Summer Waves Vs Intex Pools – Differences & Comparison For 2021

summer waves vs intex pools comparison gude and reviews.

Summer Waves Vs. Intex pools comparison: – Are you looking to buy the best pool to have fun with your family? If after going through many options in the market and it all comes down to summer waves vs Intex pools, then this guide is for you. We will comprehensively compare Summer waves pools to Intex pools, citing the similarities, differences and every other detail that you need to know to make an informed decision on the right pool to buy.

First up, both Summer waves and Intex pools have made a name for themselves and are known to make the list of the few quality and reliable pools  in the market. Below is a breakdown on these two pool brands;

If you are looking for a straightforward answer on the Summer Waves vs Intex pools without going through the lengthy review, then Intex pools are much better and boast a better customer satisfaction rating. See the list of best rated Intex pools through the button below.

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Summer Waves Pools Overview

Summer Waves pools are made by Summer Backyard, one of the top leaders that make and market outdoor entertainment products such as pools, inflatable toys, replacement parts and pumps. They have built themselves a good reputation in the market and entertainment arena, thanks to the high quality products that they sell. Their other less known brand is the Summer Escapes which also make pools, but they are identical to the Summer waves pools.

Above the ground pools are among their top products and there are a number of options and sizes to choose from. Below are 3 of their best selling pools.

Summer Waves 12 Foot pool

This is a good family size pool that is sturdily constructed using a 12′ X 30″ metal frame. Easy to assemble, loved for the good durability and it comes with a Skimmer plus filter system. By far, it is the best selling pool by Summer Waves.

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Summer Waves Inflatable Round Pool

intex vs summer wavesIf you are a fan of inflatable above the ground pools, then this one to consider. It is 10 feet in diameter and can hold up to 1,052-gallons of water, enough for a whole family. Although there are concerns with the durability of these pools, it still is a good choice for low price tag.

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Summer Waves Kiddie Inflatable Pool

summer waves vs intex poolsThis nicely built 8 foot pool is designed for kids and the designs including the Aquarius 3D images is sure to please any kid. Many people seem to love it, although there are a few flaws that need improvement on the pool. It is also worth mentioning that you will need to get a filter pump which is bought differently.

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Intex Pools Overviews

Intex is a US company that has been around for quite some time and is well known for their high quality outdoor and entertainment products that range from airbeds, pools, hot tubs, spas and pools.

Intex pools have inspired lots of positive reactions in the market with their amazing quality and performance. their pools are designed using different materials and come in a variety of shapes and designs, giving buyers a wide range to choose from. Prism shaped, metal framed, inflatables are just a few of the designs that one can get. Here are 3 of the best selling Intex pools in the market.

Intex Metal Framed Pool

intex poolsThis metal frame pool comes with a very high customer satisfaction rating than any other in the market, thanks to the solid build that also has tough PVC liners. It comes with a high quality Krystal clear filter pump and measures 12 feet in diameter offering enough room for a whole family. The pool is easy to assemble and very durable. It is the best pool you can get from the two brands.

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Intex Prism frame pool

intex vs summer wavesBuilt with a very strong structure, this prism frame pool which is also enhanced with a steel tubing for more sturdiness, is one that you are sure to love. It is 12 feet in diameter and uses a unique hydro aeration technology to improve circulation and filtration. It also has a good customer satisfaction rating.

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Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

summer waves vs intexMeasuring 34″ by 10″, this is Intex’s most popular kid pool which has an amazingly high customer satisfaction rating. It is well built, is of good quality and reliable. Besides this, there are lots of other kid pool designs that suits kids of all ages from as young as 1 year olds.

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Summer Waves Vs. Intex Pools

To further break down these two brands and give you a more comprehensive overview, here is a criterion based comparison of the Summer Waves and Intex pools.

Quality & Sturdiness

Among the most crucial things when you are buying an above the ground pool includes structural design and overall sturdiness. It is this that will determine the quality and durability of the pool that one is getting.

By comparing Summer Waves pools to Intex pools, there are some that are close in structure similarities and others that vary greatly. Summer Waves only use metal frames in their structure while Intex pools use metal frames among other materials such as powdered and coated steel. Intex thus offers more choices to choose from and have proven to have the upper hand than Summer Waves pools on this.

