Weber Spirit E-310 Gas Grill

Weber Spirit E-310 review

The Weber Spirit E-310, a basic liquid propane gas grill, is relatively much better than other grills available in the same range because it offers more than just a grill. It uses stainless steel, though not higher quality, and comes with better design and functionality.

Construction, Design And Performance

This product is targeted at customers who want a good quality product at a reasonable price. The Spirit E-310 is much durable than other products in the same range. Even though the Spirit version of grills from Weber have been around for years, the company redesigned the grills in 2013, so they get more in tune with other accessories from the same company.

The use of stainless steel has increased the grill’s durability. The E-310, with a size of 63 by 52 by 32-inches, comes fitted with a robust lid, dual-lined metal doors and finely constructed boards. The good news is that it has durable parts and you don’t have to worry about parts’ replacements for at least five years.

This grill is more functional and better designed than the grills with two burners. With this line, the company has done away with the needless use of stainless steel on the grill’s body parts.  Unlike the E-320, this 3-burner unit has been freed of the unnecessary side burner. The burners combined put out 32,000 BTU per hour.

The Spirit line’s major design overhaul is the change introduced in the burner layout.  Previous models had controls on the right side and required to be connected from side-to-side, but the Spirit E-310 burners connect from front to back and the control panel has been shifted to the front. This has not only freed space for work, but has also enhanced performance for indirect cooking.
The most important questions people ask if whether or not the Weber Spirit E-310 is worth the price. You can find many gas grills at the same price, and some even cheaper with similar features. The price is justified by the use of stainless steel, the grills durability, and design. Users have reported good experience with the Weber Spirit E-310 in light of the investment they have made.

Setting Up The Grill

Setting up the Weber Spirit E-310 is as easy as it is to use it. With some effort, you will see that all the components line up and fit together very nicely and easily. Just read and follow the instructions carefully, and enjoy installing your grill. The grill is quite heavy and comes packed in a protected cardboard box with all the components firmly covered.

Cooking Experience

When it comes to cooking on the Weber Spirit E-310, you get adequate room to cook food for a large family. The porcelain enameled cast-iron cooking grids are dense enough to form grill marks on meat. Your cooking experience can be further enhanced with the set of extras, such as tank gauge to keep eye on fuel, the porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars to give your food a smoky favor and the battery powered ignition system to easily ignite the grill.

The 424 square inches cooking surface made of stainless steel and 105 square inches warming rack can make your cooking easy and fun. Cooking on this grill is as easy as igniting it with the push of a button, throwing some meat or vegetables on it and kicking back and relaxing without worrying about flare-ups and rough hot spots. The grill can heat up to 600 degrees within 5 to 10 minutes.

This grill is a perfect choice for you if you whether you want to cook small amounts of food or for a group of up to 8 persons. It’s compact enough to easily move around. If you are planning to call over friends for a party, this is the grill you should have. It can easily be placed in your backyard.

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Weber Spirit E-310 Review


  • Good performance and design
  • Affordable price tags, they are enough for basic needs in cooking job
  • Durability and easy to clean


  • Use of low grade stain less steel
  • Lack of sophisticated features

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