • You’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper.
  • You want a mattress that is durable alongside a lifetime warranty.

Hopefully our Puffy Vs Purple mattress comparison guide will help you decide on the right mattress to invest in. Here is how the newer version puffy lux compares to purple and how Puffy Lux compares to the original Puffy.

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