Vitamix 7500 Vs 750 Blenders – Which Is Best In Blending?

Vitamix 7500 vs 750

This is an in-depth comparison between a Vitamix 7500 vs 750 Blender, which is intended to help you pick the right one among the two. They are both great, but from our research and findings, there is a clear winner. Read on..

To give you a quick summary, here is a table detailing the two blenders (Vitamix 7500 vs Vitamix 750)

Blender ModelVitamix 7500Vitamix 750
Jar Capacity64-oz64-oz
Power2.2 HP (Fan cooled)2.2 HP (Fan cooled)
Available ColorsBlack, Red, WhiteBlack, Copper & Stainless Steel
MotorNext Gen motor (40% Quieter than average blender)Next Gen motor (40% Quieter than average blender)
Speed Settings10 speed controls10 speed controls
On/Off ToggleYesYes
Has Pulse Setting?YesYes
Has TamperYesYes
Size (Dimensions)17.25 x 9.4 x 7.7 inches17.5 x 9.4 x 7.7 inches
Warranty7 Years7 Years
PriceSee Best PriceSee Best Price

Vitamix is one of the most trusted professional brands that is highly yearned for by chefs, mothers, and other juice makers. Purchasing a Vitamix blender gives value you value for money as these electronics are built to last, they are more dependable and easy to clean up. Vitamix blenders come in handy and is perfect in making of cocktails, smoothies and smooth purees. To help you choose the right one, we hope this Vitamix 7500 vs 750 blender comparison guide comes with everything you need to make an informed decision.

The Vitamix 7500 at a Glance

vitamix 750 vs vitamix 7500 comparing difference

This Vitamix 7500 blender has a 64 ounce container size. It is available in colors such as black, red and white and also has a variable speed control that allows you to fine-tune your blend to the desired texture. Moreover, it comes with a 7 year warranty giving you more confidence using your blender as you won’t have to worry about malfunctions. This therefore enable you to enjoy the cover while being assured of the blenders repair or replacement since you are free to always take it back to the seller in case of any technical fault discovered. This unit only uses a voltage of 110V and anything beyond or below that voltage will only cause damage to this blender. This Vitamix 7500 blender will enable you to even make single serve smoothies with no issues at all. You will definitely make use of the plunger to make sure everything gets well blended.

If you are looking for a good blender to make a single serving every morning, then this could be it. It is a lovable blender in every aspect, and every juice addict will surely appreciate its handy features. It is worth every penny spent, and will surely not disappoint. I purchased this blender to replace my existing blender from another manufacturer that had started to malfunction after only a year.

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Important features In Vitamix 7500

Variable controls ­

Vitamix 7500 comes with three easy to use and very crucial controls. These includes the speed, pulse and on/off dials. Blending speed varies for different kinds of ingredients and when you are trying to achieve a particular blend texture. Variable speed control speed is everything when it comes to blending. When you have control of that speed, you can make anything with it. You can easily adjust speed so as to achieve a variety of textures. This blender has a dial that can be rotated at any point during the blending, so you are in complete control. The speeds provided by thus blender ranges from 1 to 10 with the fastest being at  10. With the pulse feature, layer coarse chops over smooth purees for heartier recipes such as chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups. Quickly and easily mix batters of pancakes, waffles, cookies, muffins and cakes. The on/off dial is purposely used to switch on the bender at the start and to switch it off when blending is completed. 

64-z BPA free Low profile pitcher

Most Vitamix blender’s pitchers are constructed with great quality BPA-free plastic. Its height measures 17.25 inches. This container size makes it easy to process large quantities of juice and smoothies making it perfect for standard and large family meals. It presents no challenge at all as it can fit under almost any kitchen cabinet you might have with ultimate ease. This promotes organization in the kitchen at all times. The blender’s advanced design surely takes this model to amazing next level in the whole blending industry.



Blender’s capability to handle various ingredients is one of the major considerations before buying a blender. At least for this blender model a dozen of tiny details go in to the design of the aircraft-grade, hardened stainless steel blades. The blender’s blades are 4-inch wide providing an extended cutting area for faster and quality blends. This combination as a whole gives you that thick morning smoothie as fast as possible. You will be able to make steaming-hot soup without a stove in under 10 minutes. The friction arising from the blades lets you bring soup to serving temperature, right in the container of the blender.