Ease Of Cleaning

When choosing a pool, either for adults or for kids, you have to make sure that it is easy to clean. hygiene is very important and you wouldn’t want something that keeps micro-organisms and bacterial germs as this can be detrimental to your family’s health. The good things is that with both Summer Waves and Intex pools, this is a non-issue and something that has been well taken care of. Cleaning any of these brand’s pools is easy and totally hassle-free.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Customer ratings is a good indicator when you are buying something and in our case, that includes above the ground pools. It will give you a better understanding on what to expect and whether the pool you want to buy is exactly what you are looking for or whether it will end up being a disappointment. Comparing the Summer Waves to Intex pools on customer satisfaction, where we went through thousands of customer ratings from over a dozen sellers online, we can easily conclude that Intex is a much better option to go with. Most of their pools have high customer ratings and lower return rate than Summer Waves which we found more customers having more than a few things to complain about.

It is also worth mentioning that Intex pools do provide a wide range of pools to choose from, as compared to Summer waves. Some people may want a whole family pools, others would want to have only kid’s pools which vary in different sizes and when it comes to this, you’d want to go with Intex rather than Summer Waves.


When it comes to pricing, there are pools of all kinds from both brands. However, there are only a few to choose from with Summer Waves than you would find with Intex pools. If you are therefore looking for a good option with a wide range of pricing, then check out the Intex pools.

Summer Waves Vs Intex Pools – FAQs

Here are some of the top questions that will help you better understand the differences between Summer waves and intex pools.

Q: Which is easy to set up Summer Waves or Intex Pools?

A: Both summer waves and Intex are great brands that have been around for quite a while and they have invested a lot into making their over the ground pools as amazing as possible. Concerning how easy they are when setting up, both of these brands are amazing to say the least. The frames and other components of both intex and summer waves are designed to be easy to install and put together which makes the set up process a breeze.

Q: Are Summer Waves and Intex filters the same?

A: The compatibility of pool filters depend on the type of filter that you are looking at. The filters can either be type “a” or type “c“. These types of filters have very fine grids that ensures that no debris and dirt can pass through them and get recirculated back to the pool. There are some filters that some of the filters of this type fit well into each other. It is also worth noting that some filters may or may not have chlorine holder tablets. All in all, there are some filters that fit well from either Summer waves to intex and vice versa.

Q: Is Summer Waves and summer escape the same?

A: If you were a fan or at least had used Summer Escape above ground pools then you may realize that they are nowhere to be found in the market. And with the close similarities that the Escape have with Summer Waves, you may be asking yourself if they are the same thing. Well, you are right. Summer waves is an upgraded version of the old amazing Summer Escape pools. You can expect even better with the improvements in materials and framing that the latter comes with.

Q: How long does an above ground pool last?

A: Of course the durability of an above ground pool, as with anything else depends on the materials used to make it as well as the frames. With both Intex and Summer Waves having been around for decades, there has been a lot of improvements that has made their pools solid and very durable. If and when well taken care of with good maintenance in place, the above ground pools can serve you for at least 4 or 5 years.

Q: Can I use salty water on above ground pools like Summer waves or Intex?

A: If you have access to lots salty water or find yourself with limited fresh water, then you must be asking yourself whether you can use salty water with Summer waves and Intex above the ground pools. With some advanced technologies such as Summer Waves® Salt Water System, you can not only utilize the salty water but the system will also use it against bacteria buildup.

Final Word

Above the ground pools have become more popular than ever, and with the simplicity and ease of getting them installed yet still enjoy the same fun, or even better than you would with underground pools, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have them. They give you the freedom of having a family vacation on your own backyard at a fraction of the cost. Summer Waves and Intex ranks among the top above-the-ground pools and hopefully, with our Summer waves vs. Intex pool comparison, you can make an informed decision on which one to go for.

Clearly, Intex is a more superior brand and one that guarantees you better performance, quality and fun. For a full list of best selling Intex pools for the money, click on the button below.

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