Zinus vs Casper – Comparing Zinus Mattress To Casper Mattress

Zinus vs Casper showdown— Zinus and Casper are to of the best selling mattresses in the industry, and have been around for several years now. long enough to give us a clear judgement on which one offers good value for the money. In this guide, we will be comparing Zinus vs Casper mattresses, outlining the good and the bad on each of the two mattresses. We have done thorough research spanning months and gone through thousands of reviews to come up with the most complete guide. Hopefully our comparison guide will help you make an informed decision on which of the mattresses you should be going for.

Zinus Mattress Overview

zinus mattress - Zinus vs casper

To kick us off with the Zinus Vs Casper comparison, is our overview of the mattresses. Zinus mattress has been around for a while and has been making sleep products that have been generally received with so much love all over. Their attention to detail is quality and performance which is evident in their reviews and ratings in all major outlets and online review sites. Perhaps the most notable factor with the Zinus mattress is that it is far much affordable than most of its competitors including Casper.

Zinus mattress is a mattress that is hard to not fall in love with. One would expect a mattress that costs $300 to be flimsy and flawless, sag after a few months and disappointing you in all ways, but Zinus stands as proof that that isn’t always true. Zinus is probably the most sold mattresses in the leading online stores and the reviews it has gotten over the years simply says it all.The mattress garners a 82.5% satisfaction rate, and that says it all.

Here are the layers making up Zinus mattress;

First layer – The top layer of the Zinus mattress is made up of memory foam and is 3 inches thick. the layer that ensures that comfort, pressure relief and motion isolation are spot on and at its best.

Second Layer – The second layer which is 2 inch is made of comfort foam (a specialized structured foam designed to contour and offer good support) for your neck, shoulder and hip contouring.

Third Layer – The third layer measures 3.5 inches and is made of airflow foam which ensures that heat is dispersed away from the body to maintain a cool sleep without heat buildup.

Fourth base layer – The fourth foundation layer which is 3.5 inches thick is made of a quality airflow High-density base support foam. It acts as the supporting base for the mattress and also aimed at making it last longer. 

Designing a mattress that brings all the comfort that comes with Zinus yet being able to clock that price tag to a very affordable class is no small achievement, and still puzzles many of us. It is simply a $1,000 dollar mattress for a fraction of the sum.

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Zinus Vs Casper Comparison Table

Comfort & Support Zinus stands out when it comes to comfort and support and it is one of the few mattresses that has received most 5 star ratings from users for its comfort and supportiveness. A
Firmness On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the firmest, Zinus is rated to have 6/10 firmness. B
Durability Zinus longevity tends to be just above average, but impressive all through. Under regular use, expect it to last 6 to 7 years at its best performance. B
Motion Transfer & Isolation Zinus has got motion transfer well covered. From the edges to the center of the mattress, its all impressive. B+
Heat Retention About 6% of users from the thousands of reviews covered reported feeling heat buildup. This is still impressive considering that some mattresses in this class go as high as 20% of reported heat build up issues. B
Pressure Relief When it comes to pressure relief, Zinus is one of those mattresses that does a great job in ensuring that your pressure points are well pampered. The body contouring is just exceptional here. A
Side sleepers Regardless of the sleeper’s weight, the Zinus mattress tends to be ideal for all kind of side sleepers. B+
Stomach sleepers Again, Zinus is a top performer and a favorite for many stomach sleepers. There were only minor issues reported with stomach sleepers. B
Back sleepers Confirming that Zinus is a universal mattress that caters for all sleepers, back sleepers too do enjoy the comfort and support without any issues. A
User Satisfaction After going through thousands of reviews, we can confirm that Zinus mattress scores an an awe-inspiring 82% owner satisfaction. A
Pricing Zinus is perfectly priced and arguably the best mattress for the money, considering that it is one of the cheapest quality ones. A
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Why Zinus Mattress?

It is designed and infused with green tea extracts to naturally retard odor and bacteria, something that makes this mattress stand out from many others. Pressure relieving foam along with a 3.5 inch thick Airflow High-density Foam is put in place to ensure that you not only sleep comfortably but also healthily with your spine aligned as it should.

The mattress is CertiPUR – US Certified for durability, performance, and material used in designing it.

Looking at the customer satisfaction, Zinus mattress users seem to have gotten the best ratings, which is crazy considering that the price tags on these mattresses have a big margin.

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Casper Mattress Overview

casper vs zinus mattress

Casper is a mattress that has become loved by many people, reportedly over a million users. It markets itself as a the most comfortable and supportive mattress with extensive durability, something and so far it is living by the claim.

