Vitamix a3500 vs 750 Comparison In 2021 – Which Is The Best?

Vitamix a3500 vs 750

Have you narrowed down your choice of Vitamix blenders to the Vitamix a3500 and Pro 750. If so, this guide is for you. We have done an in depth research and made several tests and in our Vitamix a3500 vs 750 review, we will highlight the differences and everything you need to know to make an informed decision about these two.

Vitamix is an industry leader, and there is no debate about that. Beyond the brand name, there are lots of blender types that have popped up, each having different features and functionalities. Although this is a good thing, it has also become a hectic task for juice enthusiasts to pick the right one. In this write-up, we will be comparing the Vitamix a3500 with Vitamix 750, which are among Vitamix’s best performance blenders in the market today. Here we go!

Vitamix a3500 At A Glance

Although not the most popular and best selling, the Vitamix a3500 is among the most popular blenders by Vitamix. This blender has a pretty standard looking design (nothing unique or special with the design). It comes in a stainless steel finish which is nice and cute. The blender comes with a tamper and a blending cookbook which is common with some Vitamix blenders. The blender uses Standard US 3 prong 120V plugs. 

Buyers have the option of choosing between a classic styled base or a metallic one. On the interior, the blades are attached to the pitcher bottom, which could be a downside for people who are fans of using the blender with bending cups. You can however make amazing smoothies inside the container which is great. It is easy to clean, use and from the performance perspective, it is excellent. It definitely offers good value for the money.

Vitamix a3500 Important Features

Vitamix a3500 vs 750

The Touchscreen controls – The touch screen interface is like no other and feels very modern. It is sort of “haptic” and it gives some sense of satisfaction to the touch. The LED-lit touch screen panel is made of hardened glass that cannot be broken or scratched easily. The blender can only be activated by touching the touch controls. Neither can it be activated by spills nor splashes. It is easy to use by both first timers as well as experts. You will find it easy to clean the screen as you are required to only wipe it.

Program settings – This is the most equipped blender in the Ascent series, and you are guaranteed to love every bit of it. The blender comes with five different program settings which makes is easy to make different beverages. The settings are each dedicated to making smoothies, hot soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts as well as a self-cleaning setting (Yeah, no more dirty job). If the sound of that doesn’t impress you, then I don’t know what will.

Self-Detect Technology – This model is one of the smart blending machines. You won’t need to manually adjust the programs every time you want to achieve a variety of blends. This model detects the kind of ingredients fed for blending and automatically adjusts to meet the requirements for quality output.

Auto adjustments – Adjustments and automating tasks are among the most convenient functionalities that one can have on a blender. The Vitamix a3500 offers a number of adjustments and settings to set different blending speeds and times which stops when a task is complete. And that isn’t all. If the lid of the blender isn’t on, then the self-detect technology used in the blender ensures that it doesn’t go on to ensure safety.

Digital timer – To further take convenience to a whole new level, there is a built-in digital timer which also works under variable speed controls. You can adjust the speed and the pulse for finer blends. This digital timer does the adjustment automatically upon setting for consistent recipe results.

Stainless-Steel Blades – the cutting blades for this blender gives quality results from the start to the end and at no point will you find rust or stains sticking on these steel made blades

Blade Friction Heating – with the fast blending speed, Vitamix a350 has blades which generate friction enough to steam your cold ingredients within a very short period (approximately six minutes).

Accurate Container Design – the blender’s container and the blades are designed to create a unique Vitamix vortex, whereby the ingredients are folded forth and back between the two to ensure faster and smoother blending.

Cleaning Made Easy – there is nothing more fun than cleaning this blender. It is as easier as simply blending but only that for cleaning, you will need to use warm water with the drop of dish washing soap. See your blender cleans itself while “blending” at its maximum speed.

High performance motor– Without a good motor, the performance you get as well as the quality of the blend won’t be as good. The Vitamix a3500 is loved for its performance, thanks to the 2.2 peak horsepower motor, which is also evidently used in other Vitamix blenders. 

See Vitamix a3500 Pricing

Below is a detailed video review of the Vitamix a3500 which was featured on Blending with Hendry.

Onto the Vitamix a3500 vs 750 comparison: Does the Vitamix 750 live up to the standards of Vitamix a3500 and which one would you rather go with given the two? To help you determine between the best of the two blenders, below is a look at the Vitamix 750 and a highlight of the features and advantages it has over the a3500. 

Vitamix 750 At A Glance

Vitamix 750 is among the top of the line blenders under Vitamix’s Next Gen series. For over 5 years, it has gained a lot of popularity and has been among the best seller replacing its predecessor, the C-series. The Vitamix 750 is an upgrade of the coveted Vitamix 7500 with the most notable additional features being its 5 preset functions. 

It is designed with a high performance 2.2 horsepower motor and an advanced airflow design which ensures a smooth and effective operation while maintaining minimum noise when running. the blender also features an advanced in-built cooling fan which ensures that the blender can be used for a long time without overheating issues. Even better, the tamper tool used to remove air pockets is easier to use with this Vitamix 750.

