Singer 4432 vs 4452 Comparison – All You Need To Know!

singer 4432 vs 4452

Singer 4432 vs 4452 Comparison- a head-to-head comparison. While sewing can be one fascinating task it is an important necessity for any sewing enthusiast to choose a good sewing machine. This comes with a notably taxing situation of making choices among a variety of closely related sewing machines. Fortunately, the Singer Company offers a wide variety of such machines to choose from. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover a detailed comparison between two of the ‘Singer 44’ series; Singer 4432 vs 4452, noting their main features and exploring their similarities and differences. The two machines have more similarities than differences. They are both amazing and user-friendly which makes the baseline for your considerations.

Singer 4432 At A Glance

singer 4432

Singer 4432 was first made available by SINGER on April 7, 2014. It has a dimension of 15.2 by 6.25 by 12 inches and weighs 14.6 pounds. It’s designed with the consideration of heavy-duty tasks ranging from denim to canvas. It is made up mainly of heavy-duty metal rendering it durable and thus can be used for a reasonably long time. This metal also provides rigid support which makes it more stable. It has 32-built-in stitches that allow you to choose among them thus providing a wide range of stitch choices.

It is one of the greatest commendable sewing machines opted to by most customers because of its outstanding features. Let’s have a look at its features;

Singer 4432 Features

Online Owner’s class and SINGER sewing App- SINGER provides you with online classes to learn the basics about your machine. Other than the online class, is a SINGER sewing App that helps you to understand all machine parts and consequently setting up and getting started.

 Reverse stitch sewing– It has a built-in reverse lever which allows for reverse sewing in case of stitch reinforcement.

High-speed Stitching– Singer 4432 provides high-speed stitching, thanks to its motor. Compared to the standard sewing machines, its motor is believed to be 60%stronger. It therefore can provide better piercing power resulting in an impressive total of 1,100 stitches per minute. This type can thus allow you to easily stitch through both light and heavy-weight fabrics.

Built-in Needle threader – Time-saving is everyone’s desire in whatever is to be done. With its built-in needle threader it threads the eye of the needle effortlessly. This saves you from straining and time is automatically saved.

Free arm– it is way too easy to sew difficult-to-reach parts like the trouser hems, cuffs, collars, sleeves, and other smaller or tubular projects

Adjustable presser– having projects ranging from sewing light to heavy-weight (canvas) fabrics? Well Singer 4432 has an adjustable presser which makes it easy for you to see your goal achieved with no stress. 

Stainless steel blade- The machine with its shiny smooth surface allows your fabric to slide with ease as you sew. It is not affected by rust at any time.

Adjustable stitch width (6mm) – depending on your desired stitch width, this machine allows you to adjust to make them narrower or wider as you may like.

Top drop-in Bobbin- It can be nasty to run out of threading the middle of your sewing. That embarrassment is saved by the transparent top drop-in bobbin which allows you to monitor your thread, save the situation and do away with the unexpected

Built-in One-Step Button Hole-  sewing buttonholes is one task-made-easy as you only need to place the button in the buttonhole and the machine will perfectly sew the hole fit for it. All done in one step.

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Snap-on and Adjustable presser feet- it has a removable presser foot which can be removed and attached when needed for various sewing techniques. If you are sewing lightweight or heavyweight fabrics, it’s obvious that both won’t need similar pressure. Adjustable presser foot pressure allows you to adjust the pressure suitable for the fabric at hand thus yielding the desired stitch results.

Drop feed for buttons- it makes it easy for you to sew your buttons or do free-motion sewing. All you need is to slide the Drop Feed Lever to lower the feed teeth. To raise the feed teeth again you just slide it back and turn the hand-wheel one full turn.

Variable needle position– Singer 4432 has a three-needle position allowing you to sew your desired technique which includes; top-stitching, edge stitching, zipper application, piping insertion, and many other techniques.

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Singer 4452 At a Glance

singer 4452

Singer 4452 was first made available by SINGER on April 7, 2017. It has a dimension of 15.2 by 6.25 by 12 inches and weighs 15.71 pounds. Just like Singer 4432 it is made up of a heavy-duty metal that guarantees its durability, better stability, and long-lasting life. This heavy-duty metal not only does that but it also holds all the mechanisms in perfect alignment making it amazingly easy for skip-free sewing. Singer 4452 provides a wide range of sewing technique choices with its 32 built-in stitches. This feature makes the machine perfect for crafts, clothing construction, and much more.  With the need to sew various types of fabrics ranging from lightweight to heavyweight this machine has an Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure.