Casper has won accolades, praised for being a game changer and although it has not been around for many years, it has quickly climbed up the ranks and become one of the best selling mattresses today. The mattress comprises of 4 layers, each with a purpose to ensure comfortable and quality sleep. The layers comprises of;

Open-Cell Foam – This layer ensures that you sleep cool at night and never have to worry about sweaty nights. Memory foam is known to hold much heat, but with open-cell technology in place, you don’t have to worry about that.

Responsive Memory Foam – Having a mattress that contours to your body linking and curves is important to ensure comfort and this is the layer responsible for that.
Adaptive Transition Foam – This layer is meant to evenly distribute weight and ensure minimal motion transfer, something that it seems to have gotten spot-on.
Durable Support Foam – The last layer is a high density Durable Support Foam that guarantees you better service and longevity of the mattress.
This table summary below shows a comparison of Casper to the average memory foam mattresses in the industry.
Comfort & Support Casper boasts a very impressive support which is well-distributed all over the mattress. The edge support which is also worrisome for most mattresses is excellent on Casper. B+
Firmness On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the firmest, Casper is rated 7 which means it tips more on the firm side. B
Durability Casper has an impressive durability than many mattresses in its class, thanks to the quality of the materials making it. Under regular use, expect it to last 8-12 years at its best performance. B+
Motion Transfer & Isolation Casper is good when it comes to motion isolation and you will experience very minimal motion transfer while sleeping on it, even with another person. B+
Heat Retention Casper has a good cooling technique that ensures that the sleepers do not experience heat buildup that most memory foam mattresses tend to have. Only about 4% of users in thousands of reviews conducted reported feeling hot. B+
Pressure Relief Casper is a champ when it comes to pressure relief, and many people with back pain related issues love the mattress. A
Side sleepers Overall, most side sleepers love the Casper mattress. Only light weight people who are side sleepers tend to find the mattress to be too firm for them. B
Stomach sleepers Casper is excellent for stomach sleepers, apart from only those who are above 250 lbs who complain not feeling very comfortable. B
Back sleepers Regardless of weight and other factors, someone sleeping on their back will likely not experience any issues on Casper mattress. A
User Satisfaction With thousands of reviews we went through, Casper scored an impressive 80% owner satisfaction. A
Pricing The pricing on Casper is average overall but a little pricier than most with similar specifications. B
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Why Casper Mattress?

One of the best reasons why one would choose to go with Casper is because their mattress has been going through improvements, from one version to the next and today, they have what we would term as one of the best mattresses in the industry. Casper ranks among the top 5 best mattresses overall in our list and there is really no reason not to invest in it. Among the notable things that have changed in Capser over the years includes changing from 3 layers to a better performance 4 layer mattress, better edge support and durability.

The other reason is durability. If you want a long lasting mattress with a proven track record, then Casper is one that you cannot go wrong with.

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Zinus vs Casper – Which Mattress Is Better?

Our final verdict is based on judging the quality of what you are getting, comfort and the money’s worth.

Hands-down, Zinus is our best rated mattress here. This is because we feel that they have been able to balance everything from quality, performance and pricing. However, Casper is a winner when it comes to durability, thanks to the tough materials used.

Firmness Of The Mattresses

Both Zinus and Casper have medium firmness making them excellent for almost every kind of sleeper. Zinus mattress has a firmness of 6/10 where 10 is the firmest. Casper as well has a 6.5/10 ratings on the same scale.

Motion Transfer & Responsiveness

A good mattress should have minimal motion transfer while also retaining good responsiveness. This will ensure that you have a mattress that conforms and contours well with your body curves while also giving you the necessary bounce and comfort.

Comparing Zinus and Casper, you’ll realize that Zinus is a little more responsive than Casper and more softer. They are closely matched on this and you you may not feel much difference between the two.

Customer Satisfaction & Ratings

We’ve sampled reviews and ratings from dozens of online outlets keenly going through the reviews to determine the score that Zinus scores against Casper mattress. From the gargantuan loads of reviews and ratings, Zinus scores 82.5% customer satisfaction while Casper has 80% customer satisfaction.


Durability is something that we are all keen when it comes to choosing a good mattress. Casper is a more reliable mattress in the long term. You should expect Casper mattress to serve you up to 8 years at its best, though it comes with a 10 years warranty. Expect the Zinus mattress to last 5 to 6 years at its best service.

Final Verdict for Our Zinus Vs Casper Comparison

Clearly these two mattresses are closely matched in most features in terms of performance for different sleepers. Both mattresses are excellent choices, but when it comes down to value, Zinus wins the day for being an affordable mattress yet able to pace with Caper. Value always comes after performance and quality which the two mattresses has shown good performance. However for a longer lasting mattress, Casper is a good investment. Check out the best pricing on the two mattresses by following the links below.

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Hopefully our Zinus Vs Casper comparison guide has been helpful in getting you to make an informed buying decision.


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