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purple mattress coupon

Are you looking for a Purple mattress coupon code or discounts? From time to time, Purple offers coupon codes and discounts. We keep a weekly check on major outlets to see if there are any Purple mattress coupons and special discounts.

At the moment there are no Purple coupons and price discounts on their site but if you buy Purple mattress through Amazon, you could get a good deal.

Here is a recent screenshot of the King size Purple mattress discount on Amazon

purple discount code>>Click here to see the Purple on Amazon

Note: It is not a guarantee that there is a Purple mattress discount on Amazon every time. These discounts and coupons are time limited and expire.

Before even thinking of a Purple mattress coupon code, the most important thing is to find out if the mattress is really perfect and fit for you. Below is an overview of the Purple mattress and whether it is a mattress that you’d want to sleep on for the coming years.

Purple Mattress Overview

The purple mattress is one of the best mattresses that you can find out there in the market today. The mattress is uniquely designed and although it hasn’t been around for decades, it has totally revolutionized the mattress industry in the few years it has been around. Founded by two brothers who have over 30 years in the aerospace industry and cushion design manufacturing, the purple mattress is incredibly structured with expertise to ensure you get the best sleep comfort.

Purple also recently unveiled their newer version which tends to offer better comfort,  thanks to an improvement to their already awesome mattress structuring.

Purple Mattress Layers

purple mattress coupon codeWeighing about 140 pounds for the King size, the Purple mattress is made up of 3 layers and a soft and breathable cover made of Polyester, Viscose and Lycra.

The first layer (Comfort Layer) – This 2 inch layer is made of the hyper-elastic polymer which is elastic and expands easily. The material is structured into a smart-grid design which easily conforms to the body when pressure is exerted. It also gives the mattress a unique bounce while the grid structure creates air pockets which prevents heat buildup. This layer together with the soft cover takes comfort to the next level and makes this mattress stand out among many. This is the first time hyper-elastic polymer has been used in designing mattresses and from the positive customer reviews, Purple mattress is surely worth investing on.

Second layer (Transition)

the middle layer of the mattress measures 3.2 inches and is made of a 1.8lb density poly foam which provides a solid support for the mattress. It is the transition layer that helps to blend the firmer foundation layer to the top comfort layer without being too stiff.

Foundation Bottom Layer

Lastly, the denser and thicker base layer measures 4 inches and is made of a 2 lb poly foam. It offers total support for the whole mattress and keeps the whole structure in shape.

Motion Isolation

If you are sleeping with someone or would like to place a glass of wine beside you while you rest on your bed, then any motion that causes disturbance is the last thing you want. You don’t want your sleeping partner to feel the disturbance and having your wine spill on the mattress is another disaster. It’s a good thing that you wont experience that with Purple mattress. Although Purple mattress is very bouncy, we were surprised at how it holds up when it comes to motion isolation. Just amazing.

Pressure Relief

Purple mattress markets itself as a a pressure relief mattress, in which case, independent customer reviews and ratings tend to show that they are close to perfection when it comes to this. We all need a peaceful night on a comfortable mattress after a long day and Purple is the kind of mattress that makes this a reality. It is a true luxury mattress and worth every penny spent.

Sleeping cool

Are you sick and tired of sweaty nights that you get from your old memory foam mattress? Switching to Purple would perhaps be one of the most important decisions and you are guaranteed of sleeping cool, thanks to the free-flow air channels that don’t trap heat.  The antimicrobial used in the mattress which has no artificial germicides also protects against allergens and dust mites.

Body Contouring and Pain Relief

A mattress should always contour to your body curves and waking up with an aching back is something that you don’t want to even think about.  Thankfully the Purple mattress’s technology that uses smart-comfort-grid with the polyurethane foam offers excellent support that aligns well with your spine and body curves. It is also a good pain relief mattress that you can count on for back pain related issues.

Sinkage and edge support

The sinkage of a mattress is important because it helps you know how easy it is to turn and get out of bed. Sinking in the bed will always depend on your size and body structure, both of which translates to the overall pressure exerted. According to the research we gathered from verified customers in over a dozen major outlets, Purple has proven to be universally supportive regardless of the weight of the person and their sleeping style.

While sitting on the edge mattress, you’ll be glad that the mattress holds up well and wont feel it sink so deep.

Purple Pricing As Compared To Other Mattresses

Considering that luxury mattresses costs upwards of $2,000, even without a Purple coupon code, this mattress is a steal keeping in mind the quality you are getting.

Purple Mattress Coupon & Discount Code

On amazon, you don’t need any Purple mattress coupon code. Follow the link below to check out the Purple mattress on amazon and see if their is a good discount deal which also comes with Free shipping.

Is there a special Purple military coupon?

Some mattress companies offer special mattress coupons for military and veterans, but Purple doesn’t have any.

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