Ring Vs Eufy Doorbell products comparison- which is better?

Ring vs Eufy doorbell is probably what’s going on in your mind if you are looking for doorbells. This is a tough call which one is the best. But don’t worry as this article will simplify things for you.

Video doorbells are essential for your house’s security. They allow you to monitor the outside of your house 24/7. They also notify you whenever someone is outside the door and enables you to see and talk to the visitor at the door.

Ring Vs Eufy Doorbell- Comparison

Ring and Eufy, both are hands down the best. Eufy has a slight edge over Ring in terms of technology. But Ring also has some remarkable features. have a look.

The Similarities

Video Resolution

Both Eufy and Ring doorbells provide a crystal clear image. Both of them have high-quality cameras that provide video of very high resolution.

Ease Of Installation

Most of the Eufy and Ring doorbells have two options; hardwiring and rechargeable battery. They are effortless to install. You won’t be needing any professional help for installation. You can connect it with the previous doorbell wires.

Electronic Chime

Eufy doorbell usually comes with a chime to be installed inside the house. For the Ring doorbell, you have to buy a chime separately. Eufy and Ring doorbells are not compatible with any other chime except for their own brands.

Night Vision

Eufy and Ring video doorbells are known for their excellent night vision. Their cameras work excellently in bad light also.

The Dissimilarities

Pre Recorded Message

Eufy doorbells have the option to record up to 3 messages. This helps you to interact with the visitors. Ring doorbells, on the other hand, do not have any such option.



Eufy doorbells are more sleek and slim. They have a very stylish design. The dimensions of the Eufy doorbells are perfect for all door frames. Ring doorbells have a more bulky look. They have wider dimensions and require more space.

Al Technology

Eufy doorbells are considered better than Ring doorbells due to the latest technologies. The Al technology of Eufy detects people only. This means that you won’t be bothered by any stray cat or dog. With the Al technology, the Eufy doorbell will only notify you when any human is in its vicinity.

Alexa and Google Assistant Compatibility

Some Ring devices connect to Alexa so you can have a two-way conversation with the visitors. Eufy, on the other hand, is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Monthly Subscription

Having access to stored videos is very necessary. Ring charges a monthly fee to provide you access to the videos and share them. Eufy has no such charges.


Ring Video Doorbell

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Ring Video Doorbell Wired-2021 release

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Ring Video Doorbell 3

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Eufy Security, Video Doorbell

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Eufy Security, Battery Video Doorbell Kit

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Eufy Security Wifi Video Doorbell

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Top 3 Best Ring Doorbells

Here are the top 3 best ring doorbells. I have reviewed them in detail so you can make a decision quickly and easily.

Ring Video Doorbell – newest generation, 2020 release

Ring video doorbell 2020 is the latest and a very improved version of Ring video doorbell 2015. It has amazing features that give you full control over your house’s security.

It has a great video camera of 1080p HD. The audio is also loud and clear, so you can easily communicate. The camera provides a crisper night view. This doorbell has people-only motion detection, which is excellent. You would be only alarmed when there are people outside your house and not cats and dogs.

Once you download the Ring doorbell app, you will be notified on your phone every time someone rings your doorbell. Also, the motion detector will also send notifications to your phone if someone is in the vicinity of your house.

The Ring doorbell 2020 is powered by a rechargeable battery. You can also attach it to your previous doorbell’s wires for an uninterrupted power supply. The bell connects to Alexa so you can have two-way talk and monitoring.


  • High-quality video camera
  • People only motion detection
  • Connects to all smart devices
  • Dual power supply options
  • Connects with Alexa
  • Amazing audio quality


  • Require subscription for recorded videos
  • False motion detection alarms

Ring Video Doorbell – newest generation, 2020 release

See Ring Video Doorbell – newest generation on amazon


Ring Video Doorbell Wired-2021 release

Another sleek and elegant-looking video doorbell by Ring. It works even more amazing than it looks. It is a hardwired doorbell which means that you can wire it into your existing doorbell wiring. A tool kit comes with the doorbell for convenient installation.

The 1080p HD video provides a clear view even at night. The motion detector sends a notification immediately when someone is near your house. There is a 0.75-inch wide ring that remains white and turns blue when pressed.

The doorbell uses 2.4 GHz connectivity. You can connect it with either an Alexa device or Ring Chime. This will also give you audio notifications.

To view and share recorded videos, you will require the Ring protect plan. The subscription charges are very cheap, and the subscription is worth having.

Ring video doorbell is the cheapest video doorbell to date by Ring. It has a high-quality glossy look, and the features are beyond amazing.


  • Elegant glossy look
  • High-quality video
  • Motion detector
  • Superfast connectivity
  • Easy installation
  • Super affordable


  • Does not have Apple home kit and Google assistant support
  • Works only with Ring Chime
  • Not durable

Ring Video Doorbell Wired-2021 release

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Ring Video Doorbell 3

Ring video doorbell is one of the most popular doorbells by Ring due to its amazing performance. It has the same 1080p HD camera with an improved night vision motion detector.

It has dual connectivity of 2.4 and 5.0 GHz. This provides a strong, uninterrupted connection, so you never miss any notification. You have to download the Ring app to connect it to your wifi.