Yet another noticeable things that comes with the Vitamix 750 is the shorter and wider low profile container design which unlike its predecessors, it makes it easier to fit inside any kitchen cabinet. This design also tends to make the cleaning work a seamless process.

Vitamix 750 Important Features

Low-profiled 64-ounce Container – This model has been designed to easily fit under most kitchen cabinets. It is also a perfect model for entertainment and family meals. Its sleek external appearance is greatly durable and will match with any kitchen decoration.

Powerful Motor – Vitamix 750 has unmatched 2.2 horsepower motor. You will definitely fall in love with this motor’s capability. The blend quality coupled with consistency is what you will witness with this model regardless of the ingredient hardness. You can have your nuts ground with ease and within seconds you will be enjoying delicious butter nuts. This motor power gives it’s a notable efficiency and impressive blend speed.

Built-in Programs – the blender with its total of 5 pre-set programs automatically blends Hot Soups, Smoothies, Purees, and Desserts. It is also capable of cleaning itself with minimum intervention from you.

Warranty – You get to enjoy full warranty of 7 years without fearof blender malfunction. This warranty covers all the parts, two-way shipping, performance, and labor without imposing you any cost. This is a handy offer that most would give a notable consideration.

Hardened Stainless Steel Blades – the design for this model is amazing that it gives most consistent and quality blending results from the start to the last. The blades are hardened to handle even the hardest ingredients uniformly.

Self- Cleaning – all you need to clean your blender is a drop of dish soap and warm water. It will take it between 30 to 60 seconds to clean itself. Simply put the two “ingredients” in the container and adjust the speed to maximum and it will automatically clean itself while blending the soap and the warm water.

Blade Friction Heating – at high speed its blades can generate friction heat enough to bringing cold ingredients steaming hot within a very short time.

User- controlled – blending different types of ingredients means that the blender should operate with varied speeds too and consequently for different lengths of time. This is as a result of variation in the hardness of the ingredients. Vitamix 750 allows you to adjust the speed and the pulse features for particular blending.  This way you will be able to achieve blend texture of your desire.

Precise Container Design – you enjoy smoother blends with this model’s design. Every angle of its container is designed to toss the ingredients to and fro for faster and smoother blends

See Vitamix 750 Pricing

Here is a detailed video walk-through and review of the Vitamix Professional Series 750;

The Differences: Vitamix a3500 vs 750

Both of these blenders are of excellent quality and the efficiency between the two blenders comes to a close call. The most notable difference between them is the design, where the Vitamix 750 appears shorter and wider than the Vitamix a3500. This makes it easier to clean and better fit most under cabinets. 

From the pricing point, Vitamix a3500 is more pricier than the Vitamix 750. And based on the customer reviews, it probably isn’t worth spending extra for it. The Vitamix 750 tends to be more superior in terms of performance. The speed it has and the blending power it pushes is one to die for. 

The Vitamix a3500 isn’t bad either, but considering it is pricier, and the fact that more users tend to be loving the latter is a good sign that it Vitamix 750 is a more lovable option to go for.

Whether you are making smoothies, frozen desserts, soups or anything else, these are two excellent blenders that will do an amazing job.

Vitamix a3500 Vs 750 – FAQs

Here are some of the user’s frequently asked questions that will help you better understand these two top blenders.

Q: What does the Vitamix Blender Warranty Cover?

A: Record has it that just 1% of blenders get defective and get returned. All Vitamix blenders come with a warranty that covers parts, performance, and labor. In case any part is defective you can have Vitamix pick up the blender for replacement or repair. Of course this excludes situations where the blender broke or malfunctioned due to user error.

Q. Is Vitamix 750 blender better than Vitamix a3500?

A: Both Vitamix A3500 and Vitamix 750 Pro have stood the test of time and are excellent blenders that guarantees the end user great results. There are however some design differences as well as performance settings that some people will find to be great. We have discussed the differences between Vitamix 750 and Vitamix A3500 in this article an we hope you will find it handy in picking your next blender.

Q: Why are Vitamix blenders so expensive?

A: In the case of Vitamix blenders, you pay what you pay for. The quality, technology and performance you get with Vitamix blenders is unparalleled and you wont find with any other blenders in the market. And this simply explains the premium price tag it comes with.

Q: Can You Dish-wash Vitamix blenders?

A: While Vitamix components and parts are deigned to be washed easily using a dishwasher, experts and professional blenders who have used the blenders for long wouldn’t advise to do so. This is because it tampers with the blade sharpness. They are however designed to be easy to clean.

Vitamix a3500 Vs 750 – Final Verdict

Finally you need to make a choice based on what you are blending. The Vitamix a3500 is a great blending machine, but considering its price, and the fact that it attracts more users, we do recommend that you highly consider going for it. Independently, Vitamix 750 is not a let-down. Just missing some of the advanced technology features doesn’t in a way compromise its blend quality.

Hopefully our comparison guide of these two(Vitamix a3500 and 750) has been crucial in helping you pick the perfect one. Below are links to check out the latest pricing on each of these blenders. Below are links to get deals and buy each of these two great blenders. 


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