Vitamix E320 vs 7500 Blender Comparison & Differences

vitamix blender comparison

If you have narrowed down your choice of blenders and ended up with Vitamix E320 vs 7500, then this comprehensive guide will help you to highlight the differences and similarities, and hopefully guide you on the right one to buy.

Vitamix blenders are one of the top-rated blenders you can find in the market. It is spear-heading great performance, quality, versatility and technological advancement. However, Vitamix brands come with different models and features thus it is very challenging to select the model that suits your needs. Focusing on specific models like Vitamix e320 and Vitamix 7500 is great since they are efficient and very convenient. However, unless you have a clear understanding of the two models, it will be challenging to pick the right one. Here is an in-depth, Vitamix E320 vs 7500 comprehensive comparison guide to guide you in to making an informed choice between the two.

Vitamix 7500 At a Glance

Vitamix E320 vs 7500

The Vitamix 7500 belongs to the Next Generation G-Series. It is popularly known because it is an improved version of the Vitamix 5200. It upgraded from the 5200 weakness and addresses complains from the customers. It comes with advanced features like reduced noise levels due to dampening feature built with it and great container size that comfortably fits into the kitchen. Additionally, Vitamix 7500 is great for home use and commercial blending because it comes with a powerful 2.2 HP and low profile 64-ounce container. Moreover, it has a powerful motor with 2.2 horsepower. You are assured of great performance, quality, efficiency, and convenience in this model.

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Vitamix 7500 Important features

The base unit and motor

One of the most upgraded features that make the model more impressive is the horsepower and base unit. This is because the previous generations of the Vitamix came with 2.0 motors. Thanks to Vitamix for making that the key subject for improvement and upgrade in Vitamix 7500. There were several complains from the customers that the 2.0 motor would often heat up when it blends for long and it got worse when blending hard ingredients. Fortunately, Vitamix advanced to 2.2 horsepower motor in 7500 Vitamix which is an amazing 10 percent increase and added the cooling fans alongside. The added cooling fans did not disappoint but increased the efficiency of this model by eliminating the excess heat from the motor. Thus, this gave Vitamix 7500 the ability to blend for long without overheating. Additionally, the extra horsepower made it more efficient at blending tough ingredients.

Low-Profile 64 Oz Blending Container

In order to keep up with the improvement in efficiency, this model comes with a shorter and wider container with the same capacity as the 64-oz C-Series containers. This wider and shorter container design presents a number of advantages which include reduced tamper requirement because ingredients get to blade easily, improved chopping ability and easy storage because it easily fits into kitchen cabinets and top fittings. Moreover, it comes with a firmly fitted lid that prevents leakage and enlarged blades.

Interface/Control settings

There was not much advancement in the interface. The switch retained and the dial configuration was retained in the A7500 model. However, the variable toggle in 5200 replaces the pulse toggle. Additionally, you can vary pulse rates during the blending process in order to achieve a wide range of different textures. Moreover, you can easily adjust the speed by rotating the dial to any point during the blending process thus giving you full control over the entire process.


In order to keep up with the much-cooled motor, the advanced pitcher of this model comes with 4-inch blades instead of the C-Series 3-inch blades. The 4-inch blades are longer and they match with the much wider container that has the same capacity as the 64-oz C-Series container. These blades are hardened and stainless steel blades with aircraft design and quality. Additionally, they do not dull with time and they admirably chop through any ingredient thrown into it very fine and delicious texture.

Cleaning and ease of use

The Vitamix 7500 was welcomed by users with a lot of praises regarding its use of operation and maintenance. According to many user reviews, Vitamix 7500 is very powerful, efficient and highly reliable. Its suitability for even first-time users is remarkable. Additionally, users have also indicated that it is very easy to clean this and that it goes without much effort. As a self-cleaning model, cleaning involves filling the container with some water and soup just pushing the lid to lock it. The speed is then increased very slowly until the entire pitcher is cleaned up.

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The Vitamix 7500 is reported to be nearly forty percent quieter than the older generation Vitamix models. This is because it is incorporated with noise and vibration dampening. It is reported to be 7 decibels less noisy when blending very hard ingredients at very high speeds. This is remarkably impressive since this model comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor.

Extended warranty

Just like all Vitamix blenders, Vitamix 7500 comes with an extensive 7-year warranty which is a reasonably long period for a blender. This warranty is transferable so that in case you are acquiring a second hand Vitamix blender you can still avail it and your blender gets covered. Alongside this offer is a close and friendly customer assistance from the manufacturer’s customer care agents. They are able to provide you with timely and up-to-date answers for any question raised concerning the blender.


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Vitamix E320 at a Glance

vitamix e320 vs 7500

The Vitamix e320 is a very popular model that belongs to Explorian Next-generation series. This model comes in handy in terms of usability and efficiency and this is wrapped up in very affordable price. Additionally, it comes with a 64oz low profile container and an extensive 7-year warranty. Additionally, Vitamix e320 has a powerful 2.2 horsepower motor which is mostly found in all the G-series Vitamix blenders. Therefore, if you are looking for a blender that is lit and a best-performer, then you can’t go wrong with Vitamix E320.

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Vitamix e320 Important Features


Vitamix E320 comes with 4-inch hardened stainless steel blades with a lacer-cut and aircraft quality. This blades are very strong and can chop through anything into a small fine texture. The blades are permanently inbuilt into the base of the blender. However, should it be necessary, you can as well disassemble the blades.


The controls of this model have minimal and simple-to-use controls.

On and off switch, Pulse switch and dial nob. The speed is transitioned smoothly using the dial nob. You can vary speeds from low to high that is from 1 to 10, with the 10 being the fastest. To activate the pulse, you use the pulse switch. The pulse can be activated after choosing the speed on speed dial. When this lever is hit the blender performs layer coarse chops over smooth purées for better recipes, such as chunky salsas or thick vegetable producing a chunkier consistency.