You don’t have to worry about Ring doorbell installation. It has a rechargeable battery. You can also connect it to your previous doorbell wires for an uninterrupted power supply.

The most amazing feature of this doorbell is that you can connect it to Alexa. This duo of Alexa and Ring doorbell 3 makes announcements through your echo device when somebody is at the door. You can also talk to visitors through Alexa.


  • High-quality camera
  • Amazing motion detector
  • Dual power supply
  • Uninterrupted powerful connectivity
  • Easy installation
  • Connects to Alexa


  • Requires paid subscription for video storage
  • Poor battery life

Ring Video Doorbell 3

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Top 3 Best Eufy Doorbells

Have a look at the top 3 best Eufy doorbells.

Eufy Security, Video Doorbell

Eufy security video doorbell is just what you need for your home’s security. It has an amazing camera of 2K resolution. The camera provides 2.5 clarity so you can see every picture and video in detail.

The camera has a wide field of view. The 4:3 aspect ratio provides a full-body view of the visitors. To minimize false alarms, the built-in Al analyzes whether it is human or not. So rest assured that you won’t be alarmed by a cat or dog.

The video camera has a dual power supply. The rechargeable battery on charging once gives a backup of 6 months which is insane. Also, you can hardwire it for an uninterrupted connection.

This Eufy video doorbell is built to last. So rest assured that you are spending money on the right thing. You don’t need any subscriptions to access stored videos.


  • High-resolution video camera
  • Connects to Google voice assistant and Alexa
  • Dual power options
  • Amazing human detection
  • Less power consumption


  • Does not work with Echo
  • Poor battery life
  • Motion detection is not up to the mark

Eufy Security, Video Doorbell

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Eufy Security, Battery Video Doorbell Kit

Eufy security video doorbell kit is among the best doorbells by Eufy. It is a wireless doorbell and comes with a wireless chime. The battery life of both is amazing. You just have to charge once and enjoy a backup of 120 days.

The doorbell has a very slim and sleek design. The Eufy doorbell dimensions are perfect to be fitted in any door frame. The installation is super easy and hassle-free. In just a couple of minutes, it gets attached to the door securely.

The full HD camera of 1080p provides a clear image. The 4:3 wide field of view gives you a head-to-toe view of anyone approaching your door.

What I love most is that there is no hidden subscription. The advanced encryption records and stores the video of every second into your doorbell chime.


  • Sleek and slim design
  • Wireless
  • Super easy to install
  • High-quality camera
  • WDR for head to toe view
  • No hidden subscription
  • Includes a free wireless chime


  • Short battery life

Eufy Security, Battery Video Doorbell Kit

See Eufy Security, Battery Video Doorbell Kit on amazon

Eufy Security Wifi Video Doorbell

Eufy security wifi video doorbell is one of the best by Eufy. It provides a high-quality crystal clear image of 2560 x 1920 resolution. It has a brilliant distortion correction so you can have the finest view.

The two-way audio of this doorbell is amazing. You can talk to the person at your door via your phone.

The Al technology of this Eufy doorbell is remarkable. It only detects humans outside your house and notifies you. It won’t bother you with false alarms or some stray cats and dogs. The included chime supports up to 8 amazing ringtones.

There is no hidden subscription. You can access all the stored videos and can also share them. The price is also quite reasonable keeping in mind all the brilliant features.


  • Crystal clear view
  • Distortion correction
  • Two-way audio
  • Human only detection
  • Free electronic chime included
  • No hidden subscription


  • Motion detection is not up to the mark
  • No SD card slot
  • Motion detector is not highly sensitive

Eufy Security Wifi Video Doorbell

See Eufy Security Wifi Video Doorbell on Amazon


Here are answers to some of the queries that people have in mind related to the Ring vs Eufy doorbell.

Is Eufy better than Ring?

Eufy is in many ways better than Ring. It gets connected to Alexa and Google assistant, whereas Ring does not support such options. Also, Eufy provides free access to video recordings, whereas, in Ring, you have to get a subscription.

Will Eufy work with Ring?

No, unfortunately not. Eufy only gets connected with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. There is no integration with Ring.

Is there a monthly fee for Ring?

Yes, for getting access to stored videos and share them, you need to subscribe monthly to Ring.

Are Eufy doorbells secure?

Eufy doorbells are very secure. They have a motion detector that notifies you whenever someone is in the vicinity. Also, the two-way audio allows you to talk to the visitors. The wide range of view gives you a head-to-toe shot of the visitor.

Can I install a Ring doorbell myself?

Yes, Ring doorbells are easy to install. Most of them have a dual power supply. So you just have to hang them at your door if you opt for a rechargeable battery.vOr you can connect it with the existing doorbell wires.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have stated all the facts regarding Eufy vs Ring doorbells. The decision of which one to buy is yours. Eufy and Ring doorbells are known for quality and performance. Both of them have some edges over one another.

My top favorite doorbells are Ring Video Doorbell Wired-2021 release and Eufy Security, Battery Video Doorbell Kit. Both of them are amazing, and I can trust both of them for my house’s security.

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