Weber Genesis Vs Napoleon Prestige Grills

Want to compare the Weber Genesis and the Napoleon Prestige grill? Here is a comparison of the Weber Genesis E-310, one of the best selling Weber grills compared with the Napoleon Prestige.

Weber Genesis E-310 Overview

The E-310 is the newest addition to the Weber Genesis line of products and it has already garnered a fair bit of attention as the ultimate grilling machine. However, there are several other products in the market with a stellar reputation. Since these cooking appliances are seldom cheap; this means that you have to do your homework when picking one. So, here is a Weber Genesis E-310 Review that will help you to decide if you want to put your money on this gas grill.

What is the Weber Genesis E-310?

This is a 3 burner unit that offers 38,000 BTU of cooking power. The grill works on LP (liquid propane) or natural gas which is fed through a tank placed in the cart of the unit. The product is about 60 inches wide, 30 inches long and stands 64.5 inches high. The assembly includes a shroud that is porcelain enameled and has a built in thermometer, an enclosed cart and cooking grates made of cast iron and covered in porcelain enamel.

Its aluminum and stainless steel construction with porcelain enameling used in just the right places lend it the ability to combat the outdoor elements, making it perfect for years of use. Although the unit has the reputation for grilling hot and fast, it is also possible to use this grill for low, indirect cooking. A no-frill product, the E-310 is considered by many users to be one of the most efficient grills in the market today. Among its many features are:

  • A cooking area of 637 square inches of which about 507 square inches are dedicated to primary cooking and grilling functions while 130 square inches cover the warming rack
  • Burners are made of stainless steel
  • Cast iron grates that are porcelain covered
  • Porcelain enameled flavorizer bars that put the juices of the meat to use
  • Individual electric ignition for each burner which provide better control over temperatures
  • Porcelain enameled grease tray with a catch pan, both of which can be accessed from the front
  • Enclosed steel cabinet with door
  • Stainless steel tables with tool hooks included in the design for holding all the grilling tools
  • Enclosed cart for storing propane cylinder
  • Precision fuel gauge
  • Heavy duty locking front swivel casters and two back casters for transport
  • 38,000 BTU output on the burners
  • Ignition controlled with push button switch which is powered by AA Battery
  • Dual layered hood with sturdy vaporization system
  • A “Made in USA” product

Weber Genesis Vs Napoleon Prestige Grills

Should you be investing in the E-310 or the Napoleon Prestige? Below is a more detailed comparison of the two grills.


A Weber Genesis E-310 review would not be complete without thoroughly analyzing how the features of the product translate to benefits for the users. Undoubtedly, the unit appears sturdy and quite capable of cooking up a storm. The front mounted control knobs only add to the efficiency of the design and are a distinct improvement over the side placed knobs seen in the earlier grills from Weber. The E-310 scores both in terms of aesthetics and functionality and some of the other advantages of this unit include:

The right shroud and cook box design: Made from cast aluminum, the cook box of the E-310, which houses the burner tubes, the cooking grates, grease management components and the flavorizer bars, is durable and corrosion resistant. In terms of maintenance, it requires minimal care and cleaning. The shape of the cook box is a unique aspect of the design which when combined with the shroud provides even cooking by proper circulation and distribution of the heat.

Better heat retention for faster cooking: The cast iron cooking grates are another part of the assembly that will call for very little maintenance. The porcelain enameled grates offer superior heat retention. Plus, you will not have to season them like regular cast iron grates and they are easy to clean.

Strong burner tubes: The stainless steel construction of the burner tubes adds to the safety quotient of the E-310. Devoid of weld points that eventually rust and give way, the burner tubes on this unit are made from a single steel piece, so they are resistant to corrosion and burn through. In addition, the strong stainless steel design means that they can easily handle the small amount of water which can typically be found in liquid propane.

The flavorizer bars: An element of the design which was once unique to Weber products, you will see the flavorizer bars on all grills offered by the manufacturer. In the assembly of the E-310, these flavorizer bars serve the primary purpose of capturing the flowing meat juices and using them to render an unforgettable flavor to the food. Additionally, they also help to keep the burner tubes from being exposed to the food. In essence, they provide better safety and make for better cooking.

Excellent control over the burners: Since every one of the burners has its own control valve, you get better and faster control over the performance of these units, whether you are using direct or indirect heat. What’s more is that these knobs do not have the standard three control settings; this means that you can fine tune the levels of heat.

Improved management of grease: The flavorizer bars are placed at an angle, so that any juices and fats not captured by them efficiently drip into the grease management system and away from the burner tubes. This prevents the risk of flare-ups in the unit. Comprising of an angled tray and a catch pan, the grease management system helps in two ways; it augments safety and makes it easier to clean the grill. The grease tray is placed below the cook box which puts a safe distance between the fats and the burner tubes. The drip pan is disposable and once full, you can simply toss it in the trash. If you prefer to check out other grill comparisons, then you may want to check out our Weber spirit vs genesis or our Editor’s handpicked options of gas charcoal grill combo.

You will never run out of fuel: Because the unit comes equipped with a fuel gauge, you will know exactly where you stand in terms of fuel quantity.

 No- frills design: This is a two ways sword that works for some and does not for others. The E-310 does not have a side burner or a sear station burner. Although this means an increase in terms of grilling space, it also translates to lower heating power. In fact, you can get more than the 38,000 BTU offered by this unit from comparable grills in the market. So, with the E-310, your preheat time is bound to be longer.

Why are people buying this product?

The top three reasons given for investing in this grill are:

Performance: Most people who have used this product cannot stop raving about its superlative performance. The unit is known to offer even heating both at high and low temperatures, so the food is cooked just right. Plus, it is possible to grill a range of meats from steaks to hamburgers and even sea food.

Easy to use: Most reviewers were unanimous in their praise for the ease with which the unit could be used and cleaned. Many said that the starter offers consistent performance and that the grills can be cleaned easily. Others were also appreciative of the easy lighting ability, the gas level indicator and the sturdy castors, all of which added to the functionality of the unit.

Safety: Furthermore, most Weber Genesis E-310 reviews included bonus points for how safe the unit was although a few flare-ups have been reported. However, the majority of the users were happy with how safely the unit could be used.

 Pros of the Weber Genesis E-310

  • Durable, no fuss design
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient and reliable lighting
  • Individual control knobs for burners offer better heat control
  • More options for heat setting
  • Solid stainless steel, cast iron and cast aluminum construction
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Weber support
  • Warrant of nearly 10 years on most components

Cons of the Weber Genesis E-310 Review: The cons

  • The stainless steel used could have been of a higher grade
  • Slower pre-heating

The price:

The Weber Genesis E-310 has a list price of $849 but you could buy it for about $700 from online retailers; it is available in 3 colors and you can buy the propane tank separately. This unit is a good option for families who enjoy grilled food often. Although pricier than other comparable products in the market, most users stated that this is a workhorse worth every penny that you pay for it.

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