Vitamix 750 vs 780 Comparison – Which Blender Is The Best?

Vitamix 750 Vs 780 comparison

If you are at the crossroads of choosing between two blenders that are highly coveted, it can be a challenge. And if you have narrowed don the choice of blenders to Vitamix 750 and 780, then this is a guide that will help you out.

Vitamix is the leading company with the best performing blenders available on the market. The price tags that are attached to all Vitamix models are worth the value. They continue to top the list of efficiency, convenience, class, and technology. The enormous sells and positive customer reviews are clear evidence of their excellence in terms of quality and performance.

Vitamix seems to be focused on advancing its blenders to not only create smoothies, soups, nut, all kinds of butter, juices, ice cream and much more but also to make the best quality blends. The Vitamix 780 and 750 can serve you well in these areas. However, you must have set yourself on a course to choose the better of these two blenders. Fortunately, we got your back. Here is a Vitamix 750 Vs 780 comparison guide that is solely dedicated to guiding you to make the best decision with great confidence.

Vitamix 750 Vs 780 Comparison Table

Blender ModelVitamix 780Vitamix 750
Size (Dimensions)17.24 X 8.8 X 8.9 inches17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 inches
Available ColorsRed or BlackBlack, Copper & Stainless Steel
Jar Capacity64-oz (Low Profile pitcher)64-oz (Low Profile pitcher)
Power2.2 HP (Fan cooled)2.2 HP (Fan cooled)
Noise Dampening TechnologyYesYes
Speed Settings10 speed controls10 speed controls
Has Pulse Setting?YesYes
Touch ScreenYesNo
Cookbook and DVDCookbook onlyYes
Warranty7 Years7 Years
PriceSee Best PriceSee Best Price

A Closer look at Vitamix 780

Vitamix 780 vs 750

At a glance, you will notice right away that Vitamix 780 has a beautiful, modern aesthetic and very attractive design. The Vitamix 780 blender is the champion model in the company’s popular Legacy series. The 780 is the most advanced in the above Series. Additionally, it is the first model in Vitamix that triumphantly popped into the market with touchscreen controls. This was a remarkable advancement considering the older models had switches and dials. The 780’s touchscreen interface gives it a classy and attractive look. Most appreciable, the blending is now much easier. The idea brilliant idea of “touch and walk-away” blending has been a massive hit and the center of attraction.

Additionally, Its Low-profile design can easily fit most cabinets in the kitchen and also to-fittings. No doubt, every user waited for this and it was the best news when it was finally delivered by Vitamix. It is reported by many to be perfect for either small or medium batches.

The available control panel in this model provides optimal versatility alongside variable speed and pulse controls. The Variable speed control enables you to blend every texture of your desire from smoothies to chunky soups. It is amazingly easy to clean 780 because it just takes a dish soap and warm water. Then this Vitamix machine will clean itself in about 30 to 60 seconds and absolutely no disassembly required for this model. In addition to that, the touch controls are effortless to clean.

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Important Features

The container is low-profile 

These models come with good container sizes whose height is 17.25 inches and a weight of 12 pounds therefore, they comfortably fit under the kitchen cabinet and top fittings. This is great considering the previous Vitamix blenders had 20-inch containers which made them too tall to fit into smaller countertop spaces and kitchen cabinets. In spite of this new container’s shorter height, it still has a 64 Oz capacity.


There are five preset programs in the 780 for hot soups, smoothies, frozen desserts, puree, and self-cleaning. The programs operate at different speeds. It stops automatically once they have run for a specific time. The Vitamix 750 blender has the same programs as well, but in the 780, they take 2 % longer time to finish blending which results in more thorough blending and cleaning.

Touch screen controls

Touchscreen Controls come with an icon dedicated to each blending mode. They are easily cleaned by wiping. The interface comes with the following controls:

Speed Controls – Different kinds of ingredients require different speeds to blend. This is due to the differences in their hardness and densities. Vitamix has taken care of this requirement to our expectations very well. It comes with two-speed control features. These are the variable speed controls and pulse features. The variable speed controls regulate the speeds of the blades as they cut through different ingredients. On the other hand, the pulse features allow you to vary the texture of the ingredients to your desire.

