Purple vs Lull Mattress Comparison

purple vs lull mattress

Are you comparing Purple vs Lull and at the crossroads wondering which one is better for you? With our comprehensive comparison guide, you can easily choose the best from the two.

The quality of sleep we get is very important because it reflects in our health. This is why spending a lot of time and effort in choosing the mattress to purchase is unavoidable. However, in spite our efforts to choose the best mattress, the market does not make it easier for us because it offers several mattress brands each with unique capabilities. Narrowing down to Lull and Purple, which one is more superior than the other? Here is a detailed Purple vs Lull review of both brands that we compiled after spending considerable effort and time testing each of them.

Purple Mattress

purple mattress

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Purple has an impeccable design and outstanding capabilities. It utilizes unique scientific innovation in its construction which makes it a differentiated mattress brand.  It takes pride in using patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material on the top layer of the mattress. This material gives purple a unique feel and comfort that cannot be offered by any other mattress. Due to this remarkable technology, it commands high rating from a large number of customers. It is highly responsive, supportive, breathable and comfortable.

Purple design and construction

Purple mattress is made of 3 layers with each layer utilizing unique material.  These layers combine to form a height of 9.5 inches. The three-layer construction includes the following 3 layers:

The top layer is 2 inches high and it is made of very dense elastic polymer that provide both great bounce and enhanced comfort. As you move around in the mattress, it will totally conform to your body which makes you feel like you are moving with the mattress. It also offers real time response which eliminates the tossing around in bed looking for a perfect sleeping position. The grid design provides pressure relief since the surface relaxes instantly under pressure.

The middle layer is 4 inches and it is made of very dense poly foam which act as a transition from the polymer comfort layer to the base below. It also enhances the bounce and the overall performance provided by the grid surface.

The base Layer is made of 4 inches of high-density poly foam. This layer reinforces the entire mattress stability and shape. Additionally, it makes the mattress sturdy and long-lasting. This in turn ensures that the mattress is supportive and lives up to its durability claims.  

The cover – all these layers are well cased with an extra soft, stretchy and ultra-comfortable cover that you can easily remove and clean. This cover is made of polyester and spandex materials which explains why the cover is very thick, highly elastic, and optimally breathable. It is not advisable to wash this covers because it loses its efficiency. Fortunately, the cover is stain resistant therefore it hardly require cleaning.


Purple has optimal coolness. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer utilized in the purple mattress provides significant temperature regulation capabilities. Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a cool material by default than foam materials because it does not retain heat or sweats. To further the ventilation ability, the top polymer layer is spread out in a grid formation thus creating columns and rows. This grid allows adequate air flow and it stays cool even when the temperature changes significantly. With this two remarkable measures in place, your sleep remains entirely fresh and cool thus providing you a deep sweet sleep.

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Comfort & Firmness

Firmness and Comfort are highly argumentative factors that are unique to every individual. Regardless of the variance in preference of comfort and firmness, Purple mattress offers a very distinct feel and comfort. It is extremely soft and comfortable but some people may not feel that way. Even though it is rated as medium firm, you will not find this kind of unique gel-like feel and firmness in the market. When you lay on the mattress, you are likely to experience a very relaxing gel-like movement and you will feel very comfortable immediately. In addition, Purple has very impressive edge support. This makes every part of the mattress very supportive regardless of the position or the sport you choose.

Motion isolation

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer material implements every aspect in purple mattress to its claim. It completely absorbs the noise vibrations and sensations. You will not get any distractions from your pet or sleeping partner when they turn or move around in bed. Since Purple has a real-time response, it cuts down any distractions because it instantly relaxes under pressure which makes movements very easy and noiseless.

Lull Mattress

lull mattress

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The Lull Mattress is one of the earliest birds in the mattress industry. This explains the popularity and the success it has in the market. It is made of infused gel memory foam and blended polyfoam-latex that provide contouring. It also comes with great capabilities which include motion isolation, temperature regulation, and extensive durability. It is very affordable compared to Purple mattress and therefore it is a good choice if you are on a budget.