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High Performance Motor

The motor power of any given blender carries most points when it comes to making a choice for the best blender. This Vitamix model comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor. This motor maintains even torque and cool temperatures so as to consistently deliver the power you will need to process any ingredient easily. There are incorporated features that secures the blender from damages due to overheating. These includes the radial cooling fans and thermal sensors. Cooling helps cool the blender while te thermal sensor switches off the blender in the extreme cases of overheating. This powerful motor enables the blender to crush almost any ingredient added to the container to prepare your desired recipe. You can easily create chilled desserts as you will just add frozen ingredients in your machine and taste that delicious ice cream, fruit sorbet and more in seconds.


To see your blender last for a reasonable long time and serve its purpose, maintenance is a fundamental practice to take care of. Cleaning being the first approach means that you will have to consider the blender that can be easily cleaned. With a mere drop of dish soap and warm water, your Vitamix 7500 blender can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds. Just add the mixture and gradually increase its blending speed to maximum. Forget about the hustles you have experienced before in relation to dish washing. With this model you won’t even need to disassemble for cleaning

Noise Level

Looking into the noise level makes this blender champion in noise reduction. It is reported that this model is the quietest blender available in the market today. It is highly expected that this model would be noisier considering its horsepower. The case here is however much the opposite. Noise dampening technology presented by Vitamix 7500 is awesome. It reduces the blending noise a great deal. This makes the blender 40% quieter than other Vitamix models.


Get Vitamix 7500

Vitamix 750 At A Glance

vitamix 7500 vs 750 comparison

The Vitamix Professional series 750 has a 64-Ounce container and is available in colors such as black, brushed stainless steel finish and copper metal finish. Vitamix Pro Series 750 in stainless steel PVC base tritan brand, BPA free 64 oz. Co-polyester brand rubber lid stainless steel blades food contact zones are all BPA free. This blender weighs 12.46 pounds, has a warranty of 7 years and a Ul listed 120volts, 1200 watts. The Vitamix 750 blender has a total of 5 pre-programmed settings: (1) Smoothies (2)Frozen desserts (3)Soups that are hot, (4) Purees (5)Self-cleaning. The pre-programmed buttons make it a lot easier when making various blends. It really is that easy. It is a lot better than pre-programming a micro wave. The cleaning setting is programmed with speed variations and works to both generate heat and simulate a scrubbing motion. This cleaning setting is really nice as it cleans the machine very well. You just put a few drops of dish soap in the unit with water then turn the dial to the cleaning mode. The machine goes through a blending process to clean it. Yes, you can clean it by hand. You will love the self-cleaning mechanism of this blender.

Here is a video review that will shine more light on the Vitamix 750.

Notable  features of the Vitamix 750

Automated Blending

The Vitamix 750 beats most other model from the same company by having its blending procedures automated. It comes handy with 5 pre-programmed settings dedicated specifically for preparing Smoothie, frozen desserts, Hot Soup, Puree and one for self-cleaning. With this automation the blenders offers you a walk-away convenience, simple cleaning, and consistent blending results.

Powerful Motor

Blender’s motor power plays the greatest role when it comes to blending. Most would prefer having a blender with a high power. Vitamix 750 comes with a powerful 2.2 horsepower motor placing it in the front line among the bestselling blenders in the market today. This power is enough to give the blender ability to cut through most ingredients with the toughest ones very much included.


The Vitamix 750 comes with a low profile 64 ounce container perfect for family meals and entertaining. The container is designed sizeably to fit under nearly any kitchen cabinet you can have and on top of the counter as well. You will always need comfort when working with your blender. This model guarantees you of that and much more. This beautiful and durable pitcher is constructed with a BPA free plastic. With this model is a 2-piece Neoprene rubber lid with a removable plug for adding ingredients while using your blender.