Digital timer – This is another lovable feature of this model. These timers are used to set the duration of the blending process. They automatically switch off the blenders when the blending process ends. This prevents over or under-processing of the recipes. They also prevent you from having to stay stuck on one thing and allows you to do other tasks.

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Program settings – This model popped with five distinct program settings. These settings are each dedicated for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning. All these settings were designed to offer the user walk-away convenience alongside consistent quality output.


According to many reviews, 780 is quieter and lower speeds and louder at high speeds. However, that is to be anticipated since this model comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor. Additionally, the noise level is highly dependent on the ingredients you are blending.

High-performance motor

In terms of power, the Vitamix models have 2.2 horsepower motor. This is ultimately the most lovable feature about Vitamix 780 is its horsepower. The previous generation of Vitamix blenders has been using 2.0 motors for long which isn’t a bad idea since it can easily chop chunks at ease. Without a good motor, the quality of the output you get as well as the convenience and performance of the blending is almost impossible.


The Vitamix 780 blender comes with a comprehensive 7 years standard warranty. The warranty cover just about every other part, component, and structure of the items. It also covers parts and labor and it transferable meaning protection is guaranteed even if you decide to purchase a second blender. Additionally, Vitamix manufacturer covers all shipping costs should the blender require repairs. This extensive warranty allows you to use your blender with great confidence and without worries of malfunctioning.


It is an essential provision by Vitamix to ensure that you clean your blender after ebery blending process especially when using variety of ingredients. For that case you will need a blender that is easy to clean. Since 780 comes with a touchscreen interface, it has no knobs, buttons or dials. Thus, all you have to do is wipe down the screen with a damp sponge. The new smooth surface means has no crevices where gunk can build up. Additionally, no disassembly is required. To clean the internal parts, all you need is to use the self-cleaning feature. Fill the container with warm water and add some few drops of dish soap then adjust the speed up gradually for about 30 seconds and it will be sparkly clean.

Ease of Use

The Vitamix 780 models are averagely easy to use. Their touchscreen interface control panels are user-friendly. They grant you the ability to input commands and settings with a lot of ease.

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A Closer look at Vitamix 750 Blender

Vitamix 750 vs 780 comparison

The Vitamix 750’s functionality, performance, and design are similar to Vitamix 780. It is mostly identical to the Ascent A2500 model which come with 3 presets does not have a digital touchpad. It has the same low profile container, motor, programs, designs, warranty, and blades. Although it is reported to be a bit noisier than 780 due to difference in glass casing, the difference is very mild and hard to notice.

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Important features

The Motor

The Vitamix 750 comes 2.2 very powerful Horsepower motor. The new motor is engineered to work alongside wider base jars that come with 4-inch blade compared to the 3-inch blade in the older models. It can easily chop through the ice, nuts or hard ingredients thus it can blend anything you could ask for.


You will find it amazing being the one to control every blending process performed by your blender. The 750 has variable speed settings that can vary from 1 to 10 alongside a pulse button that is useful for moving ingredients around during blending. In short, the 750 provides a nice mix of manual and hand-offs controls for those that want both. Varying the speed and the pulse feature enables you to fine-tune the blend texture for your blends.

Stop and Go and Pre-set Functions

For faster blending one might prefer a blender that has pre-programmed settings. There is a start and stop lever that aid to turn on and off the blades. The pre-set buttons are specifically designed for smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, and purees. In addition to that, there is a cleaning pre-set button that is very helpful since the containers are not dishwasher safe.

Noise Level

Most blenders make a lot of noise when blending at their highest speeds. This is a factor that is usually considered before purchasing a blender. The noise is however reduced in this model by about 40% as compared to any other traditional blender.


The Vitamix 750 offers you more than only blending functionalities. It can still be used for chopping, crushing, and grinding. This makes the blender highly convenient for preparation of Puree and other blend with its 5-pre-set programs that allows you to adjust the settings appropriate for any given ingredient as you walk away.