Motor power and base unit

In terms of power, the Vitamix E320 has 2.2 horsepower motor. This is ultimately the most lovable feature of this model. Due to this extra surface area, the E320 needs larger blades. The additional 0.2 horsepower plus electrical rating of 1464 Watts helps to drive these enlarged blades up to a speed of 240mph. this enables it to handle even the toughest of the ingredients while giving you quality results within a very short time. As a matter of facts, blender damages due to overheating is not one of your worries with this model. Additionally, an advanced thermal and cooling system is incorporated into the motor base. The system will automatically turn off if the motor gets overheated.

Low-Profile 64-oz BPA-Free container

The E320 comes with a larger and a wider base 64-ounce container with a rubber grip and a larger capacity making it is suitable for larger households. It is far much easy fitting this model under any kitchen cabinet or on top of the counter. Moreover, it comes with a shatter-proof, premium quality pitcher that is great for blending wet matter and come with a spout that makes pouring much easier. The custom made 12.5 inches tamper attached to it ensures that it can transform the thick mixture to the desired quality.

Functionalities – this model comes with feature that allows you to perform various functions using the same blender. Some of these functionalities include;

Preparation of smoothie– with the blender’s high speed you can prepare fruit smoothie and chuck free veggies. Its blades are strong enough to crush crash hard seeds, roots, and stems of most green plants added to the container.

Hot soups preparation – with the friction of the blades the blender is able to generate heat enough to heat the soup to a steaming-hot within seconds.

Chopping – this model has a pulse feature that gives it to ability to act as a chopper with varied speed cycles. This way you can prepare chefs such as salsa and hummus from chopped veggies. The interesting part is that you don’t have to cut them into small pieces but instead put them whole into the container

Puree food – with this amazing blender you can prepare puree food from nuts or you can use veggies to prepare flawless baby food.

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Blend and grind nuts – you can prepare nut creams and nut milk from a perfect mixture of well ground nuts and water. This is made possible by varying the speed cycles to allow the blender to grind the tough nuts.

Grinding –   other than blending you can also use the blender as a grinding machine. You can easily grind seeds so that you can use them to prepare spices.

Extensive Warranty – The Vitamix E320 is covered for 7 years. This warranty covers parts and labor and it transferable meaning protection is guaranteed even if you decide to purchase a second blender. Additionally, Vitamix manufacturer covers all shipping costs should the blender require repairs.

Accessories included – this Vitamix model comes with various accessories which include; a motor base (2.2 peak horsepower) a low profile 64-oz container, a cookbook, and a low-profile tamper. The cookbook may include many recipes that you might try for some new taste other them what you’ve got  it is safe using the tamper while the blender is in action. You can push the items to the blade using the tamper without any problem.

Noise Level – the blender’s 2.2 peak horsepower motor while in action makes the blender a little bit noisy. It is one of the important consideration to take into account before purchasing a blender.

Cleaning and ease of use

The E320 blades and jars are dishwasher safe and therefore very easy to clean. However, you can choose to use a self-cleaning procedure to clean. After using the blender, all you need to do is fill up the container with warm water then add dish soap. Finally, set the speed to the lowest setting. Keep increasing the speed until the entire container is cleaned by the mixture.

The blender is ultimately very easy to operate, clean and maintain.

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Vitamix E320 Vs 7500 – Similarities and Differences

Since both blenders come from Vitamix, they have a lot in common. Both have variable speed settings, aircraft-quality stainless steel blades pitcher and they are both extremely versatile, with the ability to blend the same recipes. These blades are constructed from Laser-cut durable metals enabling them to cut any ingredient including the hard ones with ultimate ease. Both Vitamix e320 and 7500 have their containers made of Eastman Copolyester superior quality making them highly durable and resistant to heat. These containers ae both ideal for those looking to have large batches of blends. One more thing with their containers is that they are low profiled 64-oz designs that are kitchen friendly posing no challenge fitting them under the kitchen cabinets and countertops.

 Moreover, both blenders feature a self-cleaning capability that makes the cleaning process stress free, no disassembling required here. Without forgetting, both models have amazing 2.2 horsepower motor that is a great deal when handling even the toughest of the ingredients.  Other similarities will include interfaces, operation, and a seven-year warranty.

However, these blenders have some slight differences worth pointing out. It is indicated that Vitamix 7500 is less noisy than Vitamix e320 because it is incorporated with vibration and noise dampening feature. Many customers find this feature very pleasant and impressive. Another thing responsible for the gap between the two blenders is the weight. The e329 model is a little lighter than its rival, that is, it weighs10.5lbs as 7500 weighs 12.5lbs. This means that Vitamix e320 is much portable and can be carried around more easily. Looking at the price you will realise that 7500 is more expensive than e320. However, this doesn’t bring much difference in the performance and blend quality. If you are budget-oriented then e320 will suit you and you will still be able to achieve the best blend results.

 In a nutshell, the Vitamix 7500 is a newer model and an upgrade of the e320 and is well worth investing in. It comes in handy in terms of improved functionality and ease of use.

Vitamix E320 vs 7500 Verdict

To conclude our Vitamix e320 Vs 7500, and from the expert findings outlined in the review above, it is evident that Vitamix 7500 blenders have powerful features and capabilities. It is specifically impressive if you want extra new features and a less noisy blender, unlike the e320 which is noisier and comes with fewer features.

With our detailed comparison guide of Vitamix E320 vs 7500, we hope that you can now pick the one that you feel is perfect for you. Below are links to get a good deal off these blenders.

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