Being in control of your blending process is awesome as you will be able to get your desired blending results. Fortunately, Vitamix 750 gives you full control over any blending process. It has easy to use controls for this purpose. The speed control will allow you to adjust the speed depending on your ingredient’s density to fine tune the blend texture.  

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Self- Cleaning

You will always be impressed by a blender or anything that gives you an easy way to clean. This blender comes with a 4 pre-set programs that automates the blending approaches and one dedicated for self-cleaning. This means that the blender can clean itself with the least of your interventions. Just add warm water and some drops of soap dish to its container. You will the use the self-cleaning program and your machine will be cleaned with a very short time. Cleaning your blender after use is very important as it plays a great role in the maintenance.


Blending will involve handling various kind of ingredients in terms of their densities. Vitamix 750 has laser-cut stainless steel hammer mill and cutting blades which measures 4 inches. These blades generally have at least 12% chromium which does two things for the blade. This makes the blade able to resist rust and corrosion a lot better than high carbon blades. Stainless steel blades are tougher, they do not require any protective coating which lessens the chances of contaminating your food and drinks.

Noise Level

It is a normal thing for blenders to make noise while blending. It is kind of trivial looking for a completely quiet blender as most blenders produces noise. The quaetion is how noisy? Vitamix 750 however has an advanced noise dampening technology incorporated at its base unit. This makes it 40%quietr than most other models lacking the same technology


Offering an extensive warranty validity period attracts love, satisfaction, and mostly confidence from the customers. Vitamix packages the 750 model with a 7year full warranty that you will love. The warranty covers all the parts, performance and shipping cost in cases where the blender require repairs.

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Vitamix 7500 Vs 750 – Major Differences

Both Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix Professional 750 blenders offer high end commercial quality blending yet still come at a competitive price. So, which blender comes out on top between the Vitamix 7500 and 750? When comparing the Vitamix 7500 Vs 750 you will quickly notice that these blenders are very similar-almost identical, but of course, there are some important differences.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the price, which the more superior Vitamix 750 is pricier than the Vitamix 7500.

The Vitamix 750 Vitamix blender has 5 buttons to create pre-programmed settings while the Vitamix 7500 blender does not have these but instead has a fully adjustable variable speed dial.

Vitamix 750 includes the recipe book called “Create” whereas the 7500 Vitamix includes a recipe book called “Simply Fresh” which is geared towards healthy living recipes. In our opinion, the Vitamix 7500 is the much better value with a much better recipe book.

The Vitamix 7500 blender is available in colors such as black, red and white while the Vitamix 750 blender is available in black, copper, and stainless steel.

The Vitamix 750 has a slightly sleeker and comes with a modern design than the Vitamix 7500.

Key Considerations

In case you want buy a Vitamix 7500 blender and take it to Europa for six months, you will have to obtain a voltage converter which is able to easily handle the amperage/wattage requirement of the blender. They can be a bit heavy. Along with the weight of the blender, you will be paying extra baggage weight.

The container of the Vitamix 7500 blender is not glass but simply heavy duty plastic.

A Vitamix blender is a top of the line machine and is priced accordingly, but there are some ways to save some serious money on your purchase!

The Vitamix 750 is a clear winner, thanks to the additional factors and more superior performance. Although it is not the cheaper option of the two, it is a good buy and we definitely recommend it.

See Vitamix 7500 Best Price                                     See Vitamix 750 Best Price

How To Save Money On A Vitamix Blender

Both the Vitamix 7500 and 750 are available with options to get reconditioned blenders which can save you between $100 and $200 off their original price!

Certified reconditioned blenders consist of highly used returns or display models that are then refurbished directly by Vitamix. All worn or visually marked parts, as well as the lids, containers and tampers are all replaced with brand new parts. The motors and blades are repaired or replaced. Each refurbished blender has to pass the exact same inspection process that a brand new Vitamix blender goes through. This means that as far as quality goes, Vitamix reconditioned blenders can be considered as good as new and only much cheaper.

Reconditioned blenders also come with a 5-year warranty, so if it is defective in any way, you can send it in for a replacement free of charge. Hopefully our Vitamix 7500 Vs 750 comparison guide will help you handpick the right blender of the two.

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