Lull design & Construction

The Lull Mattress is a blended foam bed made of polyfoam and memory foam. It is comprised of three individual layers each with a unique design. It has a height of 10 inches in total.

The first layer is 1.5 inches high and comes with a gel-infused Memory Foam. This layer provides ventilation by driving heat away and also ensures that users get a good night’s sleep. The gel-infused this layer is naturally effective in airflow more than any other foam material. This layer also offers a contouring effect, pressure, and a unique feel of comfort.

The second layer is also 1.5 inches high and its work is to act as a transition from comfort to support by providing support to the sleeper. It is made of a blend of polyfoam and Latex materials. This unique type of foam also enhances breathability because it does not change with the rise or decrease in temperature.

The base layer is 7 inches and it is made of high-density polyfoam which makes it a sturdy and long-lasting foundation. It offers a good sinkage and general support to keep the mattress firm and strong. This in turn ensures that the mattress is supportive and it lives up to its durability promise.  

The cover– The cover used in the Lull mattress is made of a blend of polyester and rayon. It is soft and very comfortable. This cover may present a challenge in returning it therefore it is not advisable to remove and wash. It is not machine washable either. Fortunately, Lull offers an affordable mattress protector cover that you can easily remove and either hand-wash or clean using a washing machine.

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The comfort layer of Lull mattress is infused with a gel polymer. Gel is naturally a cool material. This infusion enables the top layer to drive heat away from your body and ensure that you will not sleep hot or sweaty. Additionally, they also utilize an open-cell foam structure and fibers that provide significant airflow and ventilation. It also enhances the performance of the gel polymer and ensures that heat and fresh air can flow adequately.

Softness & Firmness

Unlike Purple, the Lull Mattress is a perfect match for people who like moderate firmness and an average density mattress profile. The mattress offers a good contouring effect with average sinking. This makes it suitable for sleepers with neck, back, and hips pains because it will offer a considerable level of firmness to those specific body parts. It is also a good choice for couples, since the sleep surface isolates motion transfer to a great extent and the bed virtually makes no noise when a lot of weight is applied.

Motion transfer capability

Lull mattress does very when it comes to motion transfer and noise minimization. It is therefore recommended for people who share a bed with partners or pets. Lull is excellent in absorbing all the motions and noise, therefore, you are assured of not only comfort but also a good night sleep. However, Lull has a poor edge support. Although many people do prefer mattresses with great edge support, it is not a key factor to consider since majority of sleepers utilize the middle of the mattress.

Purple vs Lull Mattress: Which Should be your best choice?

Given a chance and time, every customer will like to test both mattresses in order to utilize their own experience in picking the mattress that suits them more. However, due to the busy schedule and hectic procedures involved in purchasing each of these mattresses, that chance may not be easy to get. You don’t have to worry because we got your back. We took considerable time testing the different capabilities of Lull and Purple. Here is a summarized highlight of the attributes of each mattress.

You should choose purple if:

  • You, your pet or partner move around in bed with no fixed sleeping position or spot. Purple is a fit for stomach, side and back sleepers.
  • You need easier repositioning. Purple has real-time response even at its edges which it extremely quick and easy to move or settle on any spot.
  • You want advanced edge support with a unique feel. The grid system design in purple significantly enhances support especially for individuals who sleep on their backs and
  • You love firmer mattresses that provide adequate body contouring. Purple perfectly adapts to your body parts with ample support.
  • You sleep hot. Purple offers optimal breathability therefore you will sleep cool throughout the night.

You should choose Lull if:

  • You are on a budget. Lull is very affordable compared to the high-end mattresses like Purple.
  • You are a medium-sized sleeper. If you sleep in many random positions during the night and you weight is average, this Lull mattress will offer you ample support and comfort.
  • You sleep hot. The open-cell foam utilized provides airflow and great cooling alongside a very breathable cover
  • You easily get distracted from your pet or partner’s movements in bed.

Having gone through our Purple vs Lull mattress comparison, we hope you can make an informed buying decision easily.


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