While enjoying a nutritious life, the good-state of your blender will matter a lot. For that reason towards maintaining it, cleaning it is the most crucial practice you must do after every blending process. Therefore an easy to clean bender is always a necessity. Cleaning the Vitamix 750 blenders is not only very easy but also very fast. They are designed to automatically clean for a maximum time of 60 seconds. After using the blender, all you need to do is fill up the container with warm water then add dish soap and increase is blending speed gradually to maximum. This saves you from the struggle of having to use too much time and a lot of effort to do so on your own. No disassembly is required from you.

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The Vitamix 750 comes additionally with a guide book and cook book. These are very essential especially if you are interacting with a blender for the first time. Other accessories includes a 64-oz container, a low-profile tamper and a 2.2 horsepower motor base.

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Vitamix 780 vs 750 – What are the Differences & Similarities?

Vitamix 750 Vs 780 models share a lot in similarities. They both have the same size of 17.5 inches in height and come with 64-oz low profile containers that makes them easily fit under almost any kitchen cabinet. Vitamix 780 and 750 weighs 12.5 pounds each, a weight enough to give yor blender a desired stability especially when mixing up some heavy ingredients.  Common between the two models are the 5 pre-programmed automatic settings dedicated for Smoothie, Frozen Desserts, Soup, Puree, and the amazing Self-Clean Setting. Apart from that are the similar variable speed control, 2.2 horsepower which is quitter than the older models, and pulse control. Both models have a 6-foot power cord whose extra lenth can be hidden by wrapping it underneath the base. Therefore, as far as actual blending is concerned, they are both very efficient.

However, they have a few differences that make a great difference in their efficiency and performance. The major difference is the touch display interface of the Vitamix 780 which enables the user to command with a touch of a finger.  You only need to touch on the screen displayed on the blender’s interface then a light will pop with an activation signal. Additionally, 780 has no dials and switches and even so it also looks classier than the 750 or any other older Vitamix model. Besides, it is easier to clean than 750 because all you have to do is wipe the touchscreen panel and not worry about dirt getting trapped in the dials.

Another obvious difference is the color. Most of the time Vitamix presents 750 in three colors; black, pearl grey, and brushed. On the other hand Vitamix 780 comes in two colors; black and red. So if you are interested in more diverse blender, 750 gives you more choices than 780. Worth noting is that the color variation comes along with the blender variation.

Vitamix 750 comes with getting started guide and a cook book this is one of the perks exclusive only to this blender model. Its competitor in the other hand doesn’t have that. These additional goodies aren’t actually great deal breakers as you can still work around with your blender without the goodies especially if it isn’t your first time using the blender.

Again, looking at their prices, you will realise that despite both being the G-series models these blenders have a noticeable price difference. Vitamix 750 is pricier than 780. However you can choose one between the two while your budget can afford. 

Moreover, in as much as both models have the same 2.2. HP motor, the Vitamix 780 is less noisy compared to the 750. This has been reported by several customers especially when you use the slower speeds. This is because the glass face observes some of the noise coming from the motor. Furthermore, even if both models have 5 pre-programmed cycles, the Vitamix 780 has LED lights that show you the progress of the blending process so is very friendly and more efficient.

Vitamix 750 Vs 780 Verdict

From the above Vitamix 750 Vs 780 comparison guide, you can tell that the two blenders are great performers in their own aspect. The 2.2 horsepower motor base, the 64 oz. low profile container, the ease of use together with self-clean features are the most amazing things about the two models. However, it is very easy to agree on the fact Vitamix 780 delivers its brand’s promise to the highest expectation. Precisely, the Vitamix 780 blender is very appealing, user-friendly and technologically advanced but you’ve got your preferences. The major two differences between Vitamix 780 and 750 are the price and the touch controls.

If you are low on budget and well-versed with blender usage you can go for Vitamix 750 and be comfortable working with manual controls. Otherwise adjusting your budget can get you to 780.

It is now you to make the right decision and we hopefully believe that the unbiased information you’ve gotten from our honest Vitamix 780 vs 750 comparison guide will serve you a great deal.

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