Singer 4452 Important Features

Reverse stitch sewing– It has a built-in reverse lever that allows for reverse sewing in case of stitch reinforcement.

High-speed Stitching– getting things done fast needs a speedy procession to increase your daily production. With Singer 4452 sewing machine it is easy to realize your professional results and within the shortest time possible. This is as a result of its stronger motor. Much like Singer 4432, it makes up to 1,100 stitches per minute. It can handle any type of fabric with its powerful piercing capability.

Online Owner’s classes and SINGER sewing App- getting to learn how to use this machine won’t be any bigger concern to you. Full tutorials are provided online to help you work comfortably with your machine with ease. Additionally SINGER Sewing Assistant App provides you with essential assistance including understanding parts of your machine.  This app is available and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Built-in Needle threader – threading can be time-consuming and consequently straining. Singer 4452 has taken care of this situation by incorporating a Built-In Needle Threader which provides an easy threading system. Within seconds, you can have your machine threaded to the needle’s eye from the spool. This saves you time and guarantees no strain.

Free arm–   while sewing it is quite difficult to access some parts like the collars, pant hems, cuffs, and other difficult-to-reach parts. The mystery is solved by the machine’s Free Arm which can be easily turned to access such parts.

Stainless Steel Bedplate-   it has an Extra-Large Stainless Steel blade which makes it stress-free feeding of any type of fabric through it

Adjustable stitch width (6mm) – depending on the desired stitches for your professional sewing projects, this machine has got an adjustable stitch width which makes it possible to produce custom-tailored products.

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Top drop-in Bobbin with clear Cover- It is much frustrating to run out of sewing thread in the process of production. This is nothing to worry much as Singer 4452 has a transparent top cover that makes it possible to observe the thread usage. The thread can be replaced before it completely runs out to ensure continuous undisturbed workflow.

Built-in One-Step Button Hole style- sewing buttonholes can be one traumatic task. This machine helps you do away with the stress by providing a simple one-step unfailing buttonhole sewing technique. All you need is to place the button in the buttonhole foot and the machine sews perfectly sized buttonholes for the same button.

Adjustable presser feet– Lightweight and heavyweight fabrics require low and high pressure respectively. Depending on the fabric being sewed, therefore, the presser can be adjusted for the desired pressure. 

Drop feed Expand capabilities-  for creative free-motion sewing, attaching buttons, and  darning socks and buttons the machine also allows you to simply switch the drop feed lever to disengage the feed dogs

Reverse Stitching Lever- meeting the standards of a quality sewing product might require reinforced stitches. The reverse stitching lever allows for such reinforcement.

Three Needle Position– for your desired sewing techniques, Singer 4452 has a three-needle position which makes it possible for you to change the needle position for the individual projects which includes top-stitching, cording, zipper insertion, and many others.

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Below is a nice video review of the Singer 4452 worth checking out.

Singer 4432 vs 4452: Similarities and Differences

Drawing the similarities from the main features of both Singer 4432 and Singer 4452 is quite an easy task. The two have an extensive span of similar features. It’s apparent from the discussion above that both the sewing machines have the following;

  • 32 Built-in Stitches
  • Built-in Needle Threader
  • 1 Built-in Perfectly sewing buttonhole style
  • Top Drop-In Bobbin System with clear cover
  • Reverse Stitching lever
  • Stainless Steel Bedplate
  • Fast stitching speed (1,100 stitches per minute) and strong Motor
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Frame
  • Drop Feed Expansion Capabilities
  • Three Needle positions
  • Adjustable stitch width (6mm) and stitch length
  • Adjustable Presser Foot

The unmatched performance, convenience and usability of both singer 4432 and 4452 is just amazing. Boasting speeds of up to 1,100 stitches a minute, heavy duty construction and a top drop-bobbin system that is to die for, these machines won’t disappoint.

There isn’t much difference separating the two machines apart from the fact that you will have to chick in a few more dollars to procure the Singer 4452.

Final Verdict – Singer 4432 Vs 4452

If we had to pick one among these two Singer machines, it would be the singer 4452 right off the bat. Both the singer 4432 and 4452 have stood the test of time, and both have deservedly received higher ratings than other sewing machines in the market. As much as they both share identical features, most users tend to lean towards Singer 4452. The thing is—you can’t go wrong with any of the two machines. It also goes without saying that the Singer 4432 is a bit cheaper than Singer 4452 which is another thing if you are looking to shave a few bucks.

Hopefully, our Singer 4432 vs 4452 machine comparison helps you make an informed buying decision on your next sewing machine.

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